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Tree Jacob, Nöwenburger Weyl is mentioned 12 times between 1657 and 1667. He died around 1661. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'Z8'.

Jacob Nöwenburg did not enjoy either protection or passage in Stühlingen. However, he seemed to have lived in Stühlingen and participated in the community [R3799; 04.03.1660] . This entry is interesting, since it implies that Stühlingen did not have its own rabbi in 1660. Jacob was the son-in-law of Meir ben Jacob GH [R2122; 02.23.1658], [R4148; 03.14.1667]. If Jacob lived in Marum`s household, he might not have needed a letter of protection. By 1661 Jacob had died [R3871; 12.20.1661]. .

1657-04-20Jacob Newenburger, Jew here, is sued by Hans Balthasar Vollmar of Freiburg to return merchandize which he had bought for 114 fl. and apparently did not pay.
1657-09-06Jacob Newenburger, Jew, claim.
1658-02-23Jacob Nowönburger, Marumb´s son-in-law, claim. Jägglin Jew, same.
1659-04-24Jacob Nöwenburger, claim.
1659-07-03Jacob Newenburger, Jew in Stühlingen, is to be paid.
1660-01-08Jacob Nöwenburger Jew in Stühlingen is to be paid.
1660-01-29Jacob Newenburger Jew is to be paid for a horse.
1660-04-03Quarrels between the Jewish community, Jacob Nöwenburger and Calmeli Jew, about the ceremonies, with mention of Cost´s wife. The matter is postponed until a Rabbi comes here. The two young Jews (probably J. N. and C.) are to deposit 6 Reichstaler and continue with their Easterly ceremonies. Calmelin is fined 3 pounds because he called Jäckhlin, an old man, a lyer in the public.
1661-12-20The widow of Jew Jacob Newenburger is to be paid.
1666-03-11Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son as cessionary of his son-in-law Jacob Newenburger Weyl files a claim. Comment: it is uncertain if this Weyl means weiland (deceased, in this case it is usually put before the name) or if it refers to the Weil surname, although Jacob bore the Newenburger surname.
1666-03-11This Marum acknowledges payment for himself and representing his son-in-law Jacob Newenburger (not the case above).
1667-03-14Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son instead of his former son-in-law and heir Jacob Newenburger acknowledges payment.

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