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Abstracted from 61/12744b: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, concepts, 1632-1633.

1631-02-15Leman is fined.
- Jecoff and Schmol Jews, father and son, sue Michael Brugger for verbal injuries, menaces and brawl after a questionable meat trade. Brugger is fined 27 pounds, mainly because he was not willing to have the matter be decided by the court.
1632-01-23Jacob Heuß of Lembach is to pay his debts to Schmol Jew.
- Eli in the name of his brother Meierlen is ordered to make a mutual account with Philipp Alperth.
- Eli is to pay for a horse.
1632-01-24Extraordinary session about a claim of Meierle Jew.
1632-01-29Jecoff buys a garden for 100 fl. at the condition that seller is unable to pay back his debts.
- Jecoff is to be paid 11 fl. and 60 fl.
- Schachman claims payment.
- Sannel´s widow is to be paid 3 fl. for a cartload of wood.
1632-02-05Jecoff Jew is to erase a paid claim from his books.
1632-02-12Schachman is to pay for a calf.
- A man is fined for not appearing in court upon request of Hürtzle.
- Interrogation of witnesses about a questionable payment to Jew Jecoff.
- Mutual account between Jew Jecoff and Ulrich Widmer of Schwaningen.
1632-02-16The Landgrave allows poor foreign Jews to be here for not longer than eight days, while rich Jews are to make an agreement with the dominion (with some loos of text).
- Jecoff and Schmol Jews are fined 4 florins, with reference to the proceedings of 15.01.16..
1632-02-18Bastian Schamner(?) and Jew Jeggle are fined for brawl.
1632-02-19Hirtzle Jew, change of fields.
- Jecoff Jew is sued for payment for a horse.
- Meierle is sued for payment of 2 fl.
- Schachman is to be paid.
1632-02-26Schachman is fined 1 fl. for verbal injuries.
1632-03-04Davidt Jew is to present legal power.
1632-03-11Schwarz Judele is to make a mutual account (probably the same man as before).
- Isaac is fined for not appearing in court.
- Judel of Ofteringen, mutual account.
- Schachman is to be paid. Meierle is to pay. Davidt is to make a mutual account.
- Jacoff Jew, mutual account.
- Hürtzle, deposited cattle.
1632-03-16Isaac is sued for payment.
- Sannel a Welsh Jew and David Jew of Eberfingen are fined for mutual offenses. Hürtzle is to pay the penalty of the foreign Jew.
- Eli Jew is to pay for wood.
1632-03-19The widow of Sannel acknowledges payment (a long matter).
1632-04-16Christoph Herz is fined 4 fl. for beating down Simon Jew brother-in-law of Hayle(?) Jew without a reason.
1632-04-22Sannel´s widow is to be paid 18 fl.
- Joseph Jew (is to present a witness about a horse deal?).

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