Identified Man

Tree Naphtali (Hertzl), Weyl is mentioned 2 times between 1720 and 1730. He died around 1730. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'X1'.

Hertzl appears in the Donaueschingen account books of 1720 and 1730 as being under protection. There is insufficient information to associate him with a particular branch of the Weyl family, except that he probably came with the Jews evicted in 1683 from Tiengen [R1310; 05.11.1683]. .

1720-01-01The Jewish protection fee is 18 fl. each. Samuel Weyl in the Schellenberg house. Marum Weyl same. Samuel Weyl called Schmuli. Joachim Weyl called Getsch. Jacob Weyl Mayer`s son. Lehmann Weyl Samuel`s son. Samuel Moyses on 01.05.1720. Simon Weyl. Salomon Leve. Moyses Gedeon. Hertzl Weyl.
1730-01-01Joachim Weyl called Getsch. Jacob Weyl. Simon Weyl. Salomon Leve. Herzel Weyl.

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