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Abstracted from 61/12664: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1655-1659.

1655-08-05Faisst is to pay 60 fl. for a horse.
1655-10-08Marumb Jew, representing his brother-in-law Lemblein in Tiengen, loans 200 fl. to sheriff Hanns Buecher of Eberfingen.
1655-11-03Georg Würth at Untereggingen owes money to the heirs of Jecoff Jew and to Josephle Jew Jeckhoff´s son. Previous payments have been made through Jews Judle and Jonas (etc.). Marum Jew, representing the heirs, agrees to turn the debt into a mortgage.
1655-11-18Lehemann Jew, creditor. Menckhe Jew, same.
1655-12-09Mauschele Jew at Tiengen, claim.
1655-12-10Jonas Jew, claim.
1655-12-16Selligmann Jew. Marumb Jew, ledger.
1656-01-05Penalties of Jews Menckhe and Seeligmann.
1656-01-07Lehemann Jew, ledger (with reference to the proceedings of 21.01.1654), also Lehemann Jew Hirtzlin´s son.
1656-01-14Ledger between the heirs of mayor Hofackher and Jew Menckhe, and Mayerlin´s heirs. Mayerl Jew of Tiengen, horse trade matter.
- Schmuel Jew, cow trade matter.
- Marumb´s son-in-law (Tochtermandlin), several claims.
- Lehemann Jew, claims.
- Menckhe Jew, claim.
1656-01-27Lemle Jew, claim. Marum Jew, ledger.
- Marumb is to maintain a contract to buy a meadow. Lemblin of Tiengen, claim.
- Marumb Jew representing his brother Jonas, bull trade.
1656-02-03Moyse Jew, payment for a cow.
- Mayer Jew of Tiengen, horse trade.
- Marum Jew´s son-in-law, claim.
- Same man, claim for a sold horse.
- Jäggele Jew Mayerlin´s son, horse trade matter.
- Marum Jew, receipt.
1656-02-11Ledger between Menckhe (alias Mayerl) Jew and the community of Eberfingen.
1656-03-02Marumb Jew, foal trade.
- Schmuli Jew Hirzlin´s son, ledger; he also represents his brother Lehemann Jew.
- Calmele is to pay 16 fl. to Jacob Jew at Erzingen.
- Seeligmann Jew, ledgers.
1656-03-23Debts of Jäggle Jew the Old (der Alte).
- Mayerlin Jew of Tiengen, horse trade matter.
- The heirs of Jew Schmule, claim.
1656-03-30Lemblin of Tiengen, ledger.
1656-05-12Jonas Jew representing the heirs of Jeckhoff Jew signs a receipt to Hanns Sigin´s widow, as does Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son.
1656-06-08Jäggle Jew the Old, ledger.
- Two men are fined for attempted defraud of Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son.
1656-07-01Marumb Jew Jeckhoff´s son did not remove a horse from a meadow althouth his brother Jonas was demanded to do so.
1656-09-04Lemblin Jew of Tiengen, horse trade matter.
1656-10-17-Description of the foreign Jews here: With Marumb Jew lives Joseph´s widow Marla with two children, she has just arrived this week; and with Marumb is his son-in-law Jeckhuff who has married some weeks ago. With Menckhe Jew lives his broteher-in-law Lemblin with his wife and six children, who came here around
- Carneval time. Further lives with him Jeggle called the Welsh (der Welsche, referring to a French or Italian origin) with his wife and a child, who came here with Lemblin. Further lives with him Raphael with his wife and a child who came with the others. With Marumb Jew´s son-in-law (Tochtermändlin) lives Mayerle Jew with his wife and three children, who came here after Easter.
- In Jäggle Jew´s house is Sallmele since Pentecost. With Jonele Jew is his son-in-law Callmele Jew. In the house of Jew Leman is the widow of old Leman.
- -Listing of the Jews under protection: Marumb Jew Jeckhoff´s son. Jäggle Jew the Old (der Alte). Jonas Jew. Marum Jew´s son-in-law.
- Menckhe Jew. The widow of Faistle Jew. Jäggle Jew. Lehmann Jew Hirzlin´s son. Schmulle Jew. Seligmann Jew.
- Decision: The foreign Jews are to pay half a florin per week and are to leave and search an Unterschlupf elsewhere within a fourtnight. If the Jews do not pay, the fee is to be rendered by those who took them into their households without permission. As all those foreign Jews have no property, the fee waqs gracefully reduced by the Landgrave.
- In this context, Jew Marumb´s son-in-law declares: When he came into the country 25 years ago, there was a Jew at Bechtersbohl (with certain customs then compared with the current ones). With statements by Marumb Jew and Menckhe Jew. All the Jews authorize Jäggle to conduct the matter for them.
