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Abstracted from 61/12745b: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, concepts, 1644.

1644-02-11Description of debts at a farm change: 80 fl. to Jecoff, 5 fl. to Schachman.
1644-03-14A description of the debts of Georg Güntert of Obermettingen includes claims by Marum Juden Jacoffen Sohn and Klein Jeggle
1644-06-08Among the creditors of tailor Georg Preiser of Wangen are Jecoff, Xandel´s widow, Marum.
1644-10-26Among the creditors of Jerg Hoz is Jew Schachman.
1644-11-29Mutual account between Hirzle Jew´s son Leman, in the presence of Jeggle Jew, and sheriff Jacob Barth. With mention of Judele and Schachman (maybe at earlier times).
1644-12-11Judele Jud Mauschi Sohn had hitherto had protection in Ofteringen. He is quitting such because he cannot live in this village at these miserable time of war (leidigen Kriegswesens halber).
1644-12-12Christoph Stadler promises to pay Leman Jew Hürtzlen´s son 189 fl. by installments.
1644-12-17Jacob Platner of Wangen owes Jeggl Jew 57 fl.

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