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Tree Isac (Isaac) ben Judah, Bickert is mentioned 16 times between 1652 and 1683. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'B1.'. His father was Judah (Leheman) ben Naphtali, Bickert.

Traces of Isac ben Judah can be found occasionally between 1634 and 1680. He does not appear on a letter of protection, suggesting either that he never married and set up his own household, or that he resided elsewhere. From 1665 on he appears to have resided in Lengnau [R4085; 01.12.1666]. .

1652-02-26Claim by Lehman Hirzlin´s son, also for Isaac.
1653-04-03Isaac and Lehmann, claim.
1653-04-28Isaac Jew Lehemann´s son acknowledges payment
1654-01-21Mutual accounts between Lehman Jew Hirzlen´s son and Isackh Jew and many of their debtors.
1654-01-22Isacc Jew Lehmann´s son, agreement.
1654-01-26Isacc and Lemele Jew Hirzlin´s son, claim.
1654-03-30Marumb Jeckhoff´s son and Lehmann Hirzlin´s son, with mention of Isac Jew.
1658-01-31Isac Jew of Lenglau, quarrel after a cow deal in 1650.
1663-01-08A claim of 125 florins by Isac Jew Lecheman´s son was transferred to another debtor.
1665-01-15Isac Jew of Lenglau files a claim.
1666-01-12Isacc Jew Leheman´s son of Lenglau is being paid, and a claim is confirmed.
1667-07-26Isacc Lehman´s son in Lenglau sells his house (Hofstatt) in the village of Stühlingen for 80 florins.
1669-11-29Claus Müller of Eberfingen admits debts to Sandel Jew (as of 1663), also in behalf of Jonas Jew and Isac Jew of Lenglau.
1671-04-29Isac Jew Lehmann´s son in Lenglau claims payment of extant installments after the sale of a farmstead in Dorf Stühlingen.
1680-05-09Isac of Lenglau claims payment.
1683-07-08Beat Kürchhofer of Schaffhausen claims 40 fl. from Samuehl 23 fl. from Meyer Bickhart 36 fl. from Isak Bickhart 136 fl. from Hürtzelin who could not appear due to his disease (Leid).

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