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Abstracted from 61/12884: Proceedings of Tiengen district, 1592-1600.

1592-02-03Jacob Jew of Tiengen claims payment.
1592-11-24Schlam Jew of Rechberg claims payment.
1593-02-17Heinrich Marum in Weil (probably not Jewish)
1593-02-23Mendlin and Jacob the Jews sue the community of Unterlauchringen for return of loaned oats.
1594-09-13Jacob Jew of Tiengen sues another man for verbal injuries (faded, hard to read).
1594-09-14Mendle Jew of Tiengen sues a man in Geislingen for payment of 70 fl.
- Jacob Jew of Tiengen sues a man in Geislingen for the payment of a horse.
- Same Jew sues another man for the sale of deposited cattle.
- Same Jew sues a man in Griessen for payment of 50 florins.
- Meyer Jew, claim against Heinrich Bercher in Oberlauchringen for payment of 36 fl.
- The claims of the Jews (no names).
1594-10-12A lawsuit of people from Unterlauchtingen with mention of Mendlin Jew.
1595-05-31Mendlin Jew against Heinrich Bercher of Oberlauchringen for deposited cattle.
1596-07-24Jacob Jew against Georg Berckmeyer in Geislingen, confiscation of this man´s property.
1596-08-14Mendlin Jew against Unterlauchringen community.
1599-02-05The community of Unterlauchringen asks the dominion to write a letter to Isac Jew of Stühlingen to postpone filing a claim at court.
1599-02-20Mosay of Ofteringen was wrongly charged with theft of a broom by a man in Wutöschingen.
1599-04-22Mosay of Ofteringen, the whole long story of this.
1599-05-12The trespassing of the Jews. Mendlin applies to grant such rights to the two Jews Hirsch and Schmoll living in Bebingen and Baldingen in the County (Grafschaft) of Baden. The matter is postponed
1600-01-26Jacob Jew claims payment of 18 fl.
1600-04-12Beat Bercher of Oberlauchringen was declared into outlawry (in die Acht geschrieben worden) upon request of Jew Jacob of Sundhausen and excuses (the rest is very hard to read).
1600-04-19Hans Clauser and Conrad Clauser brothers in Rheinheim sue Adam Sauer in Küsnach to pay a debt of 100 fl. to Jacob Jew. From Jew demands that Sauter renders an oath, but her refuses to do so.

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