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Tree Judah (J├╝dele) ben Moses - Ofteringen is mentioned 41 times between 1633 and 1659. He died around 1636. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'O1.1'. His father was Moses (Moschi) of Ofteringen.

Jüdele of Ofteringen appears between 1646 and 1653. Thereafter his widow is listed and the estate disappears after 1659 [R2160; 01.30.1659]. He was the son of Moses of Ofteringen [R1898; 03.14.1652]. It is possible that Judele was a son-in-law of Jacob (Jekhuff) patriarch GH, since he is mentioned as an heir at least once [R1860; 11.20.1651] . He acted mainly in the role of a legal representative. Over his relatively short career he represented Jecoff GH`s son [R1757; 12.20.1646], Jecoff GH himself [R1759; 01.17.1647], Marum, son of Jecoff [R1764; 04.04.1647], Leman [R1766; 06.18.1648], Sandel`s heirs [R1786; 02.10.1650], Marum Tochtermännle [R1791; 03.31.1650], Meir ben Jacob Bloch [R1819; 02.07.1651], Jacob (Jäggle) ben Meir Bloch [R1870; 01.16.1652], There is also a suggestion that he played somewhat loosely with trust accounts [R1819; 02.07.1651] [R1835; 03.30.1651]. .

1633-02-16With mention of Schachman, Meierle (wants to buy a house), Judele Moschai Sohn of Ofteringen, Jäggle, the servant of Sanel Jew´s widow Jew Jecoff´s son representing his father, Sanel´s widow, Jäggle, Hürtzle (sells a house with two gardens).
1636-06-27Jecoff has a mortgage/claim of 175 fl. inscribed. The widow of Judele in Ofteringen, represented by this Jäcoff, has one of 132 fl. inscribed. Jäcoff claims about 150 fl. from Heinrich Schaub of Eberfingen.
1637-11-19Claims by Jeggle and Judele.
1644-12-11Judele Jud Mauschi Sohn had hitherto had protection in Ofteringen. He is quitting such because he cannot live in this village at these miserable time of war (leidigen Kriegswesens halber).
1646-04-26Jeggle Jew claims 367 fl.2 Judele, agreement.
1646-12-13Judele reports a claim of 20 fl.
1646-12-20Georg Neuenburger of Stühlingen sues Judele Jew of Ofteringen as powerholder Jecoff Jew´s son.
1647-01-17Claim by Judelle as powerholder of Jeckhoff.
1647-02-07Judelle Jew is fined three pounds because he had some people summoned but did not show up himself.
1647-04-04Jacob Platner of Wangen owes the heirs of Jecoff Jew, represented by Marum one of the sons, assisted by Judele, 34 fl. upon the proceedings of 30.10.1642 plus interest, and several other amounts of money, which at the end makes 181 florins.
1648-06-18Judele Jew as powerholder of Leman Jew (Jägle´s?) son files a claim which debtor says it has been paid back before.
1648-12-13Judele Jew.
1650-02-10Judele Jew represents the heirs of Sandel.
1650-03-03Judele Jew, claim.
1650-03-10Judele Jew of Ofteringen as representative of the heirs of Sandel.
1650-03-31Judele Jew represents Marum called Tochtermännle.
1650-05-12Jäggle Jew, payment for a horse. Judele Jew represents the heirs of Sandel in a claim from Hanns Ambling in Horheim, dating of 04.12.1636. Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, claim.
1651-01-12Judele Jew, powerholder of the Sandel heirs.
1651-01-19Judele as powerholder of the Sandel heirs.
1651-02-07Declaraton of a witness upon request of Jäckhle Jew in Stühlingen.19 A witness declares that payment was made to Judele Jew in the name of Mayerle Jew. Menckhe contests this statement and says Judele has never been the moneycollector of his father.
1651-03-30A witness says that Judele Jew has obtained payment in behalf of Mayerle.
1651-04-24Theis Fessler of Weizen owes the heirs of Sandel Jew 48 florins capital and 36 florins interest. The heirs are represented by Judele Jew.
1651-05-11Judele Jew as powerholder of the Sandel heirs.
1651-05-11Adam Leiber promises to pay Judele Jew in behalf of Moses Jew, and also pay Lemle Jew.
1651-12-07Claim by Judele as powerholder of the Sandel heirs.
1652-01-16Judelle representing Jäggle signs a receipt.
1652-02-22Judele represents the heirs of Sandel.
1652-02-26Judele as powerholder of Sandel´s heirs.
1652-02-26Claims by Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, Judelle Jew,
1652-03-14Jüdele Jew Mauschin´s son in Ofteringen, agreement.
1652-03-14Seligmann, agreement. Judele Jew Hoschin´s son, claim.
1652-11-02Judele of Ofteringen is fined for carrying wine on a holiday.
1652-12-05Judele represents Sandel´s heirs.
1652-12-12Judele represents the heirs of Sandel, with reference to an agreement between Sandel´s widow and Simon Duttlinger in 1636.
1653-01-23Judele of Ofteringen represents Sandel´s heirs.
1653-03-27Judele as powerholder of Marum Jew Tochtermännlin.
1655-11-03Georg Würth at Untereggingen owes money to the heirs of Jecoff Jew and to Josephle Jew Jeckhoff´s son. Previous payments have been made through Jews Judle and Jonas (etc.). Marum Jew, representing the heirs, agrees to turn the debt into a mortgage.
1657-02-05Judelle Jew´s widow, creditor.
1657-04-09The widow of Judelle Jew at Ofteringen, creditor.
1657-09-25The widow of Judelle Jew, claim.
1659-01-30Calmeli Jew at Stühlingen declares that his father Schmuli Jew has 27 years before, namely in 1632, acquired (a claim of?) 30 fl. from Judelin Jew Mauschi´s son at Ofteringen, and the claim is now irretrievable because the debtors have died or cannot pay.

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