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Abstracted from 61/12688 Court proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1742-1745.

1742-04-27Abraham Bloch, defendant.
1742-05-11Lehemann and Jonas Weyl, horse trade matter.
1742-05-25Seligmann Guggenheim, cow deal.
1742-05-29Samuel Wormbser, protected Jew in Mühlheim, acting as representative of the Jacob Bloch orphans, sues Abraham Bloch in Stühlingen for payment of 70 fl.
1742-05-30Joseph Guggenheimb of Randegg, claim.
- Frantz Antoni Vöst, baptized Jew, sues Joseph Guggenheimb at Randegg for payment.
1742-05-31Clearing of the debts of Joseph Gugenheimb at Randegg (with a long list of creditors).
1742-06-01Isac Neyer of Grafenhausen sues Salomon Weyl to pay medical treatment of defendant´s little boy (with details).
1742-06-08Sara, the wife of Jonas Gugenheim, is fined for verbal injuries.
- Frantz Antoni Vöst against Joseph Gugenheimb at Randegg again.
1742-07-06Marunb Gugenheimb is sued for payment.
1742-07-27Heumann and Abaraham Bickhert brothers are fined for brawl.
1742-08-27Joseph Gugenheimb of Randegg for his wife, and his brothers-in-law Jonas and Faistel Gugenheimb, brothers under protection here, make an agreement about the inheritance of their father resp. father-in-law.
1742-08-30Schmuli Weyl, horse trade.
1742-10-01Faistel Gugenheimb sues Barthel Thienger for payment. The complaint is rejected and plaintiff is fined for loaning out money against a recent decree.
1742-10-10Lehemann Weyl, claim.
- Lehemann Weyl is willing to pack his bags and move to Lengnau, where he has recently obtained protection. He is allowed to move around in Stühlingen County until Jewish protection ends at all.
1742-10-15Salomon Weyl the young, horse trade matter.
1742-10-17Jonas Gugenheimb, plaintiff.
1742-10-24Salomon Weyl the young, plaintiff.
1742-11-06Meyer Bloch and his wife are sued for payment of 70 fl. Defendant declares he owns nothing but his house and will pay when he has sold it.
1742-11-22Salomon Weyl the young, defendant.
- Heymann Pickhert, defendant.
1742-12-13Mannas Bloch, formerly at Stühlingen, has obtained protection at Gailingen and has moved there some weeks ago. He is allowed trespassing as long as Jewish protection lasts.
1743-01-09Marumb Weyl Sam. son, plaintiff.
1743-01-25Feistel Gugenheimb, horse deal.
- Salamon Weyl Older, plaintiff.
- Salamon Weyl Younger, quarrel before the office.
- Salamon Weyl Younger, horse trade.
1743-02-01Jonas Weyl, plaintiff.
1743-02-15Isaac Bernheimb of Tiengen, creditor.
1743-03-15Josel Gugenheimb here, defendant.
1743-03-28Haymann Bickhert, cow trade matter.
1743-03-30The government at Donaueschingen has allowed the Jews to remain until Georgesmas (23 April). The following are to pay protection fee for the 59 days from 17 Mar. to 23 April: Marumb Weyl Sandel´s son, Salomon Weyl his (whose?) son, Marumb Weyl Dicker, Isaac Weyl his son, Faistel Guggenheimb Leib´s son, Salamon Weyl Sandel´s son, Jonas Gugenheimb Leib´s son, Schmuly Weyl, Marx Mayer Eleis´ son, Marum Gugenheimb Joseph´s son, Faistel Gugenheimb Joseph´s son, Isaac Bickhert Lehemann´s son, Haymann Bickhert, Lehemann Bickhert.
- Majer Weyl Jew at Horheim has moved away and beft behind nothing but debts. His extant fees are written off.
1743-04-24The following Jews are allowed to remain until 1 May as they had presented considerable reasons: Marumb Weyl Sandel´s son. Salamon Weyl his son. Marumb Weyl Dicker. Isaac Weyl his son. Schmuli Weyl. Marx Mayer Elias´ son. Isaac Beckhert Lehemann´s son and Lehemann Bickhert.
1743-04-30Agreement between Schmuli Weyl and his creditors, mainly at Schaffhausen, after his heavy indebtness and bankruptcy (a long entry).
1743-07-27Marum Weyl Dicker could not move away earlier because of sickness, and Isaac Weyl and Marx Mayer also remained to take care for him. They are to pay protection fee for 83 days.
1744-07-18Marum Weyl filed a petition to the Donaueschingen government in behalf of his extant protection fee. His fee of 5 fl. is granted, and the fee of his two fellows Marx Mayer and Isaac Weyl is reduced to a half.
1744-12-14Mayer Bloch at Gailingen, horse trade (long matter).
1745-01-11Borch Neuburg at Gailingen, horse trade matter.
1745-01-19Salomon Weyl, representing his father Marumb Weyl now in Gailingen, sold his remaining house, barn, stable, "Baulege", garden and wash house, which had formerly been the inn at the sign of the Krone, for 1050 fl. to Sebastian Krettler, counsellor at Stühlingen (with details).
1745-01-26Some debtors of Salamon Weyl at Randegg.
1745-02-11Down payment for Marum Weyl, now in Gailingen (a long entry).
1745-04-26Salamon Weyl in Gailingen is fined for verbal injuries.
1745-07-02Benjamin Hayum, servant and representative of Mayer Bernheimb at Tiengen, sues Martin Albickher for payment of 80 fl. and other debts.

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