Abstracted from 61/7057: F├╝rstlich Schwarzenbergisches Judicial Protokoll (Tiengen), 1694-1695.

1695-08-23This Lemberle Weil of Stühlingen, representing the heirs of Meuschele Weil, presents a document of 07.02.1670 whereas Stophel Weisenberger owed 27 fl. The son Caspar Weisenberger refuses to pay and says he never heard of such a debt and adds, if there had been such a claim, the father had paid it a long time ago, and it must have happened what is often observed, namely that the Jews do not issue (revert) the documents in order to defraud the Christians. Defendant is to prove within a quarter year that his father did not owe anything to the Jews, or that such a claim has been paid. Weisenberger obliges to pay 2 fl. of a debt of 4 fl. to such Jew soon.

The following identified Jews are mentioned in this record:

Common NameFormal Name
Meuschele Weil(Moses (Mausche) ben Mordechai, Weyl)
Lemberle Weil(Ascher (Lemle) ben Meir, Weyl)

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