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Tree David - Eberfingen is mentioned 20 times between 1621 and 1660. He died around 1660. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'Z1'.

A David, Jew in Eberfingen first appears in 1622 [R1545; 03.15.1622] . In 1632 a wife with the name `Regula` was mentioned. Hers is a very unusual name for a Jewess. More likely, the name was `Rachel` or `Ragl` changed to `Regula` by a well-meaning scribe or transcriber. In 1632 [R2765; 06.25.1632] and 1633 [R2791; 01.27.1633] two Jews, David and Henle from `Hemasdorff` (?Hemendorf) with their wifes and children were granted protection. Unfortunately, the protection did not appear to have been very effective. For during the late phases of the Thirty-Year war, David seems to have been killed [R4318; 07.01.1655] and [R3788; 02.06.1660]. .

1621-02-08Hans Wenzinger is required to pay David Jew 52 Kreuzer for a pair of shoes.
1622-03-15David Jew of Eberfingen and Marix Jew the Rabbi of Stühlingen have beaten each others bloody.
1628-09-07Jacob Ulber is to pay Davidt Jew. Bläsy Stadler is to pay Jäggle Jew for the delivery of cattle.
1629-05-17Clothes were sold to David Jew.
1629-10-04Davidt Jew of Eberfingen is fined for buying stolen items.
1630-05-08Mutual account between Regula Jewess wife of Davidt and the wife of Balis Eberlin. The items purchased from Mrs. Eberlin seems to be stolen. Davidt is to leave the dominion by Jacobi (25.07.1630). (Hard to understand).
1630-06-06David Jew sues Balis Eberlin´s wife for inciting his children to theft. With further details and a thorough statement of Hirtzle Jew about the theft of many items.
1630-06-20Davidt Jew is ordered to pay Hans Zürcher´s wife for stolen items.
1630-07-04Blasius Eberlin is to pay 14 fl. to David Jew for any mutual claims.
1632-03-04Davidt Jew is to present legal power.
1632-03-04Interrogation of witnesses in a quarrel between David Jew and Heinrich Müller, tailor.
1632-03-11Schachman is to be paid. Meierle is to pay. Davidt is to make a mutual account.
1632-03-11Decision about David Jew and Heinrich Müller.
1632-03-16Sannel a Welsh Jew and David Jew of Eberfingen are fined for mutual offenses. Hürtzle is to pay the penalty of the foreign Jew.
1632-03-18Sannel, a French or Italian (welscher) Jew, and Jew David of Eberfingen are fined for verbal injuries.
1632-06-25The Landgrave grants protection for three months to Jews David and Henle and their children.
1632-09-23Balis Eberlin of Eberfingen offers a piece of land as payment of 14 fl. to David Jew according to an agreement of 04.07.1630.
1636-06-15rückständigen Abgaben an Getreide Davidt
1655-07-01David Jude. „Dieser hat ein Häusle zu Eberfingen gehabt, welches jährlich 1 Frl. (Viertel, Maßeinheit) Rauchhaber gezinst, welches Häuslein vor vielen Jahren abgegangen. Es ist aber der Habe jährlich vorgeschrieben worden“.
1660-02-06Marum Tochtermännlin is sued for a debt originating from his step-father-in-law (Stiefschwäher) David Jew. Defendant anwers that he (David) was killed by soldiers in the war and all his property was robbed so he (defendant) is not an heir of this man. The claim is refused but Marum is to return the deposited movables to Schaffhausen.

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