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Abstracted from 61/12677: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1717-1718.

1717-08-30Jew Marum Sandels Sohn claims 105 fl.
1717-09-29Marum Weyl claims 347 fl.
- Marum Weyl claims 128 fl.
- Jew Veith of "Emedingen" claims payment of 25 fl.
1717-10-22Claim by Marum Weyl with reference to the proceedings of 17.05.1709.
- Faistel Guggenheim claims 50 fl.
- Marum Juden Sandels Sohn claims 51 fl.
1717-11-02Martin Balthasar of Obereggingen has lost 200 fl. to Jew Elias by gambling and agreed upon payment of 100 fl. Each one is fined 12 florins and the winnings are declared void.
1717-11-06Marum claims 426 fl. upon a mutual account.
1717-11-29Jossel Gugenheimb Schmuelins Sohn claims 308 fl.
- Mayer Bickhert claims payment of 4 fl.
1718-01-11Meyer Bernheimb claims 104 fl. from a man in Horheim with reference to the proceedings of 27.04.1716.
- Sandel Weyl, claim after mutual account.
- Jäckhle Mayr of Randegg claims 44 fl. upon a mutual account.
1718-01-18Leib claims 164 fl. according to the proceedings of 05.07.1716.
1718-01-21Salomon Weyl claims 72 fl. with reference to the proceedings of 07.02.1716 and 17.07.1716.
1718-02-08Mayr Bloch Salomons Sohn of Stühlingen owes 80 fl. for leather.
1718-02-16Mayrum Weyl (largely illegible).
1718-02-23Mencke Bernheimb of Horheim claims payment of 70 fl.
1718-03-03Mayrum Weyl, mutual account and claim.
- Jossel Gugenheimb Schm(ulens) Sohn claims 50 fl.
1718-03-06Leib owes 47 fl.
1718-04-01Marum Weyl, claim as on 03.03.1718.
1718-04-08Marum has loaned 300 fl. on 15.11.1716.
1718-05-14Josel Marums Sohn has run away from protection like others and left 493 fl. of debts behind. So he felt compelled to sell his two houses in town. The one near the church was sold for 325 fl. to mason Martin Obser. With a list of debts to be paid from the earnings, including 6 fl. to Daniel the (Vor)singer.

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