1656-11-10Marumb Jew´s son-in-law is accused to have wrongly charged three persons to have stolen him a half a oiece of cattle.
1656-11-23Menckhe Jew, same.
1656-12-14Marumb Jew, claims.
1657-01-04Mayerle at Tiengen, Jacob at Bräunlingen, Isac at Tengen, creditors.
1657-01-07Old Jäggle Jew here, ledger.
1657-01-11Menckhe Jew, brawls with the kettle maker.
1657-01-18Jacob Jew of Bräunlingen, receipt.
- Marumb Jew by proxy of Jonas Jew, receipt. Leve Jew Mauschele´s servant at Tiengen sues several men for an attack along the road.
1657-01-25Jäggle Jew, Marum Jew, Marum Jew´s son-in-law, and Lemblin Jew of Tiengen are involved in compensation payments.
- Menckhe Jew, ledger in behalf of his deceased brother Feistle Jew.
1657-02-05Judelle Jew´s widow, creditor.
- Marumb´s son-in-law, same.
- The sons of Jäggle Jew at Tiengen, same. Siesle Jew, same.
1657-02-25Leon Jew, victim of a brawl.
1657-03-13Lemblin Jew of Tiengen, ledger.
1657-04-09The widow of Judelle Jew at Ofteringen, creditor.
- Judelle at Lauchringen, creditor.
- Marumb Jew at Tiengen, creditor.
- Marum Jews at Stühlingen the son-in-law, same.
- Isac Jew at Schwerzen, Jonas Jew at Stühlinen, Siesle Jew at Schwerzen, creditors.
1657-04-12Calmele Jew, horse trade matter.
- Menckhe Jew, ledger.
- Marumb Jew, ledger.
1657-04-19Menggen Jew of Stühlingen, creditor. Jäggle Jew brother of Menggen, same. Judelle Jew of Lauchringen, same.
- Marumb Jew of Tiengen, same.
1657-04-20Jacob Newenburger, Jew here, is sued by Hans Balthasar Vollmar of Freiburg to return merchandize which he had bought for 114 fl. and apparently did not pay.
1657-05-07Marumb Jew buys a house, yard, and some pieces of land at Unterwangen for 90 fl.
- Marum Jew´s son-in-law buys a field there for 34 fl.
1657-05-16Ledger between the heirs of bailiff Hans Ludwig Sailler of Neukirch and Marumb Jew upon the proceedings of 03.12.1654.
- In this context, a claim of 110 fl. by Jew Jeckhoff is mentioned, less 100 fl. penalty due.
- The entry of 1650 is maintained, and Marumb is to pay interest for 530 fl. capital.
1657-05-17Marumb Jew here, creditor. Marumb Jew at Tiengen, creditor.
1657-06-14Marumb Jew´s son-in-law claims remainin payment for a small house.
1657-07-06Quarrel between Hanns Widmer of Schwaningen and Marumb Jew Jeckhoff´s son here about a credit of 100 fl. originating from Schachle Jew.
1657-08-03Callmele Jew here loans money.
1657-08-16Kaypha Jew, claim upon a ledger of 23.10.1631 and agreement about down payment.
1657-08-23Menckhe Jew here, bull trade matter. Abraham, Isac, and Siesle Jews at Schwerzen, and Jäcoff successor of Hirzlin in Eggingen, are to pay their extant protection fees for several years.
1657-09-06Jacob Newenburger, Jew, claim.
- Death tax of Anabaptist Hanns Rohrer at Mauchen.
1657-09-20Jäggle Jew Mayerlin´s son, horse trade matter.
1657-09-25The widow of Judelle Jew, claim.
1657-11-08Marumb Jew´s so-in-law representing Sandel Jew´s widow, claim.
1657-11-14Jäggle Jew is to pay. Marumb Jew, claim.
1657-11-16Marumb Jew in behalf of Schachle Jew, ledger.
1657-11-22Marumb and Jonelle Jews Jeckhoff´s sons and heirs, ledger. The following participate in the claim: The heirs of Schmul Jew (22 fl.), Marumb Jew, Jonas Jew, and the heirs of Josephle Jew (38 fl. each).
- Marumb Jew´s son-in-law, claim. Schmull Jew´s heirs, claim.
- Menckhe Jew, claim. Marumb Jew´s son-in-law, claims.
1657-12-31Marumb Jew´s son-n-law, claim.
1658-01-17Menckhe Jew is to pay the surgeon.
- Marumb Jew at Tiengen, claims.
1658-01-31Marumb Jew Jeckhoff´s son, claim.
