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Tree Chaijm Veith ben Isac, Weyl is mentioned 25 times between 1679 and 1684. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'U1.2'. His father was Isac, Weyl Schwerzen.

Veith Weyl was under protection in Donaueschingen, living mainly in Hofwiese. His descendancy has to be inferred. In 1681 he was punished together with his brother Salomon for beating a forrester bloody [R4744; 01.15.1680]. He further has a brother Marum in Oftringen [R1326; 10.07.1683] . The latter, in turn, has a brother Judel [R1113; 06.02.1693]. In 1681 both Veit [R4803; 03.06.1681] and Judele [R4817; 07.04.1681] lived in Hofwiese. Judel is also listed directly as Veit`s brother [R1356; 11.10.1684. Judel is identified as the son of Isac [R3575; 12.31.1680]. All four earned their living with cattle and horse dealing. Veit was frequently involved in fights and was fined repeatedly. In 1684 the priest of Oftringen lodged a complaint against Veit with the court of the Rheinau monastery for toll fraud [R1342; 02.09.1684] . The same year he was also suspected of horse theft. He with his wife and infant were ordered to leave for Lengnau [R1356; 11.10.1684] . .

1679-12-12Veit Weil, Jew auf der Hofwiese, is sued after a horse trade.
1679-12-20Veit Weil auf der Hofwiese is sued after a horse trade.
1680-01-15The brothers Salomon and Veit Weil von der Hofwiese and two Jews from Klingnau have attacked the forester and beaten him bloody.
1680-01-15Veit Weil auf der Hofwiese is sued after a horse deal.
1680-01-16Die beiden Juden von der Hofwiese, Salomon und Veit Weihl, werden um 180 fl. bestraft, weil sie vom vorgeschriebenen Weg abgewichen und danach gegen den Förster Christian Wirth zu Untereggingen tätlich geworden sind und ihn blutig geschlagen haben.
1680-10-04Philipp Iseli of Dresselbach declares that Jew Veith Weihl has stopped him on the road and forced him to a horse trade which he (plaintiff) did not want.
1681-01-01Jew Lew Jonas` son is fined 6 fl. for buing a polecat (probably shot by a poacher). Simon Prackh, sheriff at Eberfingen, is fined for beating Veit Weil Jew at Hofwies.
1681-01-01On 04.10.1680, Jew Veit Weihl`s brother "von der Hofwüs" has been fined for verbal injuries and not appearing before court.
1681-03-06Sheriff Simon Prackh of Eberfingen is fined for beating Jew Veith Weil von der Hofwiese.
1682-03-02Veit Weill von der Hofwies is sued after a horse trade.
1682-03-11Jew Weil von der Hofwiese, court decision about a horse deal.
1682-10-05Veit Weil von der Hofwies, horse trade matter.
1682-11-27Andreas Grieshaber of Unterhallau is fined for taking away a horse of Veit Weil for payment.
1683-02-01Veit Weihl auf der Hofwiese, horse trade matter.
1683-05-14Jew Veit Weihl, now in Ofteringen, is fined 2 fl. for offending (spöttliche) words.
1683-08-12Veit Weihl Jew, quarrels after a horse trade.
1683-10-07Veit Weihl and his brother Marum the Jews here and in Ofteringen are sued for payment of a horse.
1683-10-07Veit Weihl here ademits another debt.
1683-10-09Veith Weihl here is sued after a horse trade.
1683-12-11Veit Weihl von der Hofwies is sued after a horse trade.
1683-12-20Sändel makes a partial payment in the presence of Veit Weihl.
1684-02-09Father Maurus of Ofteringen complains about the large number of Jews in this village. With considerations about the sovereignty. Jew Veit is to present himself in Rheinau where he is accused for customs defraud.
1684-10-26The Jews of Donaueschingen and some others pay trespassing fees. Donaueschingen: Ephraym, Schmule and Veit the Weyl and Meyer Jew. Horheim: Jonale Weyl.
1684-11-10Veit Weihl Jew who has lived in Stühlingen dominion for a while and last in Donaueschingen dominion, is sued for payment of 69, 51, and 64 fl. for horses. His protection in Donaueschingen was recalled and he is on the run. The stables of Jews Jäckle, Joseph Marumbs Sohn, and Judele (a brother of Veit) were inspected and the horses were found. Plaintiffs can get the horses back if they present evidence that they are the owners. The wife of Veit Weil has arrived with a little child last night, heading for Lenglau as he (Veit) had ordered here to go.
1684-11-13Again this matter, with mention of Joseph Marumbs Sohn, Mayrlen Mänckens Sohn, Jäckhlin Menckhens Bruder (brother), and Judele Veits Bruder.

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