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Tree Seligmann ben Samuel, Gugenheimb is mentioned 150 times between 1651 and 1689. He died around 1689. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'G1.2.1'. His father was Samuel (Schmul) ben Jacob, Gugenheimb.

Seligmannn was the son of Samuel ben Jacob [R1809; 01.09.1651] . He first paid protection tax in 1651 [R29; 04.18.1651] . So, he was probably born before 1632. He last paid protection tax in 1687 [R4443; 03.30.1687]. There are only minimal mentions of an estate (1689). He died between 1688 and 1689. In 1688 he still sold a piece of land [R886; 07.05.1688], but by 1689 his heirs were mentioned [R901; 10.05.1689]. He left two sons, Jacob (Jäcklin), and Samuel. He lent money and sold horses and cattle. In 1660 his uncle Meir (Marum) ben Jacob acted as guardian for Seligman [R3790; 02.13.1660]. At this time his business savvy was possibly in doubt. .

1651-01-01Protection fee, paid by the Jews on 24.07.1650 (15 fl. each): Marum Juckhen (probably misspelled for Juden) Jeckhoff`s son. Marum`s son-in-law (Tochtermännlin). Mennckhe Mayerlin`s son. Lehmann Hirzli`s son. Schmul`s son Seligman. Jäggle. All together 90 fl. According to the previous invoice, Lehman owes 172 fl. protection fee, for which he yielded 11 claims to individuals in Stühlingen.
1651-01-01Protection fee, paid by the Jews on Easter 1651 (15 fl. each): Marum Jew Jeckhoff`s son. Marum`s son-in-law. Mayerle. Menckhen. Lehmann Hirzlin`s son. Schmuli Hirzlin`s son. Seeligman Schmuli`s son. Jäggle. All together 120 fl. Lehmann Jew, who had been living in "Coblitz" before, is to pay 2 fl. protection fee for being here for some weeks. Ißac Jew is to pay 191 fl. extant protection fee. Jäggle Jew owed 40 fl. penalty and Jeckhoff`s heirs owed 40 fl. such and did not deliver any down payment this time. Totel amount of protection fee collected in this fiscal year: 384 fl. 34 Kreuzer.
1651-01-01Penalties: Seligman Jew Schmul`s son is fined 1 fl. according to the proceedings of 09.01.1651.
1651-01-09Seligman Jew Schmulin´son is fined 1 florins for not appearing at court.
1651-01-12Seligmann, claim after a horse trade (a long matter).
1651-01-19Claim of Jew Seligmann.
1651-07-01Marum Jekoffs Sohn, Marums Tochtermann, Mayerle, Menken Maierlins Sohn, Lehmann Hirzlins Sohn, Schmul Hirzlins Sohn, Seligmann Schmules Sohn, Jäggle
1651-11-20Among the creditors of Jacob Seger are Jecoff´s heirs as of 17.01.1647 (the sames as?) Marum Jew Marum´s brother Jonas Seligman Judele who all have received payments and claim some more amounts, and Lämle just with a claim.
1652-01-15Claims by Jonas, Seligmann, and Lämble Jägglin´s son.
1652-01-25Seligman is required to pay for wine barrels which were once loaned to his father and not returned.
1652-03-14Seligmann, agreement. Judele Jew Hoschin´s son, claim.
1652-04-23An Ostern 1652 zahlen je 15 fl. Satzgeld: Marum Juden Jeckhen Sohn. Jonas Juden Jeckhoffen Sohn. Marum Juden Tochtermännle. Mayerle. Menckhen. Lehmann Juden Hirzlins Sohn. Schmuli Juden Hirzlins Sohn. Seligman Juden Schmulins Sohn. Jäggle Jude. Isac schuldet laut Rechnung von 1649 noch 191 fl. Schutzgeld, woran er nichts bezahlt hat. Ebenso zahlte Jäggle nichts an 40 fl. Strafe und Jeckhoffen Erben nichts an 40 fl. Strafe.
1652-12-05Claims of Menckhe, Seeligman, and Johnas.
1653-01-30A claim of Seeligman in behalf of the Schachman heirs.
1653-03-27Seeligmann here, claim.
