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Abstracted from 61/12680: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1722-1723.

1722-02-19Jonas Gugenheimb claims 104 fl.
1722-11-10Isaac Bloch claims 14 fl. for a horse.
1722-12-04Mayr Bloch in Horheim is fined for not applying for extension of his protection in time and is ordered to remain in the town of Stühlingen until he has paid three pounds penalty.
- Jonas Gugenheimb claims payment of 6 fl. which originate from Isaac Bloch.
- Faistel claims payment of interest for a credit.
1722-12-11The Jewish community sues Mayr Bikhert for not paying any contributions. Mayr is to refrain from any further business, and his son Lehmann is to pay half of the (extant?) contributions.
1722-12-18Jonas Gugenheimb buys a meadow from a debtor and sells it further.
- Menckhe Bernheimb of Tiengen claims 33 fl.
- Marx Mayer protected Jew in Stühlingen claims 4 fl.
1723-01-08Salomon Weyl claims 13 fl.
1723-01-12Jacob Mayer of Horheim owes Jew Salomon Weyl in Stühlingen 20 fl. which originate from his fatherin-law Leib.
1723-01-19Marum Weyl claims 77 fl.
- Claims by Mayr and Menckhe Bernheimb of Tiengen.
- Marum Weyhl, claim after a bull trade.
- Jonas Gugenheimb claims 117 fl. This does not include 84 fl. which debtor, according to a description of Jewish claims of Aug. 1716 (vermög der Juden Schulden Beschreibung) had owed to Jew Leib before and was assigned (verwiesen) to Jonas. The claims are secured by mortgages.
1723-01-26Salomon Weyl claims 70 fl. according to the proceedings of 13.01.1708.
- Elias Mayr is fined for selling a claim to a young man who is still under tutelage of a guardian.
- A claim of Jew Leib is secured by a mortgage.
- Elias Mayr Jew claims 84 fl.
1723-01-29Feistel claims 9 fl.
1723-02-26Feistel Gugenheimb protected Jew here takes a mortgage of 120 fl. to pay for the dowry of his daughter Bräunle.
- A claim of 42 fl. was transferred from Leib to his son Jonas Gugenheimb.
1723-03-05Jonas Gugenheimb claims 51 fl.
1723-03-18Joseph Gugenheimb Sandels Tochtermann and Mayr Weyl cannot pay their shares of 33 fl. each of a total of 1000 fl. as part of the 4000 fl. which the Jewish community is to render for the extension of their protection for 20 more years and which is shared among the Jews according to each one´s property and pro rata of their taxation shares.
1723-04-02Adam Basler owes Isaac Bickhert Abrahamb Juden Sohn 70 fl. according to the proceedings of 25.02.1706 and 16.04.1706. Creditor now cedes this claim to Leib Gugenheimb like a payment.
- Marum Weyl, mutual account.
1723-04-09Marum Weyl, two claims.
- Salomon Weyl claims 20 fl.
1723-04-16Salomon Weyl claims 28 fl. after a horse deal.
- Jonas Gugenheimb claims 75 fl.
1723-04-20Salomon Weyl claims 20 fl. as for 09.04.1723.
1723-04-30Jonas Gugenheimb claims 25 fl.
1723-05-11Same claims 80 fl.
1723-05-19Jonas and Feistel Jews have contradicted the sale of a house to clerk Johannes Würth. A long matter with reference to the proceedings of 21.07.1718 and the previous ones of 28.07.1717.
- Schmueli Weyl Jew in Stühlingen owes Sir Hanns Jacob Ziegler of Schaffhausen 100 florins for merchandize.
1723-05-20Leib Gugenheimb loans out 15 fl.
1723-05-21Marum Weyl claims 107 and 28 fl.
1723-05-22Leib Gugenheimb cedes a claim of 30 fl. to his son Jonas.
- Marum Weyl loans out 30 fl.
1723-05-29Marum Weyl changes his house in the Jews Lane, between Mayr Bloch and the Adler inn, for the Krone inn with barn, stable, "Baulege", an orchard and a vegetable garden, a wash-house and the inn equipment, and pays 400 fl. compensation.
1723-06-04Marum Weyl, cession of a claim.
1723-06-18Feistel, his wife and his servant Jäckhoff are fined for labour on a Sunday. A long matter with a discussion why Jews must not work on Sunday, but Christians may work on Sabbath.
1723-06-22Feistel Gugenheimb is fined for unnecessary riot representing his father who is known as an unquiet head (or mind, Kopf).
1723-07-06Claims by Leib, Faistel, and Jonas Gugenheimb.
1723-08-27Mayr Bloch is fined for keeping his hat on while the bells were rung.
1723-09-06Josel Levi, protected Jew in Sulz, was in the Adler (inn) in the presence of Jews Leib and Marum Weyl both protected Jews and of Schmuli Gugenheimb and his son Langjossel. He accused Langjossel of not supporting his father (Vatter, probably not Vetter) said Schmuli and his mother who are to move about in the country in deepest poverty for considerable time. Due to the natural and divine law, Jossel is obliged to support his parents, so plaintiff as a brother of Jossel´s mother applies that the court sentences him to maintain his parents. Defendant replies that he is not the only child, but has three siblings, namely Seeligmann in Gailingen, Lia in Sulz and Schönele in Bolsheim in Alsace, disregarding the other relatives. He is willing to contribute to board and clothes for his parents, but one cannot demand that solely he comes up with that as he needs his things for himself and has nine living children. He proposes (appeal to) the Jewish ceremonies if plaintiff Josel is not content with this declaration. Josel Levi replies that defendant is the oldest born child and thus obliged to maintain the parents, and collect contributions from his younger siblings. It is not feasible to maintain the parents at separate and alternating places. Josel again wants to convey this matter to the Jewish ceremonies. Interim decision: Langjossel is given a month time to make an agreement with his siblings about the maintainance of their parents, or let this be disputed by the Jewish ceremonies, to avoid 10 Reichstaler penalty.
1723-09-17Horse trade matter by Michel Jud (Jew?) from Eisenbach in Black Forest and Mayer Bloch here.
1723-09-23Langjosel claims payment for a bull.
- Same claims payment of 122 fl. and 20 fl.

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