Identified Man

Tree Chaim (Hayum) Sannel`s servant is mentioned 5 times between 1634 and 1636. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is ' '.

1634-01-31Hayum, representing his (female) employer (Meisterin), Sannel´s widow, about a cow which seems to have been stolen. The Jew´s witnesses are to be interrogated because the Jewish oath is not extant (auch weilen der jüdisch Eid nicht vorhanden).
1634-06-09Veltin Kayser asks to interrogate his witnesses against Hayum Jew.
1634-06-09Decisions in behalf of Leman and Hayum.
1636-02-12Sannel Jew´s widow, represented by her servant Hayum, buys the lower and middle part of a house from Hans Riter´s widow for 69 fl.
1636-02-12Hayum Jew representing Marum Jew, cow trade matter.

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