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Abstracted from 61/12668: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1667-1674.

1667-12-01Marum claims payment.
1667-12-07Same sues Jacob Steinman from Schleitheim to refund 7.5 Klafter of wood which burned by a neglection of fire.
1667-12-14Menckhe is being paid 194 florins.
1667-12-15Abraham Jew Leheman´s son-in-law claims payment.
1668-01-19Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son, mutual account.
- Kallmele and Seeligmann acknowledge payment.
1668-01-25Claims of Leublin/Lämblin in Tiengen.
- Menckhe claims 495 florins capital plus interest and some more amounts.
1668-02-08Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son claims payment (many cases).
1668-02-16Schmuel Jew claims payment (two cases).
1668-03-05Davidt Mayer Jew of Oberlauchringen, also representing his brother Hertzlin Mayer, acknowledges payment.
1668-03-15Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son, same.
1668-04-12Davidt Jew of Oberlauchringen is sued after a horse deal.
- Sandel of Stühlingen, claim.
1668-04-19Kalmele, claim.
1668-05-04Seeligmann loans grain.
1668-05-15Menckhe Jew of Stühlingen makes a mutual account for himself and the heirs of his brother Faistlin.
1668-05-18Menckhle claims 243 florins.
1668-06-07Sandell Jew claims payment and presents his Hebrew business book for proof.
- Kallmele, receipt.
1668-07-07A Jew called Hänlin, who formerly lived in Horheim and paid 10 florins and last 5 florins protection fee, is allowed to live in Stühlingen for free as he does not negotiate and just keeps school.
1668-08-17Kallmele Jew of Stühlingen sues Lehemann Jew who had beaten him bloody without a reason, and complains that the local Jews treat him by ill-will in general and he was just wrongly fined 12 florins for Jewish injuries by the Rabbi in Tiengen. The Jews say that the penalty was set because he has offended the dead (and continued).
1668-09-05Seeligmann Jew is fined because he rode to the countryside on a Sunday and had grain with him.
1668-09-17Adam Müller of Mauchen was fined 10 Batzen for beating Männle Jew who had torn a turnip from the field and eaten it.
1668-11-02Schmul Jew claims payment.
1668-11-15Kalmele acknowledges payment.
1668-11-29Kallmele will be paid.
1669-02-07Jonas Jew admits a debt of 100 fl.
1669-03-21Marum Jecoph´s son, claim with reference to the proceedings of 05.11.1665.
- Kallmele, mutual account.
- Davidt of Oberlauchringen, claim.
- Menckhe, claims.
1669-04-30Seeligmann acknowledges payment.
1669-05-04Marum Jew Jeckhof´s son, same.
1669-05-09Seligmann loans out 200 florins and may live in debtor´s house instead of getting interest.
1669-07-05A man was summoned upon request of Menckhe Jew.
1669-08-08Lehmann Jew of Schwerzen is absolved after a horse trade quarrel.
1669-08-09Mutual account between barber Hanns Georg Newenburger and Mencke Jew who had sold the former one a house for 203 florins, with reference to the proceedings of 14.03.1669.
1669-09-19Marum Jew Jäckhof´s son buys a claim of 20 fl. for 12 fl.
1669-11-28Mutual account between Jacob Rutschmann and Menckhe Jew.
1669-11-29Claus Müller of Eberfingen admits debts to Sandel Jew (as of 1663), also in behalf of Jonas Jew and Isac Jew of Lenglau.
1669-12-28Menckhe Jew has bought a meadow from a creditor.
1670-01-09Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, claims.
1670-01-31Sandel Jew claims 100 fl.
1670-02-04Hirschle the knocker of the Jewish community is fined for verbal injuries.
1670-03-13Scholm Jew from "Baitingen", just travelling through, is fined for beating his Gespann while he was drunk. (A Gespann is a team of horses, but in older times it also meant a travel companion).
- Marum accepts a barn and stable in Weizen as payment.
1670-04-10Menckhe Jew has sold the meadow further.
- Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son claims payment for a field.
1670-05-12Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son delivers 50 florins down payment to Major Hanns Ulrich Abegg in Schaffhausen.
1670-05-19Lehmann Jew claims 15 fl. for a cow.
1670-07-09Sandel Jew admits a debt of 106 fl.
1670-07-10Jacob Bufler is fined for beating and offending Abraham Jew.
1670-08-19The Jewish community and especially Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son are to pay a debt of 510 fl.
1670-09-04Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son buys a horse for 25 fl.
1670-10-23Marum Jecoph´s son claims 54 fl.
- and 134 fl. (and some more amounts).
- Marum Jew claims 172 fl. for Kipha Jew.
- The heirs of Joseph in Lenglau claim 73 fl.
1670-11-06Menckhe Jew, several claims.
1670-11-08Lemblin/Lämblin of Tiengen, several claims.
- Mayerlin of Tiengen claims payment for two horses.
- Menckhe claims payment of 50 fl.
1670-11-20Claims by Marum Jew and Sandell Jew, who also represents Jonele Jew.
- Claim by Seeligmännlin Jew.
1670-11-27Sandel Jew of Stühlingen as cessionary of Daniel Jacob Jew in Gailingen claims 8 fl.
1670-12-18Hans Ambling of Horheim sues Seeligmann and Calmele brothers for payment of 40 florins.
1670-12-29Jägglin Jewish servant (or: the servant of Jägglin) and the Jews Lehmann and Seeligmann are fined for riding overland on Christmas day.
1671-01-20Sandel Jew ackowledges payment.
