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Abstracted from 61/12672: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1688-1691.

1687-08-30Jews Meyerlin, Mausche, and the two servants of Seligmann were victims of a brawl.
1687-08-31Jew Marumďs heirs, creditors.
1688-01-12Seligmann, bull trade.
1688-01-25Schmulin Jew Gugeum or Calmelinďs son.
1688-01-28Mausche of Endingen sues some of Horheim.
1688-02-13Schmuel Calmelinďs son, receipt.
1688-02-18Lodging contract between Jew Jäckhlin at Horheim and blacksmith Heinrich Bischoff.
- The following are fined for quarrel and verbal injuries: Rachel Sandelďs wife, Model Abraham Bickhertďs wife and his daughter Judith, Brunel Salomonďs wife, and Scheinel Lämblinďs wife, and the wife of Abraham. Meyer Lehmanďs son is fined for verbal injuries against Salomonďs wife.
1688-02-19Claim by Dina, Salomonďs wife at Tengen.
- Agreement between Calmelin here and his son Jäkof at Eberfingen.
1688-03-12Model has called the Jewish schoolmaster Mendel a Schumet (convertite).
- Seligman buys a field.
1688-03-22Salomon Jäckhlinďs son, creditor.
1688-04-02Claim by the heirs of Jew Menckhen (see the entry of 08.01.1677), with a statement by Moses said Menckhenďs son.
1688-04-09Jacob Simon the Jewish schoolmaster had a quarrel with he local Jews Model, Leib, Isac, Lemblin, Schmulin Seligmannďs son, and Schmuli Calmelinďs son. The schoolmaster is to teach the children the books Moses and reading and writing and get certain payment.
1688-04-22Isackh Jew Seligmannďs son-in-law, Schmulin Calmelinďs son, and Marumďs heirs acquire lands.
1688-04-26Jekoff Calmelinďs son, debtor.
1688-04-27Seligmann, creditor.
1688-04-30Calmelin, cattle trade.
1688-05-03Peter the former Jewish school-knocker has some claims to Meyerlin Lemanďs son and Schmuli Calmeliďs son, and as he was not immediately paid, he took their bible and Thorach out of the synagoue to get paid.
1688-05-05Abraham, creditor.
1688-05-19Jew Schmuli Calmelinďs son, brawl because of a Verwechslung.
1688-05-28Sandel sells a meadow.
1688-06-01Hürtzlin is fined for verbal injuries.
1688-06-14Meyerlin Menckinďs son, creditor.
1688-07-05Jew Seligmann sells a piece of land for 120 fl.
1688-09-29Debts of Jew Hirtzel.
1688-10-05Jews Jonas, Benedict, Jäkhlin, and Salomonďs servant are fined at the Horheim annual peasants court.
1688-12-15Jew Marumďs heirs sell a field.
1688-12-31Jew Sandel was sent to Hohenems and Vaduz to claim 800 fl. war expenses of 1673.
1689-01-07Jew Marumďs heirs sell a garden.
1689-01-21Calemlin, ledger.
1689-02-04Jew Hürtzli is sued for payment.
- JewSchmuli the old, same.
1689-06-14Sandel, creditor.
1689-07-11Meyrlin Jew Lehmannďs son is fined for having had a foreign Jew, David Leva, and his wife as loders for three months without reporting so.
- Said Lehmanďs son, cow trade.
1689-10-05According to the proceedings of 27.04.1688, Jacob Moreth owed 100 fl. to Jew Seeligmann. Half of this amount has been paid to the Seeligmann heirs, and the other half is now to pay to the Jew Menkin heirs.
1689-10-11Jäglin Jew is fined at Horheim.
1689-10-24Marum Weihl, creditor.
1689-10-27Judele Weihl Jew at Untereggingen is fined.
1690-02-03Salamon Meyer, bull trade.
1690-02-20Salamon, horse trade.
1690-03-22Calmelin, receipt.
1690-03-29Magdaena Bechler claims payment from Model and Hürtzlin Jews here for her work as a Schabat maidservant.
1690-04-24Jekoff Gugeum at Eberfingen, claim.
1690-04-26Isac Schmuliďs son, creditor.
1690-04-29Jew Marumb at Endingen is willing to loan some money to the community of Horheim to prevent confiscation. The contract did not come to place.