1653-09-27Seligmann, mutual account. Menckhe, claims.
1654-02-12Seligmann, complaint after a horse trade of 1637.
1654-06-11Menckhe. Seligmann.
1654-07-09Seligmann, horse trade.
1655-12-16Selligmann Jew. Marumb Jew, ledger.
1656-01-05Penalties of Jews Menckhe and Seeligmann.
1656-03-02Seeligmann Jew, ledgers.
1656-10-17Menckhe Jew. The widow of Faistle Jew. Jäggle Jew. Lehmann Jew Hirzlin´s son. Schmulle Jew. Seligmann Jew.
1658-06-13Some years before, Matheis Schellenbuoch of Stühlingen acknowledged a debt of 100 fl. to the heirs of Jew Schmul. Formerly, 50 fl. were transferred to Marum Jew, and the other 50 fl. interest are now being transferred by Jews Seligman and Calmelin brothers to merchant Caspar Schölderlin, and the brothers claim 7 fl. interest.
1658-11-14Seligmendlin Jew, ledger Menckhin Jew, claim.
1659-01-22Seligmann Jew in Stühlingen gets a field for payment.
1660-01-29Marum Jew Jecoph´s son in behalf of the Schachmann heirs has (transferred?) a claim to Seligmann Jew.
1660-01-29Seeligmann Jew, claim.
1660-02-06Lemalin and Seeligmann Jews are fined for white wine.
1660-02-13Christa Widtmer of Schwaningen has bought a house from Marum Jew Jecoph´s son as guardian (Pfleger) of Jew Seeligmann and consorts.
1660-12-09Seligmändlin is to be paid.
1661-05-11Extant payments of Marum Jew`s son-in-law, Lehmann Jew`s heirs, Kalmele Jew, Marum Jew Jeckhoff`s son, Jäggle Jew Old, Menckhen Jew, Lehman Jew Hirzlin`s son, Schmuli Jew, and Seeligman Jew.
1661-07-01Lehmann ist 1659 nach Schwerzen gezogen, Marum Jekoffs Sohn, Jonas, Kalmele, Marums Tochtermann, Menke, Jaggele, Menkins Bruder, Lehmann Hirzlins Sohn, Schmule Hirzlins Sohn, Seligmann Schmules Sohn, Jägglin der Alte
1661-07-11Seligmänndli Jew is sued after a horse trade.
1662-01-01(continued) Schmuli Jew Hirzlin`s son. Seeligmann Jew. Jägglin Jew the Old (der Alte). All together 170 fl. The Jews at Tiengen are to pay for the seventh time 20 fl. to the revenue office.
1662-01-01Seeligman and Kalmele Jews bought a horse for 40 fl.
1662-01-27Seeligmändlin Jew buys a vine-yard for 60 fl., upside (oberhalb) of a vine-yard which he already owns.
1662-03-16Seeligmann of Stühlingen claims payment for a horse.
1662-03-16Seeligmann Jew claims payment of 35 fl.
1662-09-06Säligmändlin and Calmele Jews of Stühlingen have bought a horse which collapsed soon after.
1662-09-20Marum Jew and with him Calmele Jew, also from Stühlingen, make an account with Michael Würth from Untereggingen about a claim originating from Jacoph Jew. Würth owes Marum 80 florins and he owes Calmele and his brother Seeligmann 12 florins.
1663-01-25Seeligmann Jew claims payment of a horse. Calmele and Marum Jeckhoff´s son are being paid.
1663-02-22Seeligman Jew promises to pay.
1663-03-08Selligmändtlin, two claims for payment.
1663-03-15Folgende Juden zahlen auf Ostern 1663 je 17 fl. Satzgeld: Marum Juden Jeckhoffen Sohn. Jonas. Kalmele. Marum Juden Tochtermännlin. Menckhen. Jäggele Juden seinem Bruder. Leheman Juden Hirzlins Sohn. Schmuli Juden seinem Bruder. Seeligmann. Jägglin dem Alten. Die zu Tiengen wohnenden Juden zahlen 20 fl.
1663-07-09Küffe Jew is mentally incabaple. Lehman had been set as his guardian. Claims to the unattended house of Küffe were filed, so Lehman sells it for 60 florins to Seligmändlin Jew and the debts are to be paid from the earnings.
