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Tree Isac (Isak) ben Salomon, Bloch is mentioned 6 times between 1721 and 1732. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'C2.'. His father was Salomon (Rabbi), Bloch.

No current records exist, but on page 176 of Berthold Rosenthal`s Heimatgeschichte a plea of rabbi Salomon to the authorities is mentioned to grant protection to his son Isak. .

1721-11-20Isac Bloch claims 14 fl.
1722-11-10Isaac Bloch claims 14 fl. for a horse.
1722-12-04Jonas Gugenheimb claims payment of 6 fl. which originate from Isaac Bloch.
1725-03-10Isac Bloch, horse trade matter with an interrogation of witnesses.
1730-03-10Isaac Bloch is to pay a debt which he said he did not know of.
1732-02-29(Crossed out: Salomon, replaced by) Isac Bloch, son of Reeb Salomon, is willing to move away and marry in Gailingen. He is granted protection in Stühlingen Dominion to collect his claims and conduct trade at an annual fee of 1.5 florins, but may only stay for 2 or 3 days in Stühlingen each time.

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