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Tree Abraham - Ettenheim is mentioned 12 times between 1679 and 1730. He died around 1700. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'Z12'.

In December 1675 four Jews named Mayerle, Judele, Joss and Kauffman had been expelled from Ettenheim [R4683; 07.12.1675], and given protection in Stühlingen. A fifth, Abraham is first mentioned in 1679 [R4423; 04.02.1679]. He could possibly be a descendant from one of the four others. Abraham paid protection also in 1680 and 1681. In 1682 the citizenry of Stühlingen complained that the Jews had by far exceeded their allocated number of protection slots. As a consequence, Abraham had to leave [R1281; 12.18.1682]. Nothing else is known about Abraham of Ettenheim. .

1679-03-15Abraham von „Ettenen“ 9 fl. Satzgeld für ein halbes Jahr und 1 fl. für eine Gans.
1679-05-25Aberhamb Jew sells a cow for 18 fl.
1679-06-08Small payments to Aberhamb, Kallmele and Lew.
1680-03-15Je 18 fl. zahlen Sandel, Mayerlin Jud Menckhins Sohn, Jonas, Löw Jud Jonasen Sohn, Calmelen, Marum Jud Jeckhoffen Sohn, Jäckhle Jud Menckhis Bruder, Mayer Jud Lehmanns Sohn, Seeligmann, Schmulin, Lämle Jud Seeligmanns Tochtermann, Abraham, Model, Isac Jud Schmulis Sohn, Hürtzle Jud Lehemans Sohn, Abraham Jud von „Etten“.
1681-01-01Jewish protection fee (18 fl. each) is paid by the following in Stühlingen: Sandel. Meyerlin Menckhin`s son. Jonas. Lew Jonas`son. Calmelin. Marum Jeckhov`s son. Jäkhlin Menkhin`s brother. Meyer Jew Lehman`s son. Seeligmann. Schmulin. Lämblin Seeligmann`s sonin-law. Abrahamh. Model. Isaac Schmulin`s son. Hürtzel Lehmann`s son. Abrahamb from "Ettenen" (apparently Ettenheim). Every one of them also paid 1 fl. instead of supplying a goose.
1682-12-18The community complains that there are many more Jews in town than the allowed 13 households. Every head of a household is allowed to house a son or son-in-law. It was found that Calmele is housing his son Schmuli Seeligmann is housing his son Schmuli Schmuli Hertzog is housing his son Isac all without permission of the authority, Hürtzlin Lehenmanns Sohn has settled although his brother is under protection here and all this was done against the law. It is suggested that the current letters-of-protection are declared void and the failing households are to pay 40 Reichstaler penalty, or the Jews are to leave the dominion. Jew Aberham from Ettenheim would also be included.
1685-10-11The boys of Calimilis, Model, and Hirtzel are fined for gambling on a holiday and bothering the Christians. Schmuli Jew Calmilis Sohn is fined for drinking tobacco. Meyerlin Lehemanns Sohn is fined for driving into someone´s grain on Corpus Christi day. Joseph Marums Sohn is fined for driving into someones´s field. Abraham Jew is fined for not cleaning his chimney. The wife of Model is fined for letting the laundry lye (Lauge) run into a well and offending the well master. Calmelin Jew, Hirtzel, Joseph Marumb and Meyerlin Menckhens Sohn are fined because their horses caused damage. The sons of Jew Jäkli are find for going into the stable with open lights.
1699-01-09Abraham has bought a silver belt and a gown and says he did not know these things were was stolen.
1699-03-27Abraham and Lemblin Jews, transfer of a claim.
1700-11-16Jew Abrahamb is fined 15 fl. for housing his son-inlaw Meyer, who was banished from Haigerloich, with his wife and children without permission of the authority.
1700-12-10Aberham Jew has accepted (angenommen) Moyses Weiler Models Sohn for a son-in-law and promised him protection. The letter-of-protection requires that only one son or one son-in-law can acquire protection. Model (sic) demanded that Aberham sends his son Moyses away (hinwegschaffen), which was not found just.
1730-07-01MarxJonas Weyl Salomons Sohn, Leib, Salomon Weyl Sandels Sohn, Meyer Bloch Menkes Sohn, Lehmann Birkert Mayers Sohn, Isaac Abrahams Sohn, Feistel Leibs Sohn, Jonas Leibs Sohn, Josel lang Schmulis Sohn, Elias Meyer, Lemle Weyl der Alte, Marum Sandels Sohn, Marum Weyl Jükoffens Sohn in Horheim, Menke Bloch Mayers Sohn, Mayer Bloch jung, Josef Sandels Tochtermann, Marx Meyer, Jonas Weyl Salomons Sohn, Abraham Bloch, Marum Weyl Dicker Donaueschingen, Meyer Guggenheim Feistel Sohn, Salomon Weyl Marum Sandel Sohn, Marx Bloch in Horheim, Marum Guggenheim in Horheim, Moyses Weyl, Dickhers Sohn

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