1663-12-20Seeligmann of Stühlingen claims payment.
1664-02-07Appear Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, Karmele (sic), Seeligmann, Jonas, and Lämblin all Jews of Stühlingen and Tiengen, respectively, as the heirs of late Jew Jäckhoff in Stühlingen, and declare that a debt to their grandfather and father-in-law Jäckhoff, respectively, has been paid.
1664-03-15Auf Ostern 1664 je 17 fl. von Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn. Jonas. Kalmele. Marum Juden Tochtermannlis Sohn Sandell. Menckhen. Jäggele Juden seinem Bruder. Leheman Juden Hirtzlins Sohn. Schmuli Juden seinem Bruder. Seeligmann. Jägglin dem Alten.
1664-03-27Seeligmann Jew buys a field for 90 fl.
1664-07-10Seeligmännlein, claim.
1664-08-21Seelligmännlein claims 342 florins.
1664-12-04Seeligmendtlin and Callmele brothers Jews in Stühlingen claim payment of 80 florins plus interest since 1635.
1665-02-20A claim of 93 florins by the heirs of Jäckhoff Jew is to be shared among the four (sic) heirs, namely Marum Jew, Jonas Jew, Joseph Jew of Lenglau, and Schmuli´s two sons by the name Seeligmann and Kallmele, which two only have one share in common. (A long matter with some more claims on the subsequent pages).
1665-02-26Seeligmann and Calmele brothers, horse trade matter.
1665-02-27Upon complaint of Seeligmann and Kallmele Jews appears defendant Christian Fessler with some witnesses, to prove that 80 florins claimed on 04.12.1664 were paid to plaintiffs´ father Schmul Jew in Hallau. The horse deal with Schmul seems to has happened around 1624.
1665-06-05Calculation of a claim of the Jeckoff heirs, namely Marum Jew in Stühlingen, Jonas Jew in Stühlingen, Joseph Jew in Lenglau and Selligmänlin and Khelmel (the latter ones claim one share in common).
1665-10-29Thoma Vössler of Schwaningen was summoned upon request of Jews Seeligman and Khahlmele, with reference to the proceedings of 04.12.1664 and 27.02.1665. Vössler, aged 85, tells about a horse deal when Schmull Jew was in Hallau, escaping the war (auf der Flucht).
1665-11-02Sentence in the Seeligman and Khahlmele matter.
1665-11-05Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, mutual account with mention of Schachman´s heirs, Jonel/Jonas, Selligman and Khalmele in behalf of their father Schmueli, and Joseph´s heirs in Lenglau.
1665-11-12Seeligmann is sued in behalf of a cellar below his house, but absolved.
1666-01-21Final agreement in the matter between Seeligman and Khallmele Jews of Stühlingen against Christian Fessler of Schwaningen.
1666-02-04Khalmele and Seeligmann acknowledge payment.
1666-02-25Kalmele and Seeligann Jews claim payment.
1666-03-15An Ostern 1666 werden je 17 fl. Satzgeld bezahlt von Jäggle dem Alten, Marum Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Seeligmann, Kalmele, Mengge, Jäggele seinem Bruder, Leheman, Schmul und Sandell, zusammen zehn Haushaltungen.
1666-04-05Seeligman Jew in Stühlingen sells a house in Stadt Stühlingen for 630 fl.
1666-04-08Seeligmann and Kallmele Jews brothers make an agreement with a debtor.
1666-11-18Kallmele for himself and representing his brother Seeligmänlein acknowledges payment.
1667-02-11Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son sets all his claims, cattle, house and movables as a security for claims by Mr. Thobias Weegerich von Bernnau, guild master of Schaffhausen. Marum acts for himself and for Schmuel and Seegligmänlin (sic) Jews of Stühlingen.
1667-03-15je 17 fl. Satzgeld von Jäggle Juden dem Alten, Marum Juden Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Seeligman, Kalmele, Menckhe, Jäggelle seinem Bruder, Leheman, Schmuli und Sandel.
