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Abstracted from 61/12662: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1649-1650.

1649-11-09Payment to Marum Jew Jecoff´s son.
- Jocle, receipt.
1649-11-18Solomon Jew of Herrieden, cattle trade (a long matter).
- Lemble Weil Jew, representing his father Jackle Jew, claims 118 fl. plus interest from Hans Geisinger of Obermettingen.
- and 162 florins.
- Marum claims payment for a horse and a goat.
1649-12-02Marum Jew the Dochtermännle (little son-in-law) representing his mother-in-law, Jew Sandel´s widow, claims 89 fl. from Peter Schlotter (and other claims by Marum for his mother-in-law).
- Jocle Jew claims payment for a horse.
- Marum Jew Jecoff´s son claims 6 fl.
- Georg Gintert of Obermettingen has failed to appear upon request of Marum.
- Hans Büche of Oberwangen owes Marum Jew the Dochtermännle 44 fl. for 7 years.
- Other claims by Marum Dochtermännle.
- Marum Jew Jecof´s son for himself and representing the heirs of Schmule acknowledges payment of 500 fl. from Marte Würth the tanner.
1649-12-20The heirs of Schachman claim 452 fl. from the community of Horheim and file some more claims.
- Marum Jew Jeckoff´s son redeems Georg Hertenstein from any claims.
1650-02-10Judele Jew represents the heirs of Sandel.
1650-03-03Judele Jew, claim.
- Same as powerholder of the heirs of Sandel, with mention of a paper read aloud by Jäckle a year ago.
1650-03-10Judele Jew of Ofteringen as representative of the heirs of Sandel.
1650-03-17A claim of Jäckle dated 16.06.1649.
1650-03-31The following participate in the estate of cooper Caspar Mayer: Kypha Jew (115 fl. plus 17 fl. interest), Sanel´s widow (53 fl. plus 7 fl. interest) and Hirzle Jew (36 fl. plus 5 fl. interest)
- Judele Jew represents Marum called Tochtermännle.
1650-04-07Kipha, agreement about a claim.
1650-04-28Salomon, horse trade quarrel.
- Heinrich Irmell is to pay the heirs of Jeckhoff. Marum claims 4 fl. from said Irmell in behalf of his (Irmell´s) late father for a piece of leather.
- The heirs of Schmul, horse trade matter.
- The heirs of mayor Hofagger claim 60 florins from the heirs of Jew Schachmann for grain delivered in 1635.
1650-05-12Jew Marum Jecoffen Sohn owes bailiff Hanns Ludwig Sayler in Neukirch 783 florins for merchandize. They agree upon a payment of 530 florins by installments which includes any other mutual claims.
- Jäggle Jew, payment for a horse. Judele Jew represents the heirs of Sandel in a claim from Hanns Ambling in Horheim, dating of 04.12.1636. Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, claim.
1650-05-19Marum Jew representing his brother-in-law Lemble signs a receipt and files a claim. Said Marum Jew, representing his father Jecoff, claims Conrad Ulrich Marmer for payment upon a court decision of 19.11.1637.
1650-06-02Mutual account between baker Andres Newburger and Leman Jew Hürzle´s son in behalf of his father. Decision in the matter of the Hofagger heirs against the Jew Schachmann heirs.
1650-06-09Menckhe Jew is required to pay Hanns Zürcher 3 florins for building a stove.
1650-08-18Jacob Seeger admits a debts to Jew Jeckoff and his son Marum dated 17.01.1647 of 70 florins and 36 florins interest. The Jew says he was a child at that time, and requires a formal court decision.
1650-09-15Summons upon request of Schmuli Jew´s son.
- Claim by the heirs of Jew Schachmann.
1650-12-01Menckh Jew claims 67 florins in behalf of his father Mayerlin, and 49 more florins.
- Menckhle claims 60 fl. after a horse trade.
- Leman Hirzlin´s son is sued for payment of 28 fl. after a horse trade.

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