Identified Man

Tree David ben Salomon Bernheimb is mentioned once in 1705. He died around 1705. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'A1.2'. His father was Salomon, Bernheimb - Horheim.

David was the son of Salomon Bernheimb, and married to Vögele, daughter of Meir (Marum) ben Isac, Weyl in Untereggingen [R725; 07.28.1705]. He is not mentioned after 1705. Presumably, he had moved to Tiengen together with the rest of the Bernheimb family. .

1705-07-28Vögele, daughter of Marum in Untereggingen, will marry David Bernheim, son of Salomon in Horheim. They are accepted in Stühlingen County.

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