1667-03-31The debts of Hans Mahler in Untereggingen include Seeligmann30 fl. Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son 33 fl. Seeligmann16 fl. Kalmele 3 fl. Menckhe 26 fl. Marum Jew in Tiengen 5 fl. Jonaes 3 fl. Jäckhlin der Ältere 2 fl.
1667-04-10Calmele and Seeligmann, mutual account.
1667-12-31Hönlin der arme Jud der früher in Horheim wohnte, Jägglin der Alte, Marum Jekoffs Sohn, Jonas, Seligmann, Kalmele, Menke, Lehmann, Schmule, Sandel, Abraham, Jäggeles Bruder
1668-01-01Extant protection fee of Hönlin, a poor Jew who has been living in Horheim before and last for a year in Stühlingen, 10 fl. On Easter 1667, the following 11 Jewish households paid a total of 187 fl. protection fee: Jägglin the Old (der Alte). Marum Jew Jeckhoff`s son. Jonas Jew. Seeligmann Jew. Kalmele Jew. Menckhen Jew. Jäggele his brother. Leheman Jew. Schmuli Jew. Sandel and Abraham Jews. The Jews at Tiengen are to pay 20 fl. for the thirteenth time. Marum and Schmuli Jews here are to deliver 2 fl. instead of two geese.
1668-01-19Kallmele and Seeligmann acknowledge payment.
1668-03-15An Ostern 1668 je 17 fl. von Jägglin dem Alten, Marum Juden Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Seeligmann, Kalmele, Menckhe, Jäggelle seinem Bruder, Leheman, Schmuli, Sandel und Abraham.
1668-05-04Seeligmann loans grain.
1668-09-05Seeligmann Jew is fined because he rode to the countryside on a Sunday and had grain with him.
1669-03-14Marum buys half a house and a vegetaböe garden in Lempach for 80 fl., of which 7 fl. go to Seeligmann.
1669-04-30Seeligmann acknowledges payment.
1669-05-09Seligmann loans out 200 florins and may live in debtor´s house instead of getting interest.
1670-11-20Claim by Seeligmännlin Jew.
1670-12-18Hans Ambling of Horheim sues Seeligmann and Calmele brothers for payment of 40 florins.
1670-12-29Jägglin Jewish servant (or: the servant of Jägglin) and the Jews Lehmann and Seeligmann are fined for riding overland on Christmas day.
1671-01-29Kallmele and Seeligmann Jews brothers acknowledge payment of 40 fl.
1671-02-22Seeligmann has paid a debt,
1672-02-11Seeligmann and Abrahamb both Jews in Stühlingen acknowledge the payment of a claim.
1672-07-18Seeligmann is fined for letting a horse run unattended.
1672-07-18Seeligmann hat ein Roß ohne Hirten laufen lassen.
1673-03-15An Ostern 1673 je 18 fl. Satzgeld laut neuen Satzbriefs von Jäggle dem Alten, Marum Jeckofen Sohn, Fromele seinem Sohn, Jonas, Seeligmann, Kallmele, Menckhe, Jäggele seinem Bruder, Lehmann, Schmuli, Sandel, Abraham und Model.
1673-04-27Seeligmann Jew claims payment of 445 fl.
1673-05-15Kalmele Jew, also representing his brother Seeligmann Jew, acknowledges payment.
1673-07-05Seeligmann Jew acknowledges payment.
1673-10-06Seeligmann and Schmuli Jews in Stühlingen admit to owe the Weger heirs 180 fl.
1674-02-20Seeligmännlin claims 23 fl.
1674-03-15zahlten je 18 fl: Jäggle der Alt. Marum Jeckhoffen Sohn. Fromele sein Sohn. Jonas. Lew Jonasen Sohn. Seligmann. Kalmele. Menckhen. Jäggelle sein Bruder.
1674-04-05Claim by Seeligmann Jew.
1675-03-15An Ostern 1675 je 18 fl. von Jäggle dem Alten, Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Lew Jud Jonasen Sohn, Seligman, Kalmele, Menckhen, Jäggele sein Bruder, Leheman, Hirzlin Jud Lehemans Sohn, Schmuli, Sandell, Modell.
