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Tree Hosias (Hosche) of Ofteringen is mentioned 15 times between 1612 and 1617. He died around 1617.

1612-05-22Osche Jew in Ofteringen claims 24 fl. after a change of horses.
1612-11-20Oschey Jew of Ofteringen claims payment of about 30 fl.
1612-12-04Osche Jew of Ofteringen claims payment of 19 fl.
1613-01-29Osche Jew of Ofteringen claims to obtain an orderly account.
1613-04-16Oschei Jew of Ofteringen claims payment of 30 fl.
1613-06-04Osche Jew of Ofteringen wishes to present a witness.
1613-11-27Osche Jew in Ofteringen sues Junghans Capeler in Griesheim.
1616-04-12Hosche Jew of Ofteringen asks for a final decision in the matter against Joseph Reckhenmann.
1616-04-12Mausch of Ofteringen is to accept wine as a payment from Joseph Reckhenmann of Geislingen. (The names clearly appear as Hosche and Mausch).
1616-10-18Osche Jew of Ofteringen sues Joseph Reckhenmann of Geislingen for payment of 27 pounds. Defendant has failed to appear and is to pay before the next court session on pain of outlawry.
1616-11-08Hoche Jew of Ofteringen sues Adam Stoll of Erzingen for payment of 13 fl. Defendant says he has given the Jew some grain and has offered wine.
1616-11-08Decision in the matter Hosche Jew against Adam Stoll of Erzingen.
1617-01-31Hosche Jew of Ofteringen against Joseph Reckhenmann of Geislingen.
1617-05-30The heirs of Hosch Jew of Stühlingen (Hosch Juden Erben von Stühlingen) sue Melcher Ernsperger of Schwerzen for payment. Defendant could not appear as his leg is damaged.

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