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Tree Daniel ben Judah Bickert is mentioned 6 times between 1712 and 1730. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'B1.'. His father was Judah (Leheman) ben Meir, Bickert.

Daniel was under protection intermittely between 1712 and 1717, when he moved away officially [R542; 03.16.1717]. His descendancy is inferred from [R172; 06.05.1716]; .

1712-01-25Marum Weyl Sandels Sohn, Sandel Weyl, Leib Gugenheim, Meyer Bickhert, Lemble Weil, Meyer Bloch, Samuel Gugenheimb, Salomon Bloch, Moyses Bloch, Salomon Weyl, Sandels Sohn, Hirtzle Bickhert, Jonas Weyl, Joseph Gugenheim Samuels Sohn, Josel Gugenheim,Lehm Biggert, Menkhle Bloch, Isac Bickhert, Lewel Gugenheim, Veith Gugenheim, Joseph Sandels Tochtermann, Abrahamb Gugenheim,Daniel Biggert, Davit Vorsinger, Jacob Gugenheimb,Marum Lembles Sohn, Elias Meyer, Jakkele Meyer, Elias Weyl, Isac Bernheim, MoysesWeyl, Menggen Bloch, Judas Weyl
1716-06-05Daniel Bickert 1 fl. 20 Kr. The boy of Jew Lehman. Penalty.
1716-10-15Satzgeld der Juden, je 9 fl. auf Michaelis 1716 in Stühlingen von Leib Jud, Marum Jud, Salomon Sandels Sohn, Meyer Menckin Sohn Bloch, Mausche Alt, Josell Marums Sohn, Lemble Alt, Schmule Seeligmann, Meyer Lehemann, Isacc Abrahamen Sohn, Joseph Sandels Tochtermann (4,5 fl.), Jonas Models Sohn, Hirtzel Isac Sohn, Faissel Leiben Sohn, Mausche Models Sohn, Josell Lang Schmule Sohn, Marum Lemblins Sohn, Menckin Bloch, Lehemann Bickert Meyers Sohn, Elias Meyer, Israel Meyer, Jonas Leiben Sohn, Daniel Bickert, Jäggle Hirtzels Sohn zu Eberfingen, in Horheim von Davidt Jäckellin Sohn, Menckin Bernheimb, Meyer Bernheimb, Elias Boll, Jüdelle Weyl, Isacc Bernheimb Beniamin, Menckin Meyer, Meyer Weyl Jüdellin Sohn.
1717-03-15Satzgeld der Juden, je 10 fl. an Ostern 1717 in Stühlingen von Leib Jud, Marum Weyl Sandels Sohn, Salomon Weyl, Meyer Menckin Sohn Bloch, Mausche Alt, Joseph Marums Sohn, Lemble Alt, Schmule Seeligmann, Meyer Lehemann Bickert, Isac Abrahamben Sohn, Joseph Sandels Tochtermann, Jonas Models Sohn (ist hinweg gezogen, also null), Hirtzel Isac Sohn (ebenmäßig null), Faissel Leiben Sohn, Mausche Models Sohn (gleichfalls fort und null), Josell Lang Schmule Sohn, Marum Lemblin Sohn (ist ebenmäßig hinweg gezogen, null), Menckin Bloch, Lehemann Bickert, Elias Jud, Israel Meyer, Jonas Leiben Sohn, Daniel Bickert (ist hinweg gezogen, null), Jäckelle Hirtzels Sohn von Eberfingen, von Horheim Davidt Jäggelin Sohn (gleichfalls null), Menckin Bernheimb, Meyer Bernheimb, Elias Boll (null), Jüdelle Weyl, Isac Bernheimb Beniamin Sohn, Menckin Meyer, Meyer Weyl Jüdelin Sohn.
1730-04-25Marum Weyl der Junge, a resident of here and Donaueschingen, declares he has six years ago bought a man´s and a woman´s seat (Mann und Weiberstuhl) in the Synagogue from Daniel Bickert who had been under protection here, but now lives in Wangen near Stein am Rhein, in the presence of three witnesses and the Rabbi of Gailingen (who issued) a document. Now Jonas Gugenheimb also claims to own this chair, pretending he has bought it from the heirs of Daniel´s brother two years after. Plaintiff applies to interrogate said Daniel Bickert, whom he had inexpectedly met on the market yesterday, under oath. Jonas Gugenbeimb refers to the Jewish ceremonis and claims he has a better right to this chair, and Daniel Bickert was not authorized to sell this chair because the younger brother always owned it (allzeiten in diesem Stuhl gestanden). Daniel Bickert refers to Meyer Bloch, Isaac Bickert and Reb Salmele who will say that this chair belonged to his father and that the older brother had had the other and lower chair. Rabbi Salmele remembers well that Alt Schmuly stood in the upper and Daniel Bickert´s father in the lower chair. When Schmuly died, his son Isaac, Daniel´s father, stood in the upper one, and when Isaac died, Hirtzel stood in the upper and Daniel in the lower chair. The matter will depend on both parties presenting the purchase documents, and these documents are to be compared/balanced (gegeneinander gehalten). Lehmann Bicker says the same. Decision: As both brothers, Hirtzel and Daniel, have sold the upper chair, thus plaintiff and defendant are to bring up evidence which of the sellers has taken over which chair from their parents, and present the purchase documents, which are to be translated and explained by an unpartial Rabbi. In the meantime, plaintiff and defendant are to alternate in the use of the upper chair. (Chair is the translation of Germnan Stuhl, although the object rather seems to have been a place to stand).
1730-05-05Appears Marum Weyl Ticker and applies to decide the chair quarrel by an appearance (Augenschein). The bailiff hereupon rendered himself to the Synagogue and found that the questionable chairs are next to each others (with mention of Lehmann and Hirtzel as chair neighbours). Jonas Guggenheim suggests that Daniel renders an oath. The court decides that if Daniel Bicker physically swears that he sold the upper chair to Marum Weyl Ticker and has bought such chair from his (Daniel´s) mother, then this upper chair will belong to Marum Weyl. Daniel Bikkert hereupon rendered such an oath, and it was decided that the upper chair at left side, between Lehemann Bickert and Jonas Gugenheimb, pertains to Marumb Weyl Samuels Sohn. The court fees are shared as every party had reason to believe he/it would own the chair.

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