1676-01-01The protection fee of Hönlin, a poor local Jew who does not conduct business, but keeps school, is 5 fl. only. The following protection fees were due on Easter 1676: Götschell Jew for (im Namen) late Old Jägglin. Marum Jew Jeckhoff`s son. Jonas Jew. Lew Jew Johnas` son. Seeligmann Jew. Kalmele Jew. Menckhe Jew. Jäggle Jew Menckhe`s brother. Leheman Jew. Hirzle Jew Leheman`s son. Schmuli Jew. Ißan Jew Schmuli`s son. Sandell Jew. Abraham Jew. Modell Jew. Total of 15 protected Jews are due to pay 270 fl.
1676-01-27Lehemann Jew Hirtzlen´s son and Seeligmann Jew, mutual accounts.
1676-03-15Satzgeld, je 18 fl. auf Ostern von Götschel im Namen des verstorbenen Alten Jägglins, Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Lew Jud Jonasen Sohn, Seeligmann, Kalmele, Menckhe, Jäggle Jud des Menckhen Bruder, Leheman, Hirzle Jud Lehemans Sohn, Schmuli, Isac Jud Schmulis Sohn, Sandell, Abrahamb, Modell.
1676-03-23Marum Jegghoff´s son, Seeligmann, Jonas, and Jagglin Mayr Menckhe´s brother appear among the creditors and debtors of Ursula Haym, widow of Johannes Ambrosy.
1676-08-26Agreement between Kalmele Jew on one side and Lehmann and Seeligmann Jews in the other side about the sale of a house and garden.
1677-03-15je 18 fl. von Götschel, Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Lew Jud Jonasen Sohn, Seligman, Kallmele, Menckhes Erben, Jäggelle des Menckhen Bruder, Leheman, Hirtzle des Lehemans Sohn, Schmuli, Isac des Schmulins Sohn, Sandell, Abraham, Modell, Kassiel.
1677-03-15An Ostern 1678 je 18 fl. von Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Lew Jud Jonasen Sohn, Seligman, Kalmele, Menckhe Juden Erben, Jäggele des Menckhes Bruder, Lehmann, Hirzle Jud Lehemans Sohn, Schmuli, Isac (Isar?) Jud Schmulins Sohn, Sandell, Abraham, Modell, Lämble Jud Seligmans Tochtermann.
1677-06-04Seeligmann Jew of Stühlingen for himself and as representative of the creditors of Michael Frey of Lempach sells a farm for 750 fl.
1678-02-01Seeligmann Jew buys a field for 110 fl.
1678-03-18Seeligmann Jew claims 188 fl. and gets a claim of 208 fl. for payment.
1679-03-15An Ostern 1679 je 18 fl. von Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jonas, Lew Jud Jonasen Sohn, Seligman, Kalmele, Mayerle des Menckhe Sohn, Jäggele des Menckhes Bruder, Mayer Jud Lehmans Sohn, Hirtzle Jud Lehemans Sohn, Schmuli, Isac Jud Schmulins Sohn, Sandell, Abraham, Modell, Lämble.
1679-05-25Seeligmann Jew claims 64 fl.
1680-01-25Decision in the matter between Seligman and Mayer Jews of Stühlingen against Adam Protz.
1680-03-15Je 18 fl. zahlen Sandel, Mayerlin Jud Menckhins Sohn, Jonas, Löw Jud Jonasen Sohn, Calmelen, Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jäckhle Jud Menckhis Bruder, Mayer Jud Lehmanns Sohn, Seeligmann, Schmulin, Lämle Jud Seeligmanns Tochtermann, Abraham, Model, Isac Jud Schmulis Sohn, Hürtzle Jud Lehemans Sohn, Abraham Jud von „Etten“.
1680-04-04Seeligmändlin, same.
