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Abstracted from 61/12757: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, concept, 1699-1700.

1699-11-10Schmuli of Lenglau claims 50 fl. capital.
1699-12-09Tenant Oschwaldt in Eberfingen again claims payment from Jossel Jew. Jossel and his wife, who resigns from her female right to dispose of her property, cede some claims.
1699-12-14Meyer Menkhins Sohn, quarrel after a horse trade.
1700-01-11Agreement between Sir Hans Jerg Oschwaldt of Schaffhausen and Isaac´s heirs about a claim of 250 fl. With mention of Isaac´s son Hirtzel Bikerdt.
1700-01-21Leib Jew claims 42 fl. from Johannes Wirth, baker.
1700-01-29Jew Sändlen buys a field.
1700-03-08Marum Weyhl Sandel Judens Sohn claims 22 fl.
1700-03-16Baruch of Endingen, mutual account.
- Jossel Jew, mutual account.
1700-03-18Isaac Meyer Jäckhlins Sohn from here, now living in Baisingen, purchases trespassing for a year for 3 fl.
1700-03-26Agreement with the Jewish community about a claim of 500 fl.
1700-04-26Jud Hirtzel Isaacen Sohn is ordered to pay 37 fl.
1700-05-14Leib, claim of 50 fl. with reference to the proceedings of 21.04.1698.
1700-06-20Sir Joseph Gugenheimb, the Emperor´s Court Jew in Vienna, has paid a fine of 2 fl. which the Jewish community was due for not keeping the Jewish ceremonies.
1700-06-22Joseph Treyfuß was fined 3 pounds for calling bailiff Vogler of Gailingen a rogue (Schelm).
1700-07-28Joseph Callmelins Sohn is fined because his horse caused damage.
1700-08-20Jew Jossel owed 36 fl. for a horse for three years.
1700-09-03Joseph Jud Callmelins Sohn let his sister Kennel of Haigerloch carry a piece of preimably stolen linen cloth, 12 els long and 2 els wide, into his house. As he did not admit such a theft, one wrote to the office in Haigerloch with the request to interrogate the sister.
- The suspect turned out true, and he is to pay 4 fl. to the owner of the cloth and 10 pounds fine.
1700-09-20Meyer Schnerp of Haigerloch is fined 2 fl. for breaking out of arrest, and is to pay the fodder for his two horses for the time he was arrested.
1700-10-01Jossel Jew claims 62 fl. from Andreas Iseli, sheriff in Ebnet.
- Jekhoff Marums Sohn is to make a mutual account with this sheriff and pay him in time.
1700-10-18Israel and Samuel, Jews of Tiengen, purchase trespassing for 3 fl. which were paid by Jew Sandel.
1700-11-16Jew Abrahamb is fined 15 fl. for housing his son-inlaw Meyer, who was banished from Haigerloich, with his wife and children without permission of the authority.
1700-12-10Samuel Jew (in Donaueschingen) is absolved from a claim of 77 fl. after it turned out that he had paid it by a bull and 30 fl. 13 years ago.
- Aberham Jew has accepted (angenommen) Moyses Weiler Models Sohn for a son-in-law and promised him protection. The letter-of-protection requires that only one son or one son-in-law can acquire protection. Model (sic) demanded that Aberham sends his son Moyses away (hinwegschaffen), which was not found just.
- It was finally agreed that Moyses will move away with his wife and search for protection elsewhere, and will get 20 Taler or 30 florins for this.
1700-12-17Marum Jew in Untereggingen, quarrel about payment and a right of first emption.

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