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Abstracted from 61/12883: Hochgräflich Sulzisches Ams- und Verhör-Protokoll ab Anno 1577 usque ad 1583

1577-08-06Coppel Jew of Erzingen has loaned a florin to a man who was sentenced in Laufenburg. The Jew took a coat as a pawn which had been stolen in Schaffhausen before.
1577-09-05Lucia Simbler of Bergöschingen has sold a horse to the Jew who has escaped from Grießen but did not get any payment, and asks what she may do. The dominion will confiscate the Jew´s property and write down his debts, and one will then see if the assets are sufficient.
- Chueni Meyer of Dangstetten says the Jew claims too much from him. Jeggle Jew (where?) explains the calculation of interest.
- Selimann Jew of Erzingen complains that he has loaned Leonhard Geisinger 70 florins upon his house but cannot get payment from the orphans.
- Jung Hans von Rad owes Juda Jew of Dettighofen 20 fl.
- Martin Weissenberger of Degernau was summoned upon request of Juda Jew but has failed to appear.
1577-09-09The Jews are forbidden to contact peasants of Waldshut, Coblenz and other dominions.
1577-09-19Elsa Vöggtin of Dangstetten sues Schlom Jew here who has sold a coat (Rock) which she had set as a pawn.
- Jeggle Jew in Tiengen sues Elsa Veggtin for the return of a loaned Fat Penny (Dicken Pfennigs).
1577-10-10Juda Jew of Dettighofen claims payment for a horse.
1577-10-25Conradt Brauch says he owes 4 fl. to the escaped Jew of Grießen. The Jew of Geislingen claims this amount. Brauch is to deposit it with the dominion.
1577-10-31Huda Jew in Dettighofen sues shoemaker Christen Schneider for the payment of leather.
- Same Jew sues Martin Weissenberger of Degernau for payment of 9 fl.
- Seligmann Jew of Erzingen reports that, while he was away, burglars went into his house and stole merchandize and other things. The sheriff is to describe the items.
1577-11-21Mendle Jew of Tiengen sues Georg Keller of Unterlauchrungen for payment.
- Mendle may keep some pawns unless debtor Junghans Bercher of Dangstetten redeems them within 14 days.
- Kueni Meyer of Dangstetten against Mendle, Feyfas and Jeggle the Jews here, the matter is to be discussed at a law-court.
1577-12-03Mendle Jew bought a mortgage of 200 fl. which debtor cannot pay back immediately.

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