1680-12-31Sandel, Mayerlin Menkins Sohn, Jonas, Löw Jonas Sohn, Calmelin, Marum Jekhoffens Sohn, Jacklin Menkins Bruder, Mayer Lehmans Sohn, Seeligmann, Schmulin, Limblin (Seligmanns Tochtermann), Abraham, Model, Isaac Schmulens Sohn, Feussel Lehmanns Sohn, Abraham W., Samuel in Unterlauchringen, Mayer in Unterlauchringen, Hirzel in Eberfingen, David in Eberfingen, Löw Barochs Sohn in Horn, Jäcklin Lehmanns Tochtermann in Horn, Salomon Menkens Tochtermann in Horn, Isak in Entermettingen, Jüdle Weihl Isaks Sohn in Entermettingen, Sandel in Ofteringen, Jonas in Ofteringen, Josef in Ofteringen
1680-12-31Sandel, Mayerlin Menkins Sohn, Jonas, Löw Jonas Sohn, Calmelin, Marum Jekhoffens Sohn, Jacklin Menkins Bruder, Mayer Lehmans Sohn, Seeligmann, Schmulin, Limblin (Seligmanns Tochtermann), Abraham, Model, Isaac Schmulens Sohn, Feussel Lehmanns Sohn, Abraham W., Samuel in Unterlauchringen, Mayer in Unterlauchringen, Hirzel in Eberfingen, David in Eberfingen, Löw Barochs Sohn in Horn, Jäcklin Lehmanns Tochtermann in Horn, Salomon Menkens Tochtermann in Horn, Isak in Entermettingen, Jüdle Weihl Isaks Sohn in Entermettingen, Sandel in Ofteringen, Jonas in Ofteringen, Josef in Ofteringen
1681-01-01Jewish protection fee (18 fl. each) is paid by the following in Stühlingen: Sandel. Meyerlin Menckhin`s son. Jonas. Lew Jonas`son. Calmelin. Marum Jeckhov`s son. Jäkhlin Menkhin`s brother. Meyer Jew Lehman`s son. Seeligmann. Schmulin. Lämblin Seeligmann`s sonin-law. Abrahamh. Model. Isaac Schmulin`s son. Hürtzel Lehmann`s son. Abrahamb from "Ettenen" (apparently Ettenheim). Every one of them also paid 1 fl. instead of supplying a goose.
1681-03-11Mutual account between Thebus Albickher and Jews Model, Seeligmann, Abraham, Callmelin, Mayer Menckhin´s son and finally Marum.
1681-07-10Seeligmann is to be paid.
1681-09-18Callmele Jew is fined for tearing his brother Seeligmännle around at the hair without a reason.
1681-09-26Schmuli Jew Callmelin´s son has borrowed money from Jacob Schulsinger Jew in order to pay a debt and set jewelry as a pawn. Appears Schmuli´s wife and says this is her property. The oldest Jews in town, namely Seeligmännlein and Abrahamb, are interrogated about the Jewish laws about the wife´s dowry.
1682-02-23Claims of Abraham and Seeligmann Jews are sold.
1682-06-18Seeligmann (on the margin: Schmuli Seeligmann), agreement about a ceded claim.
1682-12-18The community complains that there are many more Jews in town than the allowed 13 households. Every head of a household is allowed to house a son or son-in-law. It was found that Calmele is housing his son Schmuli Seeligmann is housing his son Schmuli Schmuli Hertzog is housing his son Isac all without permission of the authority, Hürtzlin Lehenmanns Sohn has settled although his brother is under protection here and all this was done against the law. It is suggested that the current letters-of-protection are declared void and the failing households are to pay 40 Reichstaler penalty, or the Jews are to leave the dominion. Jew Aberham from Ettenheim would also be included.
1683-01-05Calmelin and Seeligmann acknowledge payments.
1683-02-22Seeligmann, deposited bull.
1683-05-05Seeligmann claims 13 fl.
1684-01-17Seeligmann, mutual account.
1684-05-29Ursula Rueff née Preyser in Mauchen conveys her propety, with the following Jewish claims: Marum 18 fl. Lew 10 fl. Calmele 8 fl. Seligmann 6 fl. Meyerlin 13 fl.
1685-03-02Seeligmann, claim.
1685-07-18Seeligmann buys lands from the estate of Hans Ulrich Sibler and is to pay the debts, including Himself 57 fl. Meyerlin Lehemans Sohn 2 fl. Abraham 2 fl. Modl 4 fl. Marum 50 fl. Jew Menckhen´s heirs 13 fl.
1685-08-07Jew Seeligmann and his son Schmuli buy claims.
