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Tree Samuel (Schmuli), Weyl - Donaueschingen is mentioned 5 times between 1679 and 1730. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'V1'.

Samuel, called Schmule was one of the two Samuel Weyls who moved from Tiengen to Donaueschingen in 1683 [R1310; 05.11.1683]. According to Rosenthal he was a parnas in Donaueschingen RR#3:, but he was mentioned only twice, namely 1710 and 1720 for being under protection in the records examined here. .

1679-02-14Property export tax (Abzug) from Mauschele Jew and the estate (Erbschaft) of Lemble. After Lemble Weil of Tiengen has recently died, his will was translated from Hebrew into German. Of the local heirs, only Ephraim and Samuel both Weil have appeared. Testator´s brother Isaac of Endingen was also summoned, but sent an excuse that he has business in Baden. The will demands that all debts are to be paid before the estate will be divided. Isaac is subject to property export tax for his share of the estate and for what he has formerly inherited from late Mauschele. The authority demands that the estate will only be divided after these taxes have been paid, although Ephraim Weyl in Tiengen has declared to be liable for these amounts.
1710-01-01Protection fee paid by Jews (18 fl. each): Samuel Weyl in the Schellenberg house. Marum Weyl same. Another Samuel Weyl called Schmule. Mayer Weil (died in April 1709 according to the court proceedings of 18.12.1709 page 445). Borach Weyl (moved away with his wife and children at night around 23.04.1709 according to the proceedings of 18.12.1709 page 445). Joachim Weyl called Getsch. Isac Schwab the Jew. Jacob Weyl Meyer`s son. Jacob Weyl Effermen son. Lehman Weyl Samuel`s son.
1721-09-29Trespassing fee of foreign Jews: Samuel at Donaueschingen. Simon and Samuel Uhlmann at Tiengen. Baroch of Endingen. Zopperle at Randegg. Meyer Bloch of Gailingen. Joseph Gugenheimb Sandel`s sonin-law. Menkin Bernheimb at Tiengen (from 1719 to 1721). Meyer Bernheimb (same).
1730-05-05Appears Marum Weyl Ticker and applies to decide the chair quarrel by an appearance (Augenschein). The bailiff hereupon rendered himself to the Synagogue and found that the questionable chairs are next to each others (with mention of Lehmann and Hirtzel as chair neighbours). Jonas Guggenheim suggests that Daniel renders an oath. The court decides that if Daniel Bicker physically swears that he sold the upper chair to Marum Weyl Ticker and has bought such chair from his (Daniel´s) mother, then this upper chair will belong to Marum Weyl. Daniel Bikkert hereupon rendered such an oath, and it was decided that the upper chair at left side, between Lehemann Bickert and Jonas Gugenheimb, pertains to Marumb Weyl Samuels Sohn. The court fees are shared as every party had reason to believe he/it would own the chair.
1730-09-22Marumb Weyl Samuel´s son, protected Jew in Stühlingen and Donaueschingen.

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