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Abstracted from 61/12663: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1651-1655.

1651-01-09Seligman Jew Schmulin´son is fined 1 florins for not appearing at court.
1651-01-12Seligmann, claim after a horse trade (a long matter).
- Judele Jew, powerholder of the Sandel heirs.
- Georg Kramer of Mauchen admits to owe Mayerlin Jew and his son Mencke 241 fl. upon a calculation of 16.01.1650.
1651-01-19Mayerlin is sued for payment.
- Again the matter Menckhe against Johann Jacob Bentele.
- Judele as powerholder of the Sandel heirs.
- Claim of Jew Seligmann.
1651-01-26Claim of Menckhe Jew.
1651-01-31Jäggle signs two receipts.
1651-02-07Declaraton of a witness upon request of Jäckhle Jew in Stühlingen.19 A witness declares that payment was made to Judele Jew in the name of Mayerle Jew. Menckhe contests this statement and says Judele has never been the moneycollector of his father.
- Hans Güntert owes Jäggle Jew 171 fl.
1651-02-16Lehmann Jew Frahm´s son is ordered to pay a claim of Stühlingen community immediately.
- Claim of Jäggle.
- Claim of Marum.
- Menckhe is to come up with evidence.
1651-02-25Claim of Kipha Jew.
1651-03-16Claim of Menackhen Jew in the name of his father Meyerle.
1651-03-22The heirs of Hirzlin claim 91 florins capital and 56 florins interest from the estate of Ottlin Fischer. Schachman Jew claims 79 florins for a meadow sold on 30.03.1637, less 19 florins already paid. This claim is to be paid in the following manner: 10 fl. by Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, 38 fl. by him and his father and brother Schmule, 12 fl. by the widow of Jew From in Ofteringen.
- Leheman Jew Hertzlin´s son, agreement about a claim.
1651-03-23Leman Jew From´s son is fined 1.5 fl. for breaking his promise not to go away before he has paid his debt to Stühlingen community.
- A meadow was sold further to Jäckhle Jew.
- Marum, representative of the Schachman heirs, claims 75 fl. upon a contract of 05.04.1642. Marum also claims 371 fl. capital and 245 fl. interest. Jäggle Jew admits he has received payment from Jerg Hertenstein of Mauchen through his son-in-law Marum.
- Menckhe, agreement.
- Lehmann From´s son files a claim to Peter Basler who says it was paid by the conveyance of a field on 21.02.1629.
1651-03-24Mayerle of Stühlingen has sent his son Menckhe to present his business book.
1651-03-30A witness says that Judele Jew has obtained payment in behalf of Mayerle.
- In 1635, Hanns Jacob Kressenbuech has hurt the arm of Jew Mayerle. An agreement about refund of the medical expenses is now made with the son Menckha.
- Menckha files two claims.
1651-03-31Marum is sued for payment. A witness is to be interrogated about this case.
1651-04-18Former payments to Lehmann Jew Hirzlin´s son and Marum Jew.
1651-04-24Theis Fessler of Weizen owes the heirs of Sandel Jew 48 florins capital and 36 florins interest. The heirs are represented by Judele Jew.
- Leheman Jew Hirzlin´s son signs a receipt for himself and for Isaac Jew Lehemann´s son.
1651-05-11Judele Jew as powerholder of the Sandel heirs.
- Adam Leiber promises to pay Judele Jew in behalf of Moses Jew, and also pay Lemle Jew.
1651-05-22Marum is fined for beating another man.
1651-06-02Claim by Leheman Jew Mayerlin´s son with an interrogation of witnesses.
1651-06-15Marum, representing his father-in-law Jögglin, signs a receipt.
1651-07-05Menckhe, horse trade matter.
- A receipt for Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son and Leheman Jew Hirzlin´s son.
- Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son claims 155 fl., the heirs of Sandel claim 38 fl.
1651-07-14Menckhen is fined for offending words. Marum Jew represents the Schachman heirs.
1651-08-17Menckhe Jew is fined for accusing another man to have loitered his house during an invasion of the Villingen soldiers.
- Claim of Lehmann Hirzlin´s son.
- Claim of Jonas Jew Jeckhoff´s son.
1651-08-29Interrogation of witnesses in a horse trade quarrel between Jews Salomon of Stühlingen and Isac of Tiengen.
1651-08-31Claim by Leheman Jew Hirzlin´s son.
1651-11-03Penalty after a clandestine house purchase by Marum.
1651-11-20Schmul claims 44 fl. since 1632.
- Marum claims 398 fl. plus 55 fl. from Andreas Weber.