1685-12-11Sandel and Seligmann acknowledge payment of 66 fl.
1686-01-08Seligmann Jew here sells blacksmith Georg Schalckh of Weizen a field for 25 fl. which he has acquired at the bankruptcy of Andres Hamburger.
1686-01-08Seeligmann Jew had the purchase title of a meadow in his hands as security for a claim of 40 fl. and issued it after payment of this amount.
1686-03-13The following Jews make mutual accounts with Hans Grieser of Mauchen: Seeligmann, Lew, Meyerlin Lehemans Sohn, Schmuhli Calmelis Sohn.
1686-04-04Callmelin acknowledges payment. Other creditors are: Marum 25 fl. Jekoff Marumb Sohn 3 fl. Model Weihl grain Meyerlin Menckhins Sohn 5 fl. Seligmann 4 fl. They were all paid, and Calmele translated their receipts into German.
1686-05-01Chrstian Stenhauer owes Seligmann Jew 150 fl.
1686-10-15The following are fined 1 fl. each because their cattle or horses damaged the tithe sheaves: Sandel, Lew, Seeligmann, Jäglin, Meyer Lehemanns Sohn, Callmelin, Schmulin Callmelins Sohn, Schmuhlin Seligmans Sohn, Meyer Menckhins Sohn, Jossel Marums Sohn, Schmuhlin der Gross, Isaac Schmuhlins Sohn. Mausche Menckhins Sohn let his horse run unattended.
1686-10-15Bei Jahrgericht in Stühlingen wurden bestraft Hirzlens Knecht, Seeligmanns Knecht, Calmelins Bub, ferner Jaglin, Calmelin und Jossel, ferner Hürzlin, dieser nochmals zusammen mit Sandel, ferner Sandel, Lew, Seeligmann, Jäglin, Meyer Lehmanns Sohn, Callmelin, Schmulin Callm. Sohn, Schmuli Seeligmans Sohn, Meyer Menckhins Sohn, Jossel Marums Sohn, Schmulin der Groß und Isac Schmulins Sohn.
1687-03-15Jeweils 18 fl. zahlen Meyerlin Menckhins Sohn, Lew Jonasen Sohn, Calmelin, Schmulin Calmelis Sohn, Alt Marum (ist gestorben, also null), Jeckhoff Marums Sohn, Jekhlin Menckhins Bruder, Davidt erstgemelten Jeglis Sohn, Meyer Lehemans Sohn, Seligman, Schmuli Seligmans Sohn, Schmuli der Große, Lämblin Seligmans Tochtermann, Abraham, Model, Isac Schmulis Sohn, Hürtzle Lehemans Sohn, Jossel Marums Sohn, Mausche Marums Tochtermann.
1687-08-30Jews Meyerlin, Mausche, and the two servants of Seligmann were victims of a brawl.
1687-12-03Penalties in Stühlingen: Schmulin the Old. Jäglin. Isac Schmulins Sohn. Hürtzlen. Mausche Menckhins Sohn. Mayer Menckhins Sohn. Jossel Marums Sohn. Sandel. Model. Laimlin. Seligman. Schmulin Seligmans Sohn. Mahrum Jeckoff. Calmelin. Rabbi Salomon. David Jäglins Sohn. Every one is fined 1 pound for washing his supplies (Vorrat) in the well.
1688-01-12Seligmann, bull trade.
1688-01-17Johann Dobler messenger representing Seeligmann Jew sells several fields for 175 fl. to Jacob Hamberger of Lempach.
1688-03-12Seligman buys a field.
1688-03-29Johann Dobler messenger representing Hans Götsch sells Seeligmann Jew three fields for 40 fl. Seeligmann sells them further for 40 fl.
1688-04-27Seligmann, creditor.
1688-07-05Jew Seligmann sells a piece of land for 120 fl.
1688-10-01Jew Seeligmann, represented by his son Schmuli, sells Jacob Geng of Weizen a meadow for 140 fl.
1689-10-05According to the proceedings of 27.04.1688, Jacob Moreth owed 100 fl. to Jew Seeligmann. Half of this amount has been paid to the Seeligmann heirs, and the other half is now to pay to the Jew Menkin heirs.

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