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Tree Meir I (Marum) is mentioned 10 times between 1604 and 1629. He died around 1612. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'Z16'.

Meir (Marum) the first was present in 1604, but had died in 1612 [R1457; 05.08.1612]. It is not clear whether he died in May or August, because in July he was fined for causing a fire in his house by neglect [R1462; 07.17.1612] . He seems to have been a cattle dealer. It is not possible to associate him with a family on the basis of available information. He seems to have had a son Jonah, mentioned only once [R1495; 12.01.1614]. It is likely that this is the Marum mentioned in the `Urfehde Affair` RR#10:. .

1604-11-04Marum Jew is interrogated as a witness about defraud committed by a butcher.
1611-06-06Martin Güntner of Wittlekofen is to make a final payment of 3 florins to Jew Marum.
1612-05-08Hans Prugger is to pay the price for a cow to the heirs of Marum.
1612-07-02Hans Prugger is fined 3 pounds for not obeying an order in behalf of Jew Marum.
1612-07-17Marum (sic) Jew is fined 27 pounds for causing a fire in his house out of neglection.
1612-11-20#7: Marm Jew of Stühlingen, Q.
1612-11-20Moren Jew of Stühlingen claims payment of 55 fl. and 42 fl.
1612-12-04#3: The heirs of Maron Jew in Stühlingen against Jacob Halder Jung in Öschingen.
1613-03-25Hanns Prugger is to pay his debts to the heirs of Marum Jew on pain of imprisonment.
1629-01-25Jacob Widmer called Spatz of Schwaningen owes Jäcoff Jew 139 fl. Leman Jew 84 fl. and 34 fl. Jägle Jew his son 34 fl. Jägle Jew Marumb´s son 59 fl. Sannel Jew 140 fl.

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