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Abstracted from 61/12757a: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, concepts, 1701.

1700-02-25Hauser (sic) Jew here claims 14 fl. for merchandize.
- Schmuhli Seligmanns Sohn, mutual account.
- Same. His (Schmuhli´s) father is fined for fraud by not indicating a previous payment (a very long matter).
1701-01-13Jew Baruch of Oberendingen, claim.
1701-01-21Salamon Weyel Sandels Sohn declares that Martin Fischer called "Knöpflers Hansen Sohn" has borrowed 40 fl. from Salomon Weyl´s father Jew Sandel and set his house and farm as a pawn.
1701-02-11Jew Lew of Stühlingen, claim after a bull trade.
1701-02-16Basche Hotz of Mauchen is fined for offending Leib Jew.
1701-02-22Jew Marum Sandels Sohn, mutual account.
1701-02-25Leib Jew sells a horse and accepts a field as a pawn for payment.
1701-02-28Mayer Bloch of Stühlingen claims 60 fl. from Caspar Grüninger.
- Jew Sandlen here claims 60 fl.
1701-03-02A pair of silver buckles and two other pieces were confiscated from vagabonds and sold for 2 fl. to Jew Sandlen.
1701-03-04Schmuli Jew Seeligmanns Sohn accepts a cow, some wine and a pair of slippers (Pantoffeln) for payment.
1701-03-22Jekhoff Juden Marums Sohn admits to owe Adam Ginthert of Gündelwangen 90 fl.
1701-04-25Moses Bernheimb of Lenglau pays 2 fl. for one year of trespassing. Israel and Schmuli of Tiengen pay 3 fl. for same.
1701-05-04Marum Sandels Sohn loans out 60 fl. and accepts two pieces of land as a pawn.
1701-05-11Jud Salomons Sohn and Hans Beyfelder are fined for verbal injuries and brawl.
1701-05-30Salomon Jew of Horheim pays the agreed customs fee of 10 fl.
1701-06-07Meyer Bloch, quarrel about a cow trade.
- Marum Jud Sandels Sohn claims 127 fl. upon a mutual account with Hans Albickher.
1701-06-10Judi Jud Schulklopfer got into quarrel with Bessel, Jäckhoff Callmelin´s daughter, a quarrel about her father. He is fined 3 pounds for beating her, she is fined 1 pound for calling him a Mambser, which is son of a bitch (Hurensohn).
1701-06-21Joseph Scholli tailor, Mathias Eychmann and Leib Jew own a house and live under one roof. They got into a quarrel about construction matters. (A very long case).
1701-06-28Charles Amand of Eberfingen promises to pay 24 fl. to Haußer Jew of Stühlingen soon.
1711-02-11Hirtzel is fined for not appearing in court.

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