1671-01-29Kallmele Jew of Stühlingen claims payment of 30 fl.
- Kallmele and Seeligmann Jews brothers acknowledge payment of 40 fl.
1671-02-22Claims by Marum Jew and Sandel Jew in Stühlingen.
- Seeligmann has paid a debt,
- was paid by a debtor and files two claims.
- Jäggle Weyl the Older claims payment of 675 fl.
- Menckhe Jew claims payment for himself and his coheirs (and other claims).
1671-03-02Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son acknowledges some payments.
1671-04-24Kalmele, mutual account.
1671-04-29Isac Jew Lehmann´s son in Lenglau claims payment of extant installments after the sale of a farmstead in Dorf Stühlingen.
1671-06-04Jäggle Jew claims 671 fl. according to the proceedings of 22.01.1671.
1671-06-06Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son sends his son Fromele to declare the partial payment of a claim.
1671-06-18Marum Jew is sued for payment of 349 fl. with reference to the proceedings of 12.05.1650.
1671-06-25Davidt Meyer the Jew, now living in Eberfingen, acknowledges payment for a horse and a bull.
1671-07-21Jew Marum is fined because his servant fell asleep while he was supposed to guard two horses and a foal, and the animals ran away and caused damage.
1671-09-29Menckhe Jew bought a horse for 25 fl.
1671-12-10Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son acknowledges partial payment for a house and other real estate.
1672-01-07Menckhe Jew, mutual account and claim.
1672-01-11Jacob Jew of "Hegena" pays customs for two horses which he has bought in Stühlingen.
1672-02-11Seeligmann and Abrahamb both Jews in Stühlingen acknowledge the payment of a claim.
1672-02-18Marum Jew of Stühlingen, variuos transactions.
1672-02-19A small farm is being sold to Marum Jew for 112 fl.
- Jägglin Wiell the Older in Stühlingen, mutual account.
- Marum Jew acknowledges payment from the heirs of his brother Joseph for any claim which they had to him (sic) in behalf of Hans Protz of Horheim.
1672-03-31Menckhe Jew, quarrel about a deposited cow.
1672-04-07Marum Jew did not pay although he was ordered so.
- Marum claims payment for a horse.
1672-05-02Jonas Jew acknowledges payment.
1672-05-04Davidt Jew, quarrel after a horse trade.
1672-07-15Payment is acknowledged for a claim which Jew Menckhe and the heirs of his brother Faistlin had to shoemaker Johannes Mayer of Stühlingen according to the proceedings of 15.05.1668.
1672-07-18Seeligmann is fined for letting a horse run unattended.
1672-08-12Kalmele Jew buys an old cow for 11 fl.
1672-08-18Marum Jew of Tiengen is to get refund for a bull which was sold without his knowledge.
1672-12-01Menckhe Jew claims payment, with reference to the proceedings of 18.02.1672.
1672-12-15Lemblin of Tiengen files a claim.
1673-01-19Kalmele Jew sues Marum Jew Jackhof´s son who had beaten him bloody. Marum is fined 6 pounds plus the medical expenses, and Menckhe is forbidden to carry hay or straw along the oven or kitchen of Marum.
1673-01-26Marum Jew Jäckhof´s son claims payment, with reference to the proceedings of 06.11.1636.
- Kheufa Jew, represented by Jew Lehemann of Stühlingen, claims payment of 115 fl.
1673-02-21Jegglin Jew the Old acknowledges payment.
1673-03-02Hans Schlatter is fined for tossing a Jewish boy (son or servant?) into a creek while it was very cold outside.
1673-03-09Jeggle Jew the Old acknowledges payment.
- Kallmele Jew, mutual account.
- Menckhe Jew, several transactions.
1673-03-23Sandel Jew acknowledges payment of a debt.
1673-04-13Jackhlin Wiehl the Older acknowledges payment.
- Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son claims payment of 225 fl.
1673-04-18Gilgmann (sic) Jew of Stühlingen loans 4 fl.
- Leehemann Jew of Stühlingen claims payment.
- Lemblin of Tiengen claims payment of 25 fl.
- Mayer Teni as guardian of the widow of Mauschelli in Tiengen claims payment of about 100 fl.
- Isackh Wiehl in Endermettingen claims paymsnt of a horse.
- Jäggelin Meyer of Stühlingen claims payment of 6 fl.
1673-04-27Menckhe Jew will be paid.
- Seeligmann Jew claims payment of 445 fl.
1673-05-15Kalmele Jew, also representing his brother Seeligmann Jew, acknowledges payment.
1673-05-29Jäggle Jew the Old acknowledges payment.
1673-07-05Seeligmann Jew acknowledges payment.
1673-10-06After complicated calculations, Marum Jew Jeckhof´s son owes the Weger heirs 1949 fl. which he cannot pay. He transfers them claims at a sum of 1983 fl.
- Seeligmann and Schmuli Jews in Stühlingen admit to owe the Weger heirs 180 fl.
1673-11-17Marum Jew Jäckhoff´s son, also acting for his coheirs, acknowledges payment.
- Jonas Jew instead of his son Lew in Stühlingen loans 40 fl.
- Abraham Jew in Stühlingen, mutual account.
1674-01-22Hans Schalch owes Marum 52 fl., Abraham Jew 10 fl. and Kalmele Jew 8 fl.
- Model Jew of Stühlingen claims payment, as does Kallmele.
- Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son and Menckhe Jew, same.
- Jeckhlin Wiel the Older, Jew, is to be paid.
- Sandel Jew is to be paid 116 fl.

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