Identified Man

Tree Moses (Mausche) ben Joseph Gugenheimb is mentioned once in 1715. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'G1.3.3.1'. His father was Joseph (Jossel) ben Meir, Gugenheimb.

Mausche is mentioned only twice for being under protection [R4504; 09.29.1714], [R4508; 04.21.1715]. There he is identified as Moses, the son of Marum`s Jossel. .

1715-03-15Ostern 1715 in Stühlingen je10 fl. von Leib, Marum Sandels Sohn, Salomon Sandels Sohn, Jackhoff Marms Sohn, Mayer Menckhins Sohn, Mausche, Jossel Marms Sohn, Lemble Alt, Schmuli Seligmann, Mayer Leheman, Isaac Abrahamen Sohn, Joseph Sandels Tochtermann, Jonas Models Sohn, Hürtzel Isaacs Sohn, Faistel Leiben Sohn,

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