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Tree Meir of Ettenheim is mentioned 5 times between 1675 and 1677. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'Z17'.

Meierle was one of the four Jews evicted from Ettenheim who received temporary shelter in Stühlingen [R4683; 07.12.1675]. He had left after 1677. .

1675-07-12Mayerle, Judele and Jos, three Jews from Ettenheim who have rescued here, are to pay 1 fl. 12 Kreuzer protection fee per week as long as they remain here. Kauffmann Jew from Ettenheim also is to pay 24 Kreuzer per week.
1676-01-01(same category) Caffel Jew who has married around Michaelis day (29.09) 1676 is due 9 fl. protection fee for half a year. Menggen, Jäggele, Jonas and Lew delivered their owed geese, and the others paid 1 fl. each instead. Herzele and Davidt, both at Eberfingen, paid together 18 fl. protection fee. Isac and Boroch both at Endermettingen paid same. Lew Jew who has been living in Endermettingen since Michaelis is due 9 fl. for half a year. Jäggele, Benedict, and Jonas, all three at Ofteringen, and Cosman at Unterlauchringen are due 36 fl. together. The Jews at Tiengen are due 20 fl. Joß, Khauffman, Mayerle, and Judelle, all four Jews expelled from "Ettenen" (apparently Ettenheim) came here and applied for protection. Joß lived here for 7 weeks, Khauffman for 19 weeks, and the other two for 41 weeks, so they are due 43 fl. protection fee. Total amount of protection fee due: 476 fl.
1676-03-15Joß, Khauffman, Mayerle und Judele, diese vier aus Ettenheim vertriebenen Juden, sind am 23.06.1675 hierher gekommen und haben um Schutz und Schirm angehalten. Jos hat 7 Wochen, Khauffman 19 Wochen und die anderen beiden 41 Wochen hier gewohnt, was insgesamt 43 fl. 12 Kr. Schirmgeld ausmacht.
1677-03-15Meyerle und Judelle, beide von „Etenen“, zahlen von Ostern 1676 bis Ostern 1677 zusammen 43 fl. Satzgeld.
1677-03-15Mayerle und Judelle, beide von „Ettenen“, zahlen 8 fl. 48 Kr. von Ostern 1677 bis 04.07.1677.

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