- Simon Basler proposes Marum to sue him for collecting a claim and says that he has paid the entire amount to Marum´s father by conveying him a garden.
- Among the creditors of Jacob Seger are Jecoff´s heirs as of 17.01.1647 (the sames as?) Marum Jew Marum´s brother Jonas Seligman Judele who all have received payments and claim some more amounts, and Lämle just with a claim.
1651-11-27Sheriff Jacob Gintert of Obermettingen owes several amounts to Jeckhoff Jew according to an account of 16.01.1645 and to his son Marum for a foal sold in 1638.
1651-12-07Marum files a claim in behalf of the heirs of his brother Schmul Jew. Marum presents a document which Bessle Jewess has preserved so far and has just handed over to the children.
- Claim by Judele as powerholder of the Sandel heirs.
- Claim by Marum Jeckhoff´s son.
1652-01-15Marum and Lehmann Jews, claim. Jeckhoff´s heirs claim 780 fl. Claim of Jonas to a warrantor.
- Claims by Jonas, Seligmann, and Lämble Jägglin´s son.
- Claim by Marum in the name of Schachman´s heirs. Agreement between Jacob Blattner of Oberwangen and Lemel Jew Hürßlin´s son.
- Claim by the Jew Sch(mu?)hle heirs. A man was summoned upon request of Menckhe Jew.
1652-01-16Marum Jew Tochtermännle represents Sandel´s heirs.
- Judelle representing Jäggle signs a receipt.
- Marum Jew the Tochtermännle, agreement after a horse trade.
1652-01-18Lehman Hirzlin´s son.
1652-01-25Jäggle Jew signs a reeceipt
- and files a claim.
- Marum Jägglin´s son, claims. Emanuel Jew of Endingen near Klingnau, claim.
- Lehman Hirzlin´s son, claims. Marum Jew Tochtermännle, claim.
- Seligman is required to pay for wine barrels which were once loaned to his father and not returned.
1652-02-01Hirzlin´s heirs, claim.
- Claim to Marum Jew the Tochtermännle.
- Claim by Sandel´s widow, Menckhe, Lehman, and Marum.
1652-02-06Claims by Jäggle (Jäckhle) Jew
- and by Lemle Jew.
- Claim by Menckha Jew, representing his father.
- Several claims by Jäggle. Claims to Küffa Jew whom Jäggle has redeemed from arrest in Klingnau. Guardian Jäggle may not pay anything before a court decision.
1652-02-08Claim to the widow of Judele in Ofteringen, with reference to a mutual account made up 14 years ago.
- Hesche decides to talk with his mother before filing a claim.
1652-02-15Mencke, claim upon an agreement 15 or 16 years ago.
- Mencke representing Lämble, claim. Leheman, claim.
- Jerg Hoz and his step mother claim the return of a Plaw Zug from the heirs of Jeckhoff which was handed over as a pawn 16 years ago. Jonas Jew Jeckhoff´s son replies for himself and his brother Marumb that they do not know about this matter but want to look up their books and will also discuss it with their other brother in Lenglau.
1652-02-22Judele represents the heirs of Sandel.
1652-02-26Hanns Reebmann of Mauchen makes mutual accounts with the heirs of Jecoff for events since 1637 and with the heirs of Schmul.
- Claim by Lehman Hirzlin´s son, also for Isaac.
- Menckhe Jew and Hanns Geisinger settle their quarrels about a claim.
- Claims by Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, Judelle Jew,
- and the heirs of Schachman.
- Judele as powerholder of Sandel´s heirs.
1652-03-14Lehman Jew Hirzlin´s son is fined for slapping a boy.
- Jüdele Jew Mauschin´s son in Ofteringen, agreement.
- Marum Jew the Tochtermännlin, claim.
- Seligmann, agreement. Judele Jew Hoschin´s son, claim.
- Judele as powerholder of Marum the Tochtermännlin.
1652-03-18Lehmann Hirzlin´s son, claim.
1652-04-19Menckhel, debt.
1652-04-29Moises Weyl of Tiengen, claim upon a horse trade.
1652-05-16Meyerle, several claims.
- Menckhe Mayerlin´s son, agreement.
- Menckhe represents his father Mayerle in a claim of 1637 and says he wants to write to his brother Eli who wrote the business book.
1652-05-23Among the creditors of Michel Eberlin of Schwaningen are Jeckhoff´s heirs, Schmul´s heirs (both since 1637), Schaahli´s heirs, Lemelin (since 1633), and Jägglin.
- Marum, horse trade quarrel.
- Lehman Hirzlin´s son, claim.
