Identified Man

Tree Salomon I is mentioned 6 times between 1633 and 1659. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'Z18'.

We know very little about this Salomon, or even wether the entries refer to one or multiple persons. .

1633-12-15Salomon Jew sues Jung Hanns Hofacker for verbal injuries.
1650-04-28Salomon, horse trade quarrel.
1651-08-29Interrogation of witnesses in a horse trade quarrel between Jews Salomon of Stühlingen and Isac of Tiengen.
1652-11-14Salomon Jew confirms payment of a claim which he had in behalf of the Schachman heirs.
1653-03-20A claim by Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son and Salomon Jew in behalf of Schachman Jew. Schachman´s widow is now the wife of Jew Jägglin.
1659-07-03Salomon Jew, currently in Markt Bissingen near Nördlingen and a co-heir of Schachman in Stühlingen, claims his share of 282 fl. from Horheim community.

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