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Tree Meir (Meier krumm) ben Menachem, Bloch is mentioned 20 times between 1722 and 1749. He died around 1744. His designation in the Stühlingen family tree is 'C2.'. His father was Menachem (Menke) ben Meir II, Bloch.

Meyer carried the given name of his grandfather and great-great-grandfather. He was under protection from 1721 to 1743. To distinguish him from his grandfather he was first referred to as `Mayer Bloch Jung` [R4535; 09.29.1723]; Later on as Meyer Bloch Krumm [R4605; 04.23.1735], or Meyer Bloch jung krumm [R4637; 12.31.1736]. It may suggest that he suffered from a spinal deformity of adult onset. He seemed to have ended up in Gailingen [R1220; 12.14.1744] . He did not follow his father`s conversion [R1148; 10.12.1740] . .

1722-01-01Meyer Bloch is fined for not appearing in court.
1724-01-04Mayr Bloch, Isaac Bickhert, and Mayrle Bloch are fined.
1724-03-15An Ostern 1724 je 10 fl. von Leib, Marum, Salomon, Meyer Bloch Menckin Sohn, Meyer Bickert, Leheman Bickert, Isac Abrahamben Sohn, Faisel Leiben Sohn, Jonas Leiben Sohn, Josell Lang Schmulin Sohn, Elias, Lemble Weyl Alt, Mayer Weyl Jüdellin Sohn, Menckin Bloch Meyers Sohn, Meyer Bloch Jung, Joseph Sandels Tochtermann.
1726-12-13Meyer Bloch "Young", claim.
1729-02-04Meyer Bloch junior.
1730-09-01Meyer Bloch 2 fl.
1730-11-24Meyer Bloch Jung, cession of a claim.
1732-02-29Meyer Bloch here.
1735-04-23Meyer Bloch Menchens Sohn, Lehemann Bickert Meyers Sohn, Isaac Abrahamben Sohn, Feistel Leiben Sohn, Jonas Leiben Sohn, Jossel Lang Schmulys Sohn, Elias Meyer (nur 2 fl.), Schmuly Weyl Lemble Sohn, Marx Meyer, Jonas Weyl Salamons Sohn, Meyer Weyl Jüdelins Sohn zu Horheim, Mencke Bloch Meyers Sohn, Meyer Bloch Krumm, Joseph Sandls Tochtermann, Marumb Weyl Dicker, Salamon Weyl Marumben Sandls Sohn, Meyer Gugenheimb Feistels Sohn, Abrahamb Bloch, Moysis Weyl, Marx Bloch, Marumb Gugenheimb.
1737-01-04Meyer Bloch 4 fl.
1738-07-11Mayer Bloch is fined.
1738-07-11Meyer Bloch 1 fl. 20 Kr., Moysis Weyl 2 fl.
1740-01-01Protected Jews in Stühlingen: Marum Weyl Sandl`s son. Salomon Jew Sandl`s son. Lehmann Bickert Meyer`s son. Isaac Abrahamb`s son. Feistel Leib`s son. Jonas Leib`s son. Josef Lang Schmulin`s son. Eleis Meser Jew. Schmuly Weyl Lemle`s son. Marx Meyer. Jonas Weyl Salomon`s son. Meyer Weyl Judelin`s son. Mencke Bloch Meyer`s son. Meyer Bloch the young, crooked. Joseph Sandl`s son-in-law, lives with his son in the Breisgau region. Marum Weyl Dickher (the fat?). Salomon Weyl Marum Sandl`s son. Meyer Gugenheimb Feistel`s son. Abrahamb Bloch. Moysis Weyl. Marx Bloch. Marum Gugenheimb. Lehemann Weyl Dickher`s son. Jacob Bloch. Hewen Bickert Isaac`s son. Salomon Gugenheimb Langen Josel`s son. Isaac Weyl Dicker`s son. Feistel Gugenheimb Joseph`s son.
1740-09-24Mayer Bloch here, mutual account.
1740-12-16Claims by an apothecary in Schaffhausen against Marum Weyl Sandels Sohn, Josel Gugenheim, Marum Gugenheim, Faistel Gugenheim, Meyer Bloch Jung, Samuel Weyl Marum Sohn, Salomon Weyl Older, Jonas Weyl, Hayman Bickert.
1741-10-23Meyer Bloch here (hard to read).
1741-10-24Meyer Bloch after a horse trade.
1742-11-06Meyer Bloch and his wife are sued for payment of 70 fl. Defendant declares he owns nothing but his house and will pay when he has sold it.
1744-12-14Mayer Bloch at Gailingen, horse trade (long matter).
1749-03-17Johannes Schiltknecht, representing Sir Johann Conrad Payer im Hof in Schaffhausen, sells Anton Gintert here a house in the Jewish Lane, between the barn of Sebastian Kretler innkeeper at the sign of the Krone and Josel Gugenheim Jew in Tiengen, (the house) in the condition as seller and before him Mayer Bloch has owned it, for 350 fl.

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