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Abstracted from 61/12679: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1721-1722.

1721-11-07Marum Guggenheimb alt Josels Sohn owes 32 fl.
1721-11-20Isac Bikhert in Stühlingen, cow trade matter.
- Isac Bloch claims 14 fl.
1721-11-22Isac Bikhert, same matter as the day before.
1721-12-09Leib Guggenheimb sells a house and vegetable garden in Untereggingen for 165 fl.
1721-12-12Leib Guggenheimb claims 100 fl.
1721-12-15Baroch of Endingen claims 250 fl.
1722-01-05Same matter and mutual account.
1722-01-09Leib Jew, decision about a claim.
- Marum Jud Sandels Sohn, claim.
- Elias Mayr and Salomon Weyl Sandels Sohn are sued after some horse trades.
1722-01-10Josel Guggenheim, commonly called Jopperle, currently in Randegg, acquires trespassing rights in Stühlingen dominion for a year.
1722-01-13David the Jewish schoolmaster claims 2 fl.
1722-01-16Joseph Gugenheimb protected Jew in Randegg files a claim (a long matter).
1722-01-27Mayr Weyhl may be under protection in Horheim for six months and is to file another application when this time has elapsed.
- Joseph Gugenheimb of Randegg, claim.
1722-01-30Joseph Gugenheimb of Randegg, transfer of claims.
- Isaac Bikhert and Schmueli Weyl, both protected Jews here, are fined for not taking down their hats and not going aside from the public lane while the bells were rung at noon (Mittagsläuten).
1722-03-03Leib has loaned out 60 fl.
- Faistel Guggenheimb claims 29 fl.
1722-03-06Jonas Gugenheimb, mutual account.
- Mayr Bloch Jew, currently in Gailingen, and Joseph Gugenheimb Sandels Tochtermann get trespassing rights at the same conditions as Josel Gugenheimb on 10.01.1722.
1722-03-13Claims of Leib and Faistel.
- Jonas Guggenheimb claims payment.
1722-03-20Leib, two claims.
- Isaac Bickhert is ordered to pay 100 fl.
- Leib Gugenheimb claims payment of 105 fl.
1722-03-24Isaac Bikhert admits a debt of 120 fl.
1722-04-21David the Jewish singer claims 57 fl.
1722-04-24Faistel claims payment of 14 fl.
- Faistel and Jonas claim 20 fl.
- Johannes Böhringer, furrier and magistrate member, complains that his lodger Lehemann Bickhert annoys him by knocking for the school and by slaughtering near the door to the living room (Stübentür).
1722-04-28Menckhe and Mayr Bernheimb, both under protection in Tiengen now, had left protection in Horheim around 11.11.1718 and pretend they have acquired trespassing rights for 2 florins per year. There is no entry in the proceedings and in the annual accounts, so they are due 12 florins plus 2 florins for the next term, and they remain due the customs for mechandize in addition.
1722-04-29Leib, deposited bull.
1722-06-05Jonas Gugenheimb Jew acquires (a right of first emption?).
1722-06-09Mayr Bernheimb of Tiengen claims 40 fl.
- Menkhe Bernheimb of Tiengen claims 83 fl. plus 9 fl. in behalf of his mother Zierle.
1722-08-03Schmuele Jew claims 13 fl.
1722-08-28Hanns Martin Schueler, locksmith, and Elias Mayr Jew own a house which was delapidated and could have collapsed an injured or killed someone. They were ordered to tear it down and build it up again but could not do so in time. The house has now collapsed but, forunately, nobody was hurt. They are not fined because the delay in construction was not their fault.
- Fire broke out in the upper living room (Stube) of Lang Jossel´s house when he was going to bake bread on 07.08.1722 at 6:30 o´clock a.m., but could be extinguished. He is not fined.
1722-09-04Emanuel Levi, Jew of "Rixen" in Alsace, and Isac Bickhert protected Jew (he or both?) representing the heirs of Jew Abraham make an agreement with Johannes Schlatter of Lemberg about a claim of 47 fl.
- Considering that the Jewish community could not come to an internal agreement about providing hourse for official tasks, one has grouped the Jews into three categories. Category one is to provide three horses in turn and includes Leib Gugenheimb and Marum Weyl. Category two provides two horses and includes Joseph Gugenheimb, Salomon Weyl, Mayr Bloch, Faistel Gugenheimb, Jonas Gugenheimb, Isaac Bikhert, Lehemann Bikhert, and Elias Mayr. Category three provides one horse and includes Joseph Gugenheimb Sandels Tochtermann and Schmule Weyl Lemblins Sohn. With details about their duties (horses on which an honest man will not break his neck; whoever does not own a horse is to borrow one; about the sequence of presentation; etc.)
1722-09-07The entire Jewish community, consisting of eleven households, is fined for odd behaviour of males females and children while the bells were rung for prayer and for the poor souls last Saturday night. The Jews are again instructed to step aside from the street and render themselves under a roof while the bells are rung.
1722-10-21Jonas Gugenheimb claims 10 fl.
1722-10-23Elias Mayer Jew claims 18 fl. for a horse.
1722-11-06Same man claims 38 fl. for a horse.
- Isaac Bikhert claims 17 fl.

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