Identified Man

Tree Judah (J├╝dele) - Lauchringen is mentioned 4 times between 1657 and 1666. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'L3'.

Nothing is known about Judah of Lauchringen. Although not listed explicitly, from a chronological point of view it is possible that Judah came with the `foreign Jews` who arrived at Carnival time 1656 [R2065; 10.17.1656]. .

1657-04-09Judelle at Lauchringen, creditor.
1657-04-19Menggen Jew of Stühlingen, creditor. Jäggle Jew brother of Menggen, same. Judelle Jew of Lauchringen, same.
1666-02-25Jüdele of Oberlauchringen claims payment, with reference to the proceedings of 30.01.1659.
1666-02-25Jüdtelein of Oberlauchringen and Kallmele of Stühlingen, mutual account.

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