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Abstracted from 61/12678: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1719-1721.

1719-11-21Marum Weyhl and Leib Jew declare they have no more claims to a debtor.
- Leib Jew claims 8 fl.
1719-11-24Joseph Guggenheimb in Lenglau in Switzerland claims 110 fl.
1719-12-07Elias Mayer Jew claims 266 fl.
1719-12-15Jonas Guggenheimb claims 33 fl. for grain.
1720-01-08Jossel Jew has loaned out 100 fl.
1720-01-09Faistel is fined two pounds.
1720-01-19Salomon Weyl claims 100 fl.
1720-01-21Mayrum Weyl and Lehemann Bickhert both of Stühlingen owe 150 fl. for horses.
1720-01-26Mayer Bickhert Alt is fined for not appearing at court.
1720-02-16Josel Gugenheimb (on the margin: Langjossel) claims 215 fl.
1720-02-27Jonas Guggenheim, claim for the delivery of a bull, some grain and cash.
1720-03-05Same man, another claim.
1720-03-15Leib, transfer of a claim.
1720-04-12Leib Guggengeimb claims 21 fl.
1720-05-07Baruch of Endingen claims 110 fl. with reference to the proceedings of 18.02.1715.
1720-05-13Salomon Weyl claims 200 fl.
1720-05-14Leib claims 50 fl.
1720-05-16Marum Weyl and Jonas Weyl, creditors.
1720-05-17Elias, horse trade.
- Jossel claims 17 fl. for grain.
1720-05-24Leib claims 36 fl.
1720-06-06Jonas Guggenheimb claims 15 fl.
1720-06-11Jonas Guggenheimb has deposited (verstellt) two cows at barber Simon Frickh who has sold them further.
1720-06-17The Jewish guys Menckhe Bickhert and Hertzel are fined for brawl with two men from Switzerland in the Löwen inn.
1720-08-30Lehenmann Bickhert and Elias Mayr are charged with riding out during the Sunday service, but excuse that they have not traded during that time. They are fined for not appearing at court.
1720-10-11It turned out that the other two did have horses, so they are also fined.
- During a recent fire in Wangen, the Jews Mayr Bloch unmarried, Elias Bloch, and Mayr Bloch Alt were demanded to provide horses but refused to do so. Mayr Bloch Alt was fined 15 fl., while the others excused they had had no horses at hand.
1720-11-08Leib is fined for having had an open light in the stable. He excuses that his servant was away with the lantern.
1720-12-03Jew Saffel who has been here for some time has gambled in the Adler inn on a holiday.
1720-12-22Saffel Guggenheimb a foreign Jew is fined 100 florins instead of being at the pillory for fornication (Hurerei) with Elisabeth Müller from Switzerland.
1721-01-14Baroch Guggenheimb of Endingen, Baden territory, claims 10 fl. and 20 fl. from another debtor.
1721-01-16Jonas Guggenheimb here claims 10 fl.
1721-01-17Leib Guggenheimb claims 50 fl.
1721-01-28Same claims 125 fl. and 55 fl.
- In the marriage contract of Hans Stuckhe of Unterwangen, the following debts are mentioned: Jew Marum 400 fl. Jew Leib 202 fl. Jew Josel 28 fl. Jew Jonas, because 50 fl. belonged to him each from Jew Marum and from his father Leib, interest 7 fl. Jew Faistel 2 fl.
1721-02-17Leib Jew claims 64 fl.
1721-05-10At the conveyance of Andreas Hasenfratz of Horheim, the following debts are mentioned: Jew Borach 250 fl. Menckhe Bernheimb of Tiengen 28 fl. The widow of Salomon in Tiengen 13 fl.
1721-05-16Leib claims 60 fl.
- Josel Guggenheimb Schmulens Sohn claims 75 fl. with reference to the proceedings of 25.04.1719.
1721-06-06Some horse boys are imprisoned for attacking Jew Elias on the overland road.
1721-08-23Meyer Bloch is fined for impudent talks.
1721-10-10Jonas is not gifted (begabt) with childen. Upon request of his father Leib, he is allowed to accept his sister´s girl by the name Vögelin as a maidservant. In reverse, Leib promises to have neither his daughter nor a girl from her in his house any longer.
1721-10-11Samuel Weyl here owes 33 fl. for merchandize.
1721-10-15The Jews must not bring in cattle as long as a cattle pestilence prevails.
1721-10-17Jackhoff Weyl, exchange of cattle.
1721-10-21Leib has deposited (verstellt) a cow at Joseph Rössler. The cow came back limping from the pasture. The herdsman says the cow was attacked by a bull.
- Menckhe Bernheim of Tiengen claims 32 fl.
- Samuel Guggenheimb is under suspect of unlawful sexual behaviour (Sodomia) and owes the dominion 100 florins penalty for fornication. Mayr Bloch, currently in Gailingen, warrants for 23 florins of this amount. He is allowed to collect a claim of 26 fl. which Michel Jehle in Waldshut owes to Samuel Guggenheimb.
1721-10-24Mayr Bloch, protected Jew in Stühlingen, is sued for payment of 37 fl.
1721-10-31Christoph Büche owes Salomon Weyhl 8 fl.

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