Identified Man

Tree Jacob ben Mordechai, Weyl is mentioned 4 times between 1703 and 1704. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'F1.1.2'. His father was Mordechai (Model) ben Meir, Weyl.

Jacob is mentioned only once in 1703 paying protection tax. .

1703-07-13Jacob Weil Jud Models Sohn is fined for beating his brother´s wife Elckel with a key after he started a quarrel with her husband Moyses.
1703-07-13Jacob Weyl, Models Sohn allhier, 2 fl.
1704-06-13Jacob Weyl Models Sohn of Stühlingen buys a claim.
1704-11-27Jäckhoff Jud Models Sohn is fined for offending Jud Marum Sandels Sohn.

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