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Tree David - Vorsinger is mentioned 10 times between 1712 and 1736. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'Z4'.

David - Vorsinger (cantor, chasan) is mentioned ten times between 1712 and 1729. He is sometimes falsely referred to as 'Daniel'. He was under protection in 1712 [R4; 01.25.1712], unusual for a servant of the community. In 1726 he is also listed as beadel (school knocker, schulklopfer) [R817; 11.05.1726], His family affiliation - if any - is not apparent. .

1712-01-25Marum Weyl Sandels Sohn, Sandel Weyl, Leib Gugenheim, Meyer Bickhert, Lemble Weil, Meyer Bloch, Samuel Gugenheimb, Salomon Bloch, Moyses Bloch, Salomon Weyl, Sandels Sohn, Hirtzle Bickhert, Jonas Weyl, Joseph Gugenheim Samuels Sohn, Josel Gugenheim,Lehm Biggert, Menkhle Bloch, Isac Bickhert, Lewel Gugenheim, Veith Gugenheim, Joseph Sandels Tochtermann, Abrahamb Gugenheim,Daniel Biggert, Davit Vorsinger, Jacob Gugenheimb,Marum Lembles Sohn, Elias Meyer, Jakkele Meyer, Elias Weyl, Isac Bernheim, MoysesWeyl, Menggen Bloch, Judas Weyl
1718-05-14Josel Marums Sohn has run away from protection like others and left 493 fl. of debts behind. So he felt compelled to sell his two houses in town. The one near the church was sold for 325 fl. to mason Martin Obser. With a list of debts to be paid from the earnings, including 6 fl. to Daniel the (Vor)singer.
1722-01-13David the Jewish schoolmaster claims 2 fl.
1722-04-21David the Jewish singer claims 57 fl.
1724-03-10David, singer.
1726-11-05David, singer and school-knocker, claim upon a credit of 10.03.1724.
1729-06-21David Jew the singer, claim.
1733-02-20David, singer, claim.
1733-06-05Singer David claims payment of 237 florins as he is to endow his daughter.
1736-03-07David, singer of the Jews in Stühlingen.

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