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Tree Asher (Lemble) ben Jacob Weyl is mentioned 20 times between 1649 and 1681. He died around 1671. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'R1.1.1'. His father was Jacob (Jäggelin) ben Judah Weyl.

1649-11-18Lemble Weil Jew, representing his father Jackle Jew, claims 118 fl. plus interest from Hans Geisinger of Obermettingen.
1650-05-19Marum Jew representing his brother-in-law Lemble signs a receipt and files a claim. Said Marum Jew, representing his father Jecoff, claims Conrad Ulrich Marmer for payment upon a court decision of 19.11.1637.
1651-05-11Adam Leiber promises to pay Judele Jew in behalf of Moses Jew, and also pay Lemle Jew.
1651-11-20Among the creditors of Jacob Seger are Jecoff´s heirs as of 17.01.1647 (the sames as?) Marum Jew Marum´s brother Jonas Seligman Judele who all have received payments and claim some more amounts, and Lämle just with a claim.
1652-01-15Claims by Jonas, Seligmann, and Lämble Jägglin´s son.
1652-02-06and by Lemle Jew.
1652-02-15Mencke representing Lämble, claim. Leheman, claim.
1652-05-23Among the creditors of Michel Eberlin of Schwaningen are Jeckhoff´s heirs, Schmul´s heirs (both since 1637), Schaahli´s heirs, Lemelin (since 1633), and Jägglin.
1653-01-23Claims of Lämble, Menckhen, and Marum.
1654-04-17Lemele Jew Jägglin´s son of Tiengen, claim.
1656-01-27Lemle Jew, claim. Marum Jew, ledger.
1656-10-17Carneval time. Further lives with him Jeggle called the Welsh (der Welsche, referring to a French or Italian origin) with his wife and a child, who came here with Lemblin. Further lives with him Raphael with his wife and a child who came with the others. With Marumb Jew´s son-in-law (Tochtermändlin) lives Mayerle Jew with his wife and three children, who came here after Easter.
1658-12-04Lemble Jew here claims payment. With depositions by Jaggle Mülhaubt of Dangstetten and Mayer Jew of Tiengen (under oath) about a horse deal four years ago.
1660-02-06Lemalin and Seeligmann Jews are fined for white wine.
1660-02-19Lemalin Jew, claim.
1660-06-16Marum Jew Jecoff´s son and Lemalin Jew give a horse, a coat and a gun plus 80 florins cash for a claim of 260 fl.
1662-01-01On 16.03.1662, Johannes Ambrosi was fined for not appearing before court upon request of Jonas Jew. On 30.03.1662, Hanns Faber Jung was fined for not appearing before court upon request of David Jew of Lauchringen, and Jacob Matheis for not appearing upon request of Lämblin at Tiengen.
1664-02-07Appear Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, Karmele (sic), Seeligmann, Jonas, and Lämblin all Jews of Stühlingen and Tiengen, respectively, as the heirs of late Jew Jäckhoff in Stühlingen, and declare that a debt to their grandfather and father-in-law Jäckhoff, respectively, has been paid.
1671-06-13Lemble Weyl pays death tax for a Jew who happened to die here. The deceased was (also) Lembli and has died in a forest yonder the Wutach River.
1681-10-10Marum Jew, claim in behalf of late Lämel Jew.

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