1652-05-28Menckhen Jew cedes a claim.
1652-09-09Marum claims 398 fl. from Andres Weber in Eberfingen.
1652-11-02Judele of Ofteringen is fined for carrying wine on a holiday.
1652-11-14Jäggle, mutual account.
- Marum, several claims.
- Claims of Marum called Tochtermännlin, Jäggle, Mayer, Marumb,
- Marumb Tochtermännle, and Marum Jeckhoff´s son.
- Claim of Marum Jeckhoff´s son.
- Salomon Jew confirms payment of a claim which he had in behalf of the Schachman heirs.
1652-11-28Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son represents the heirs of Schachman.
- Marum Tochtermännlin claims 130 fl.
- A man was summoned upon request of Lämblin in Tiengen but has failed to appear.
1652-12-05Judele represents Sandel´s heirs.
- Claims of Menckhe, Seeligman, and Johnas.
1652-12-11The heirs of Jeckhoff and Jew Schmul were paid 434 fl.
1652-12-12Judele represents the heirs of Sandel, with reference to an agreement between Sandel´s widow and Simon Duttlinger in 1636.
- A claim of Menckhen, with mention of his father (without a name).
- Schmul claims payment of a horse.
- A claim of Schmul´s heirs and Jonas Jew.
1652-12-19A claim of Schachman´s heirs, represented by Jew Marum, dating of 1636 (a long matter).
1653-01-23Jonas Jew owes Jacob Mayer the cooper 270 florins after a house purchase. The cooper accepts annulment of a debt of 219 florins to the Jew´s brother Marum and approves receipt of 51 florins, and Marum acknowledges receipt of the 219 fl.
- Claims of Lämble, Menckhen, and Marum.
- Judele of Ofteringen represents Sandel´s heirs.
1653-01-30A claim of Seeligman in behalf of the Schachman heirs.
1653-02-13Mayerle of Tiengen, claim.
- Marum Jägglin´s son, claim.
- Marum called Tochtermännlin, claim.
1653-02-20Heinrich Hipscher of Unterhallau is fined for offending Jew Jonas.
1653-02-22Claims by Menckhen, by Marum in behalf of the heirs of Jeckhoff, and by Jäggle, Kipha (absent), and Lehemann.
1653-03-06Marum of Tiengen, claim.
- Baroch of Tiengen, claim after a horse trade.
- Lemble of Tiengen claims 138 fl. in behalf of the Jew Jeckhoff heirs.
- Jäggle Jew, claims.
1653-03-10Claims to the property of butcher Daniel Hetz by Menckhe, Jetlin Jewess, Schachman´s heirs, Hirtzlin´s heirs, Schmul, Marum Tochtermännle and Eli Jew Mayerlin´s son.
1653-03-13Claims of Menckhe. A man was summoned upon request of Leheman Jew but did not appear.
1653-03-20A claim by Marum Jew Tochtermännle.
- A claim by Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son and Salomon Jew in behalf of Schachman Jew. Schachman´s widow is now the wife of Jew Jägglin.
- Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son says that Hans Widmer has paid a claim of his (Marum´s) father, but reserves to claim 10 fl. in behalf of his brother Josephlin.
- Marum Jeckhoff´s son acknowledges payment for himself and in behalf of the Schachman heirs.
1653-03-27Marum Jeckhoff´s son, horse trade matter.
- Judele as powerholder of Marum Jew Tochtermännlin.
- Lämlin Jew of Tiengen, claim.
- Moises of Tiengen, mutual account.
- Marum Jew Tochtermännle sells four bulls.
- Seeligmann here, claim.
- Moises Jew representing his father Jägglin Jew acknowledges payment.
1653-04-03Caspar Schwarber sues Isaac Jew of Lengnau upon a court decision of 12.01.1637. The Jew is to come up with his business book within five or six weeks so the matter may be discussed.
- Hans Schalckh is absolved from a claim of the Jews Marum and Schachman, based upon a decision of the Landgericht dated 18.04.1629. The count may decide about a sentence against the Jews for filing a claim which has been paid before.
- Isaac and Lehmann, claim.
- Marum Jackhoff´s son, creditor for 300 florins.
1653-04-28Isaac Jew Lehemann´s son acknowledges payment
- and files two claims. One of them is payable to his father Lehmann who owes the community a considerable amount of money.
1653-05-05Menckhen acknowledges payment.
- and so does Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son.
1653-06-17Jonnas for himself and his co-heirs acknowledges payment.
1653-07-31Baron Fridel Keller von Schleitheim is fined 15 fl. for beating Moises Jew of Tiengen bloody.
