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Abstracted from 61/12686 Court proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1735-1739.

1735-01-10Mayer Gugenheimb is fined.
1735-04-25Mayer Gugenheimb reports that his wife was hurt by another woman at the market.
1735-05-06Benedikt Kann, servant of Salomon Weyhl, is fined.
- Salomon Weyhl "des alten Marumbs Sohn" is fined 75 florins for suspicious business.
1735-05-07From the estate of Leib Gugenheimb, 600 Dukaten or 2500 florins were collected for the dominion.
1735-05-25Salomon Awenbach has obtained protection in Tiengen and married.
- Feisel Gugenheimnb, cow trade matter.
1735-06-21Marum Weyhl has rendered good service for the dominion and in reverse gets one protection (place) in Stühlingen and one in Horheim into which he may install one of his children, or Jacob Block who was born in Stühlingen.
1735-07-01Isacc Bickert, Schmuli Weyhl, Mauschi Weyhl, Abraham Block and Mauschi Block are fined for importing cattle without documents.
1735-07-27Seeligmann Gugenheimb is fined.
1735-10-12Salomon Weyhl, claim.
1735-10-14Lemann Weyhl, quarrel about changed coins.
1735-10-25Schmuli Weyhl, bull trade quarrel.
1735-10-26Mayer Weyhl in Horheim owes house rent.
1735-11-04Faistel Gugenheimb is fined for verbal injuries.
1736-02-03Joseph Gugenheimb of Randegg sues some creditors of his late father-in-law Leib (negotiations with many debtors).
1736-02-04Joseph Gugenheimb of Randegg sells Marum Weyhl several pieces of cattle which he has inherited from Leib Gugenheimb.
1736-02-23Marum Gugenheimb is ordered to enter the agreed protection within eight days or move away.
1736-02-24Leman Weyhl, claim.
1736-03-06Faistel Gugenheimb and his son, debt.
1736-03-07David, singer of the Jews in Stühlingen.
1736-04-06Schmuli Weyhl, claim.
1736-04-11Sahlomon Weyhl, claim. Salomon Weyhl der Ältere, same.
1736-04-20Salomon Wyhl der Ältere.
1736-04-30Trespassing rights for Hirsch Bernheim, son of Mencka Bernheim in Tiengen, who has recently married.
1736-05-04Appears Joseph Gugenheim from Randegg and asks to interrogate him, in the presence of the two Jewish foremen Marum Weyl and his brothers-inlaw Salomon Weyl, Faisel and Jonas Guggenheimer, about the estate of late Leib Guggenheimer.
1736-06-04The Leib Gugenheimb heirs.
1736-06-05Mausche Weyl, cow trade matter.
1736-06-08Joseph Guggenheim and his son Seeligmann, horse trade matter.
1736-06-22Leman Bickert, verbal injuries.
1736-06-28Salomon Weyhl Sandels Marumen Sohn.
1736-07-06Leman Weyhl, horse trade matter.
1736-07-13Marum Weyhl Dicker, claim.
1736-08-22Heuman Bikert, cow trade matter.
1736-09-19Marum Weyl Dicker, bull trade.
1736-10-12Schmuli Weyhl is to accept an ordered tombstone if it is found to be good craftsman´s work.
- Jonas Weyl and Salomon Weyl are interrogated as witnesses.
1736-10-31Jonas Gugenheim, claim.
1736-11-22Salomon Weyhl Marum Sandels Sohn, meat sale and brawl.
1737-01-08Mausche Block Mencke Sohn.
1737-01-22Manes Blockh and Marum Gugenheimb are living in Stühlingen although they are under protection in Horheim.
1737-01-29Salomon Weyhl Marums Sohn, horse trade matter.
1737-02-15Faist Gugenheimb and his son Mayer are to make proof of a payment.
1737-02-22Leman Weyhl Dickers Sohn is to return a credit title.
1737-04-05Leman Bickert, cow trade.
1737-05-13Marum Weyl Samuels Sohn, horse trade matter.