1658-02-23Marumb Jew Jeckhoff´s son, bought fields for 178 fl.
- Jonas Jew, creditor.
- Calmeli Jew, creditor.
- Jacob Nowönburger, Marumb´s son-in-law, claim. Jägglin Jew, same.
1658-05-20Jägglin Jew, claim.
1658-06-03Marum Jew Jäcoph´s son, claim to Eberfingen community.
1658-06-06Sir Johann Jacob Atzenholtz at Wasserburg owed a credit of 425 fl. which Baron Laux Dieterich Reichlin von Meldegg got in 1611 from Meyerlin Jew at Stühlingen, setting all his real estate a pawn. Meyerlin Jew´s son Menckhe and all the heirs confess that this debt and the interest has been paid and the claim is satisfied.
- Martin Rorer, Anabsptist at Mauchen, heir of his brother Hanns.
1658-06-13Manumission of Anabsptist Martin Rorer at Mauchen and his wife and 5 children.
- Calmelin Jew, calf trade matter.
- Some years before, Matheis Schellenbuoch of Stühlingen acknowledged a debt of 100 fl. to the heirs of Jew Schmul. Formerly, 50 fl. were transferred to Marum Jew, and the other 50 fl. interest are now being transferred by Jews Seligman and Calmelin brothers to merchant Caspar Schölderlin, and the brothers claim 7 fl. interest.
1658-06-27Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, ledgers.
- Claim against Menckhe Jew as a warrant of Jacob Dangeleysen at Bräunlingen.
- Callmele Jew, claim. Menckhen Jew, same.
1658-07-02Jägglin Jew, ledger.
1658-07-04Colmelin Jew, claim.
1658-07-12Lemblin Jew Hirtzlin´s son here, debt.
1658-08-01Menckhin Jew is to issue 8 silver spoons to plaintiff Johann Jacob Roth of Eschantz. The spoons were set as a pawn to Zacherlin, the deceased husband of Menckhin´s sister.
1658-09-02Lembly at Tiengen is fined for brawl with a foreign Jew in the house of Tochtermänlin.
- Marum Jew Jecoph´s son issues a receipt for 300 fl. out of a house sale.
1658-09-26Marum Jew, several debts.
- Menckha Jew. Calmelin Jew.
- Marum Jew´s son-in-law.
1658-11-07Marum Jew, horse trade mater. Calmelin Jew.
1658-11-14Marum Jew, claims. Lemblin at Tiengen, claim of a debt originating from Jecoph Jew.
- Seligmendlin Jew, ledger Menckhin Jew, claim.
1658-11-21Claim by Menckhin Jew to Felix Angst in Obereggingen upon a credit given to his father Bascha Angst by Meyerlin Jew in 1637.
- Marum Jew´s son-in-law, ledger
1658-11-28Schmaul Jew at Stühlingen, claim.
1658-12-13Claim by Menckhe Jew at Stühlingen in behalf of his deceased father Meyer Jew.
1658-12-19Lemohlin and Schmulin Jews brothers at Stühlingen are forbidden at ten pounds fine to let their waste water flow towards the lower well, and Lemahlin is forbidden to have (or use) the Schüttstein.
1659-01-09Marum Jew Jecoph´s son is to pay a debt to Jew Jäckhlin.
1659-01-22Seligmann Jew in Stühlingen gets a field for payment.
1659-01-30Calmeli Jew at Stühlingen declares that his father Schmuli Jew has 27 years before, namely in 1632, acquired (a claim of?) 30 fl. from Judelin Jew Mauschi´s son at Ofteringen, and the claim is now irretrievable because the debtors have died or cannot pay.
- Lehmalin Jew at Stühlingen prove that Hans Faber at Mauchen owed his (Lehmalin´s) late mother 18 fl. capital since 1634.
1659-02-18Marum Jew Jecoph´s son, cow trade matter.
- Menckhin Jew, victim of an attack. Same man, ledger.
1659-02-27Jäckhlin Jew, ledger.
1659-03-06The heirs of late Schmul at Stühlingen, claim.
- Calmelin Jew, ledger.
1659-04-24Calmeli Jew, foal trade matter. Same, claim.
- Jacob Nöwenburger, claim.
1659-07-01Anabaptist Bernhardt Griesser has bought the estate of deceased Anabaptist Hans Rohrer at Mauchen.
- Payment by Martin and Hans Rorer brothers Anabaptists for the lands they had had at Mauchen for many years.
- Menckhin Jew claims 70 fl. from Anabaptist Hans Rorer for the sale of a small farm.
1659-12-19Marum Jew Jecoph´s son is fined.
- Jäckhlin Jew, claims.
- Jonelin Jonelin Jew, claim.

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