1653-09-27Joseph Jew of Lenglau, mutual account.
- Lehman Jew the Old, cow trade matter.
- Seligmann, mutual account. Menckhe, claims.
1653-09-29Jäggli Jew acknowledges payment.
1653-10-23Marumb Jew in Stühlingen claims payment
- and is fined for a slap.
- Jonas Jew claims payment.
1653-10-27Marumb Jew called Tochtermändlin, mutual account.
1653-11-13Marumb Jew is to make proof that Joachim Hasenfraz has thrown a knife and other items after him after a horse deal.
- Leman Jew, mutual account.
- Marumb Jew, several claims.
- Menckhe Jew, agreement.
- The Jew Marumb and Joachim Hasenfraz matter.
1653-11-24Jew Jägly is sued after a horse trade.
1653-12-04Marum has once handed over Emanuel Jerlin a gilded silved cup and two golden rings as security for a claim of 300 florins.
- Marumb Jew Tochtermänndlin, transfer of a claim. Lehman Jew Hyrtzlin´s son, claims.512 Leoman the Old, claim.
1653-12-11Menckhe, claim.
1653-12-18Menckhe, mutual account after a horse trade of 1637.
- Marumb Jew Tochtermändlin, claim after a horse trade.
- Marum Jew Töchtermändlin represents Sandel´s widow.
- Lehman the Old, claim.
1653-12-22Petty crimes of Marumb Jew Tochtermändle and Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son.
1654-01-05Claims of Jäggle Jew.
1654-01-15Claim by Lehman Jew Hirtzlin´s son.
1654-01-21Mutual accounts between Lehman Jew Hirzlen´s son and Isackh Jew and many of their debtors.
1654-01-22Menckhe Jew claims 47 florins in behalf of his father (Vatter) or cousin (Vetter) Wayel Jew.
- Isacc Jew Lehmann´s son, agreement.
1654-01-26Isacc and Lemele Jew Hirzlin´s son, claim.
- The Old Leman Jew, claim.
1654-01-29Menckhe Jew, claims.
- Marumb Jew is fined for a brawl in an inn.
1654-02-06Lehman Jew Hirzlin´s son is to pay for a cow.
- Marum Jew called Tochtermännlin, claim.
1654-02-12Seligmann, complaint after a horse trade of 1637.
1654-02-19Lehmann, Schmuele and two others have bought a meadow. With mention of Jannas Jew.
1654-03-30Marumb Jeckhoff´s son and Lehmann Hirzlin´s son, with mention of Isac Jew.
1654-04-17Mutual accounts with Jacob Jew of Preylingen* in behalf of Schach Jew´s heirs, and Marumb Jew Tochtermändlin in behalf of a claim originating from the widow of Sandel. * Maybe Bräunlingen but no Jews are known to have lived in this town.593 30.04.1654 Jonas Jew represents all the heirs of Jeckhoff.
- Moises of Tiengen, claim.
- Lemele Jew Jägglin´s son of Tiengen, claim.
1654-05-21Leman the Old, Jew, plaintiff.
1654-06-11Menckhe. Seligmann.
1654-07-09Seligmann, horse trade.
1654-07-30Marumb Jew represents the Schachman heirs.
1654-12-03Marumb Jew is sued for payment of 604 florins.
1654-12-17Marum Jew Tochtermendlin tries to sue a debtor.
1655-01-14Questionable taxation of the Jews.
1655-03-04The heirs of Schmull Jew, claim.
- Lemlin of Tiengen, claim.
1655-03-10Leheman here, debt after a horse trade.
1655-04-08Creditors of Hans Obser´s estate: The heirs of Jew Schachman, the heirs of Jew Sandel, Jaggle Jew, the heirs of Jeckhoff Jew, the heirs of Mayerle Jew, the heirs of Fahl Jew, the heirs of Leheman Jew Old.701 Debtors of this estate: Jäggle Jew, the heirs of Schachman, the heirs of Sandel, Lehemann Jew Old, the heirs of Jeckhoff Jew, the heirs of Mayerle Jew, the heirs of Fahl Jew.
- Colmelin has paid a Taler to Stoffel Preinger´s widow. The Taler is nothing worth and is to be chopped into pieces, and Colmelin will not get a refund.
- A claim by Marum Jew Tochtermendlin originating from Sandel Jew, with reference to a decision of 17.12.1639. The Jewess (unnamed) or Marum are to render a Jewish oath.
1655-05-05Menckhe, appeal matter about a claim.
1655-05-12Isac Jew of Tiengen, horse trade.

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