1737-05-24Heimann Biggert, cow trade.
1737-07-05Four foreign Jews spent Pentecost with Schmuli Weyl and afterwards went to Schaffhausen and committed theft.
1737-07-12New shoes of Heimann Bickhert.
1737-07-17Lehemann Weyl Dickhers Sohn has beaten Salamon Weyl and the maidservant of Marum Weyl.
- Madel, maidservant of Marumb Weyl Sandels Sohn, sues Lehemann Weyl Dickhers Sohn.
1737-07-26Joseph Gugenheimb of Randegg is sued for payment.
- Moises Gottfrid, schoolmaster with Marum Weyl Dickher and others, victim of theft.
1737-07-29The Jewish community, represented by Jonas Weyhl Salamons Sohn, Mauschi Weyhl Dickhers Sohn, and Salamon Weyhl Marumben Sohn, call in a mortgage of 1500 florins.
1737-08-16Marx Blockh and Jonas Gugenheimb are interrogated about this matter.
1737-08-17Heymann Bickhert has beaten Samuel Abraham, servant of Faistel Gugenheimb.
1737-08-21Ezechiel Treyfuß of Gailingen gets trespassing rights.
1737-10-02Salamon Weyl Marumben Sohn.
- Mayer Weyl of Horheim sues a man for killing his hens.
1737-10-08Marum Weyl Sandels Sohn, agreement.
- Mannas Blockh, currently in Stühlingen, is to decide if he moves to Horheim or leaves the dominion.
1737-10-14Salamon Gugenheimb Josels Sohn, horse trade matter (loose paper inserted after p. 243).
1737-10-23Salamon Weyl Marumben son has lost a (written) account and cannot prove a claim.
1737-10-25Schmuli Weyl, same.
1737-10-30Salamon Weyl Marumben Sohn, same.
1737-11-20Salamon Gugenheimb, same.
1737-11-22Marumb Weyl Dickher, claim.
1737-12-03Marumb Weyl Sandels Sohn, with mention of Isaac Bickhert´s son Haimann Bickhert, currently absent.
1737-12-13Seeligmann Gugenheimb is charged with verbal injuries on a Sunday.
1737-12-18Marumb Weyl Samuels Sohn.
1738-01-17Again the Seeligmann Gugenheimb matter.
1738-01-21Joseph Gugenheimb and his son Seeligmann.
1738-01-24Haimann Bickhert, cow trade matter.
1738-02-07Faistel Gugenheimb.
1738-02-28Jonas Gugenheimb, cow trade matter.
1738-03-14Isac Weyl sues Menckhe Bloch for payment.
1738-06-10Salamon Gugenheimb, Joseph Gugenheimb´s son of Lenglau, sues Schmuly Weyl after a bull trade.
1738-07-09A claim to Menckhe Bloch was ceded to Salamon Auerbacher in Tiengen.
1738-07-11Mayer Bloch is fined.
- Moyses Weil Dickher is fined.
- Mauschi Bloch, with mention of his father Menckhi Bloch in Stühlingen and of Jonas Gugenheimb in Randegg.
1738-07-21Moises Weyl, bull trade.
1738-10-15Salamon Weyl Alter files a claim originating from his "father" Leib Gugenheimb.
- Salomon Weyl Älter, claim.
1738-10-17Jonas Gugenheimb, same.
1738-10-21Same as an heir of Leib Gugenheimb.
1738-12-17Mayer Bernheimb of Tiengen, claim.
1738-12-19Jacob Salamon, schoolmaster, sues Salamon Weyl Marumben Sohn.
1739-01-13Lehemann Bickhert is sued.
1739-01-30Menckhe Bloch des Mayer Blochen Sohn, defendant.
1739-04-14Faistel Gugenheimb has inherited a claim from his father Leib Gugenheimb.
1739-04-17Johann Seeger says he has paid a claim by Faistel Gugenheimb to Faistel´s son.
1739-04-27Schmuli Weyl is sued for using a forged coin.
1748-04-16Baroch Gugenheimb of Endingen, claim.

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