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Abstracted from 61/12676: Protokolle des Oberamts Stühlingen, 1705-1710.

1705-04-28Elias is fined for gambling.
1705-04-30Lew, claims.
1705-06-05Salomon of Horheim delivers the Jewish customs.
1705-07-13Joseph Calmele´s son is fined.
1705-07-28Vögele, daughter of Marum in Untereggingen, will marry David Bernheim, son of Salomon in Horheim. They are accepted in Stühlingen County.
1705-09-22Sandel, claim.
1705-10-23Leib, claim.
1705-10-26Herzel, probably in Eberfingen, is fined.
1705-11-24Marum, Sandel´s son, provides a credit, with reference to the proceedings of 29.01.1709.
1706-01-05Jossel, Marum´s son, owes 47 fl. to the dominion.
1706-01-15Same man, cow deal.

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