Identified Man

Tree Samuel (Schmulin) ben Meir, Weyl is mentioned 4 times between 1661 and 1681. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'S1.1'. His father was Meir (Marum Tochtermännlin), Weyl.

Schmulin ben Marum Weyl was under protection in Stühlingen between 1666 and 1676. .

1661-04-07Marum Jew Tochtermändlein is fined for beating Calmeli Jew, assisted by his (Marum´s) son Schmulin.
1676-01-01The protection fee of Hönlin, a poor local Jew who does not conduct business, but keeps school, is 5 fl. only. The following protection fees were due on Easter 1676: Götschell Jew for (im Namen) late Old Jägglin. Marum Jew Jeckhoff`s son. Jonas Jew. Lew Jew Johnas` son. Seeligmann Jew. Kalmele Jew. Menckhe Jew. Jäggle Jew Menckhe`s brother. Leheman Jew. Hirzle Jew Leheman`s son. Schmuli Jew. Ißan Jew Schmuli`s son. Sandell Jew. Abraham Jew. Modell Jew. Total of 15 protected Jews are due to pay 270 fl.
1680-03-26Samuel Weil Jew auf der Hofwiese is sued after a horse deal.
1681-09-16Sandel and Schmuli have settled a quarrel about a claim before their Rabbi. The one who violates this agreement is to pay 30 Reichstaler to the dominion.

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