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Abstracted from 61/7132 Court proceedings of Tiengen Dominion, 1619-1621.

1619-10-28Same against Melcher Jordan.
- Jegg Jew against Christoff Erensperger.
- Decisions.
1620-01-14Leman Jew of Stühlingen sues Jung Thias Erensperger for payment of 50 fl.
- Decision.
1620-01-28Jacob Jew of Stühlingen sues Andereas Stoll of Erzingen for payment of 30 fl.
1620-03-10Hirtzle Jew of Stühlingen sues Hanns Rod to pay 49 fl. for a horse. Defendant wants to return the horse because it is sick.
- The horse is to be officially estimated and this will be the purchase price.
1620-03-31Xander Jew of (not filled) sues three men.
- Xander Jew sues Heine and Georg Grave in Geislingen for payment of 50 fl. for grain and a horse.
- Decision in this matter.
1620-06-16Jacob Jew of Stühlingen presents a sealed document for a claim of 50 fl. against the heirs of the official (dis Stabhalterischen Erben).
- Interim decision in the matter Jacob Jew against Hans Reckhenmann.
1620-08-25Determination of the court´s competences.
1620-08-26The servant of Jew Jeckhuff in Stühlingen presents a document and inquires about the status of the matter against Hans Reckhenman and Hans Mülhaubt.
- Decision: Plaintiff may collect the assets which were set as a security.
1620-09-15Abraham Jew of Ofteringen, plaintiff in the second stage of appeal.
- Decision in this matter, a horse trade.
1620-09-30Abraham Jew of Ofteringen sues defendant for payment after this decision.
- Defendant is to pay by wine, horses or other acceptable goods.
1621-01-12The servant of Jew Jeckhuff of Stühlingen against Hans Reckhenmann, files a document and refers to a decision which was made in Rheinau on the bridge.
- Decision: The decicion made on the bride in Rheinau is confirmed.
1621-03-09The servant of Jew Jegglin of Stühlingen sues Andereas and Dietterlin Caspar Zimmermann for payment. Dietterin offers wine and asks for delay until autumn when he will pay.
- Leman Jew of Stühlingen, plaintiff, two cases.
- Decision in the matter of the servent of Jew Jacob in Stühlingen against Andreas and Dieterich Stoll and Caspar Zimmermann of Erzingen.
1621-03-23The servant of Jew Jeckhuff of Stühlingen asks for a decision in the matter against Hans Reckhenmann of Geislingen as warrantor of late administrator Hans Meyer. The court answers that a decision has been issued to the Jew whereas he may confiscate the pawn. He may come back if such pawn is not sufficient.
- Judle of Ofteringen sues Caspar Zimmermann of Erzingen who is sick.
- Lorenz Scherer of Schwerzen was sued by Jew Pfaahl of Stühlingen who has not appeared the third time, so defendant is absolved.
- Decision in the Leman of Stühlingen case.
- The claim by Judle of Ofteringen is transferred to the village court of Geislingen.
1621-04-20Pfahl Jew of Stühlingen sues Thewis Kern of Nack for payment of a horse.
- Pfahl Jew of Stühlingen against Christen Schneider of Dettighofen.

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