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Abstracted from Geldrechnung Stühlingen 1693/94 partially undated):

1694-01-01Customs paid by Marum Weyl and Judele Weil at Untereggingen.
- The whole Jewish community was fined 64 fl. for putting cattle back and forth in other people`s stables which is against the rules of the letter-of-protection. Judele Weyl at Untereggingen was fined. -
- Jew Leib bought back a confiscated goat. The wife of Jew Leib was fined for verbal injuries.
- The daughters of Salomon at Horheim were fined.
- The following were fined at the annual court session in Stühlingen: Lew, Seeligman, David Jäckhlin`s son, Lew and Marum`s boy, Lew, Isaac, Lew, Isac, Judi school-knocker, Jonas.
- Joseph Calmilin`s son. Marum Weyl Sandel`s son. Isac Bickhert.
- Penalty of Jew Jäckoff Calmilin`s son.
- Jew Sandel buys a cow.
- Messengers wages: the individual walks and rides are listed, but not their purpose.
- Food and lodging of officials, indicating the purpose of their sojourn.
- Jurisdictional (Malefitz) expenses, for the hangman to clean the towers at the Upper Gate, and to put two persons on the pillory and carry them out of the dominion.
1694-04-11Jews at Stühlingen paying protection fee: Jew Marum`s widow (half fee). Jekhoph Marum`s son. Elias Jackhlin`s son. David Jäckhlin`s son. Lew Jonas` son. Jackhlin Jew. Sandel Weyl Jew. Marum Weyl, for the first time on Easter 1694. Salomon Jäckhlin`s son. Joseph Calmulin`s son from Michael`s day 9 fl. and from Easter 4 fl. as he is unmarried. Meyer Menckhin`s son. (Added in behind:) Jossel Jew Marum`s son.
- Continued: Mauschi Marum`s son-in-law. Schmuli the Tall (der Groß). Lemli Seeligmann`s son-in-law. Isaac Schmulin`s son. Schmuli Seeligmann`s son. Meyer Lehemann`s son. Model Jew. Abraham Jew. Joseph Calmulin`s son. At Eberfingen: Hürtzel Jew. David. At Untereggingen: Judele Weyhl. Marum Weyhl.
- At Horheim: Salomon Jew. Benedict Jew. Foreign Jews: Samuel at Unterlauchringen. Isaac Ulma at Tiengen.

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