1690-05-02Salomon at Horheim, creditor. Leib here, same.
1690-05-17Meyer Bikert, ledger.
1690-05-19Jonas Model Weillďs son, cow trade.
- Marumb Weill Sandelďs son, horse and cow trade.
1690-05-23Löw, ledger.
1690-06-02Sandl Weil, cession.
- Löw, bull trade.
1690-06-05Sandel Weil, creditor.
1690-06-23Joseph Gugeum at Stühlingen, bull trade.
- Salomon Weill Jäglinďs son, creditor.
1690-07-14A claim by the heirs of Jew Mencke is transferred to Meyr Weill at Ichenhausen who has married Menckeďs daughter.
1690-08-14Callmel, cession of a claim.
- Callmel, agreement with his new son-in-law Salomon from Hechingen about the dowry.
1690-08-22Baruk Gugeumb Jew at Oberendingen in Switzerland, cession of a claim.
- Baruk Gugeum buys horses for 100 fl.
- Simon Prackh and David Meyr Jew have not made a ledger about house rent and other items for 20 years and do so now.
- Moyses Menckhenďs son, cow trade.
1690-09-06Samuel has obtained 100 fl. credit.
- Jostel, horse trade.
1690-09-10Sandel buys a horse from the dominion.
1690-10-09Schmulin Selgmannďs son at Stühlingen, claim.
1690-11-24Baruch Selgmann (also called Baruch Guggenheimb) at Oberendingen, ledger.
1690-12-22The heirs of Mencke, namely the daughter Sara, David Jegglinďs son, Saloman at Horheim, and Moysy Menckeďs son, distribute a claim.
1691-01-04Isaac, creditor.
1691-01-07Meyer Pinckert is fined.
1691-01-11Baruch Guggenheimb at Endingen, horse trade.
1691-01-13Jews Lew and Jägglin at Stühlingen have inherited claims from Kehlen the widow of Old Jacklin.
1691-01-19Samule Selgmannďs son, ledger.
- Selgmann Schmuel, ledger; Meyer Menckeďs son is also touched.
- Löw, cow trade.
1691-01-31Löw, cession of a claim.
1691-03-14Sandel Jew, ledger.
1691-03-16Meyer, Abrahamďs son-in-law, buys two horses.
1691-04-02Callmelin Jewďs son(s?) Schmuel and Jekoph sign a receipt.
1691-04-03Jeckof Callmelďs son, creditor.
1691-04-06Löw, creditor.
1691-04-10Schmul Seligmannďs son, creditor.
1691-04-13Samuel Guggenheim Calmeleďs son sells field.
1691-04-18Meyer Bickert, creditor.
1691-05-08Isaac Pickhert, creditor.
1691-05-15Beschle Jewess, daughter of late Callmel, claim.
1691-05-16Sandel Weil.
- Jeckoff has inherited a claim from his father Callmel.
1691-05-19Marum Jew Sandelďs son, creditor.
1691-05-30Jeckoff Callerlinďs son, debtor.
1691-06-01Meyer Pickhert is sued for payment.
- Meyer Menckeďs son is sued for payment.
1691-06-15Sandel, cow trade.
1691-06-25The foremen of the Jews are appointed. Sandel is the first one and is to spread orders to the Jews, Model is to write and Löw is to collect the revenues.
1691-07-02Meyer Levi Jew, Abrahamďs son-in-law, is fined for appearing before court without his coat (Rock), just in a shirt.
- Verbal injuries between Abraham and Model.
1691-07-03Marum Sandelďs son has beaten Meyer Levi on Sabbath.
- Jew Levi, horse trade.
1691-07-05Berundi, the widow of Schmuel Biscard, could not et back payment of her dowry and was assigned claims by Schmuli to various debtors.
1691-07-23Jekoph Jew is fined for verbal injuries.
1691-08-03Isaac is fined for callong Abraham a lyer.
1691-08-16Joseph Calmelinďs son is fined for slander.
1691-08-17Michel Heys at Lempach owed the heirs of Jew Muncke at Stühlingen 108 fl. which he cannot pay. Therefore, this Münckeďs son-in-law Marum Meyer at Ichenhausen in the dominion of Baron Stein, assisted by Sandel Weyl, appears before court and makes an agreement wit Heys.
- Similar agreement with Michel Fischer.
1692-07-12Löw Jew, ledger.

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