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Abstracted from 61/12756b: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, concepts, 1698-99.

1698-03-21Jew Sandel, mutual account with Jacob Mühlhaupt.
1698-04-21Sebastian Ammann is late in paying back a credit to Leib Jew.
1698-04-29Baruch of Oberendingen, horse trade and purchase of claims.
- Same, mutual account.
1698-05-02Salomon Jew sues Christoph Bühlmann for slander.
- Samuel of Donaueschingen pays 3 fl. trespassing fee for a year.
1698-06-03Simon Jacob, Jew in Gailingen, representing his mother Breunle Jewess, acknowledges payment from Sandel Jew.
- Johannes Studler in Schwaningen acknowledges payment from Jew Faistel Lewen Sohn.
- Sandel Jew of Stühlingen sold real estate for 410 fl. and accepts a claim to Jew Baruch of "Nendingen" (or OEndingen for Oberendingen) as a partial payment.
1698-07-07Horse trade quarrel between Jossel of Stühlingen and Meyer Schnerpff of Haigerloch.
- Jossel Jew admits to owe Sir Murbach of Schaffhausen 203 fl. A method of payment is agreed, and Murbach is given the right to arrest Jossel anywhere if he is late in paying.
1698-07-23Jossel Jew here admits to owe Sir Johann Heinrich Oschwaldt 192 fl.
1698-08-07Israel and Samuel Jews of Tiengen pay 3 fl. (probably both) for trespassing.
1698-08-20Salomon Jew Sandels Sohn loans out 32 fl.
1698-10-17Hirtzel Juden Isaacs Sohn claims 26 fl.
1698-10-23Jew Ephrem of Donaueschingen pays 3 fl. for one year´s trespassing. Jew Meyer, also of Donaueschingen, pays 2.5 fl. for same.
1698-10-31Sir Murbach still claims about 200 fl. from Jew Jossel.
1698-12-01Jäkoff Jud Calmelins Sohn has been banished from the country due to his crime, according to the previous proceedings (laut vorgehenden Protokolls), but has been granted the grace to come back for payment of 50 florins for his crime. He is to present warrantors for the case that he will defraud people or be late in paying his protection fee.
- He feels unable to pay such 50 florins or present a warrantor and to maintain his wife and five children here at these expensive times. He is ceding his protection to his brother Joseph who will pay such 50 fl. and accept (raise) some of Jäkoff´s children, who will definitely move away. Inscribed in the presence of Schmuhli Jew and of Juda the school-knocker.
1698-12-03Jäckhle Jew of Lenglau claims grain and money from Michel Hamburger according to the proceedings of 29.06.1680.
1698-12-05Jossel Jew, claim after a bull trade.
1698-12-13Salomon Weil Sandels Sohn claims 92 fl. from Michel Meister of Boll, who also owes 60 fl. to Sandel Jew.
1698-12-22Leib Jew claims payment for grain. A mutual account is being made.
1698-12-23The countryside Jews declare that when the last letterof-protection was purchased, they have paid their fees cash, while the Jews in Stühlingen took a credit of 400 florins. They are afraid that sooner or later, one may claim back such amount from them (the countryside Jews), too, so they want to have it inscribed that they are not due to pay this.
1699-01-07Jew Leib, mutual account with Mathias Schäntzle.
1699-01-09Abraham has bought a silver belt and a gown and says he did not know these things were was stolen.
- Joseph Calmelins Sohn, agreement about a claim.
1699-03-05Sir Johann Heinrich Oschwaldt loans 100 French Taler for four weeks to Jew Jesslen. The Jew sets all his property as a pawn.

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