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Tree Samuel ben Meir II, Weyl is mentioned 8 times between 1739 and 1747. He died around 1740. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'W1.3.5'. His father was Meir (Marum, dicker) ben Samuel, Weyl.

Samuel was a son of Marum Weyl Dicker. He was only mentioned once. .

1739-02-25Johannes Albickher representing Schmuli Weyl here sells a field in Schwaningen for 113 fl.
1740-02-10Sirs Speisegger and Ott zum Otten in Schaffhausen declared they are willing to give further credit to Schmuli Weyl if he secured his current and further debts by a morgage. Hereupon they supply him 300 fl. cash and merchandize worth 600 fl. He sets his half house and all his property as a pawn. His wife Mehrle Gugenheimb agrees and sets her dowry as pawn, too.
1740-05-17Appears Georg Hegele from Mauchen with his creditors Faistel Gugenheimb, Marum Weyl Sandels Sohn (the latter one representing his son Salamon Weyl Jünger), Jonas Gugenheimb, Schmuli Weyl and Matheus Willmann, and says it is hard for him to raise all those payments of interest after the liquidation of Jewish claims, and he would prefer that all debts are being united at one creditor. All other creditors ceded their claims (with details) to Schmuli Weyl. The total claim runs up to 359 fl. now, and debtor sets several pieces of real estate as a pawn.
1740-09-24Sir Senator and Holzherr Sailler?? of Schaffhausen and his fellow claim 138 fl. for merchandize from Schmuli Weyl who can neither pay nor present security.
1740-12-16Claims by an apothecary in Schaffhausen against Marum Weyl Sandels Sohn, Josel Gugenheim, Marum Gugenheim, Faistel Gugenheim, Meyer Bloch Jung, Samuel Weyl Marum Sohn, Salomon Weyl Older, Jonas Weyl, Hayman Bickert.
1741-03-21Eva Griesser, the wife of Jerg Krommer in Mauchen, owes Schmuli Weyl 50 fl. and sets her house, barn, stable and gardens as a pawn.
1741-04-14Johannes Reebmann, peddlar in Mauchen, has obtained a mortgage of 206 fl. from Schmuli Weyl in order to buy a field.
1747-03-22Johann Schiltknecht representing Schmuli Weyl formerly a protected Jew here sells shoemaker Hans Jacob Mayer the anterior (vorderer) half of a stable with the pertaining half of a Baulege, between Salamon Weyl and the buyer, for 40 fl., of which 20 fl. will be paid cash and the same amount by merchandize.

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