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Abstracted from 61/12685 Court proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1732-1735.

1732-08-28Quarrel between Mausche Bloch Mencke Bloch´s son against Marumb Weyl Samuels Sohn and his brother Simon Weyl of Donaueschingen whose daughter wants to become Christian. With mention of Mausche´s brother Abraham Bloch.
1732-08-29Leib´s servant and Isacc (Bickert´s) son drove at a forbidden place and used verbal injuries.
1732-09-09Isac Cesse a Hebrew from the Breisgau region is fined for smoking tobacco. Meyer Gugenheimb is his warrantor.
1732-09-13Mencke, Abrahamb, and Mauschi Bloch are sentenced for obstinacy. Abrahamb and Mauschi loose their protection, Abrahamb is fined 75 florins to be paid immediately on pain of loosing protection, Mencke 15 florins, and Mausch the loss of protection.
1732-09-30Marumb Weyl Samuels Sohn buys half a house for 300 florins which he is to pay cash.
1732-10-20Injuries between Simon Weyl of Donaueschingen and Jonas Gugenheimb here.
1732-10-21Same matter, with an oath of Jonas with his hand upon the Book of Moses.
- Marumb Weyl Sandels Sohn and his son Salomon Weyl.
1732-12-12Marumb Weyl Samuels Sohn, claim.
- Meyer Bernheimb of Tiengen, claim.
1732-12-19Abraham Bloch presented a useless horse.
1733-01-05Marumb and Marx Gugenheimb, brothers, are fined for a brawl.
1733-01-16Salomon Weyl Marumben Sohn, claim.
1733-01-23Jossel Gugenheimb, claim. Jonas Gugenheimb, same.
- Meyer Gugenheimb, same.
1733-02-04Meyer Bloch, debt.
1733-02-06Jossel Guggenheimb is sued upon a wine delivery contract.
1733-02-20David, singer, claim.
1733-02-27Lehemann Weyl Tickers Sohn, gambling and injuries.
1733-03-02Jossel Gugenheimb, quarrel after a grain trade.
- Lehmann Weyl, quarrel. Marx Meyer Eliasen Sohn (aged about 34) is interrogated under oath.
1733-03-03Marumb Weyl Samuels Sohn, bull trade matter.
1733-03-06Jossel Gugenheimb, deposited bull.
1733-03-09Marumb Weyl Samuels Sohn, claims in Horheim.
- Schmuly Weyl is fined.
1733-03-24Isaac Bickert, cow trade matter.
- Feistel Guggenheimb, quarrel with his landlord.
- Sprinz, wife of Isacc Bickert, is fined.
1733-06-05Singer David claims payment of 237 florins as he is to endow his daughter.
1733-06-12Leib Gugenheimb, deposited cow.
1733-06-19Marumb Weyl Samuels Sohn has purchased a claim and a cow.
1733-07-10Marumb Weil and his son Salomon Weyl, claim.
- Moyses Weil, horse trade.
1733-07-14Marumb Weyl Ticker is fined twice.
1733-08-04Isacc Bernheimb of Lenglau, cow trade matter.
1733-09-18Schmuly Weyl has bought presumed silverware.
1733-10-23Meyer Bloch, claim.
- Schmuly Weyl, claims.
1733-11-03Jossel Gugenheimb has deposited six beehives with Peter Reebmann in Mauchen, three of whom were tossed down.
1733-12-18Salomon Weyl der Ältere is fined for unlawfully crying in the Synagogue.
1734-01-12Marumb Weyl Samuels Sohn (on the margin: Marumb Weyl Ticker), claim.
1734-01-26Schmuly Weyl is fined for dealing on a Sunday.
1734-01-29Meyer Gugenheimb, bull trade.
1734-02-09Jonas Gugenheimb representing the heirs of Leib Gugenheimb.
1734-02-19Lehmann Weyl, cow trade matter.
1734-02-20Meinrad Bloch is fined.
1734-03-23Marx Bloch, bull trade and penalty.
1734-03-26Meinrad Bloch is sentenced tower.
1734-03-30Moisis Weyl is fined for the unpermitted purchase of a house.
1734-04-06Faistel Gugenheimb, cow trade matter.
1734-04-09Isacc Bickert, same.
1734-05-07Elias Mayer is supported by his son Marx Meyer. The annual fees are reduced.
- Jossel Gugenheimb, horse trade quarrel.
- The annual fees of former Reebe Salomon Bloch are reduced because he is old, in the service of the Jewish community and does not trade any longer.
1734-05-11Isacc Bickert, cow trade.
1734-06-11Moisis Weyhler, protected Jew in Oberendingen, cow trade matter.
1734-06-25Isacc Weyl Tickers Sohn is fined for hurting another person.
- Alt Samuel Weyl is fined.
- Jossel (on the margin: Joseph) Guggenheimb, claim.
1734-07-02Meyer Gugenheimb, cow trade.
- Lehmann Weyl, horse trade.
1734-08-05Schmuly Weyl sues Isacc Bickert about a stove and chimney.
1734-08-11Manus Bloch, horse trade.
- Schmuly Weyl, Isacc Bickert and Jossel Gugenheimb have built a tabernacle (Lauberhütte).
1734-08-13Lehmann Weyl, claim.
1734-10-05Isacc Bernheimb, son of Mencke Bernheimb in Tiengen, gets trespassing rights.
1734-11-06Salomon and Jonas Weyl buy the barn in the Jews´ Lane (Judengasse) for 250 florins after nobody else wanted to file a bid. Finally someone else got it through the right of first emption.
1734-11-09Isacc Bickert, cow trade matter.
1734-12-03Marumb Weyl Sandels Sohn, claim.
1735-01-07Samuel Davidt of Randegg is fined.
1735-01-14Manus Bloch, claim.
- Meyer Gugenheimb, claim.
1735-01-21Lehmann Weyl is fined.
1735-01-28Schmuly Weyl, quarrels about the purchase of cosher wine.
1735-01-31Moises Weyl is to move into another rented house.
1735-02-04Isaacc Bickert, cow trade matter.
1735-02-08Jonas Gugenheimb, transfer of a capital.
1735-03-04Salamon Weyl Marumben Sandls Sohn, cow trade.
1735-03-11Marum Weyl Samuels Sohn, bull trade.

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