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Abstracted from 61/12659: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1637-1640.

1637-02-18According to a mutual account, Ulrich Pertschi of Wangen owes Sannel´s widow 210 florins.
- Daniel Streit, sheriff of Grafenhausen, is fined for offending a Jew.
1637-02-26The widow of Hürtzli files a claim.
- Jäggle, a cow trade 7 or 8 years ago.
- Jerg Rebmann owes 121 florins to Jacoff Jew.
- Decision in a claim about sick cattle between Jacob Aichkern of Wangen and Jew Seeligmann of Wetlisheim* in Alsace.
- Mutual account beteen Jacob Aichkern and Jew Jeggle.
- The widow of Hürtzle. Jew Meierle.
1637-03-05Isaac Jew, debt after a horse trade.
- Jacoff Jew claims 68 florins from Jacob Aichkern of Wangen and others who just cannot pay.
- Jacoff claims 142 florins from Thoni Aichkern, brother of Jacob.
- Jacob, representing his son Schmol Jew, claims 111 florins from Thoni Aichkern or rather from his warrant Jacob Aichkern who admits to be liable, but cannot pay.
- Jacoff Jew claims 119 florins from Jacob Fischer in Weizen, who makes a down payment of 19 florins to Jacoff´s son.
1637-03-06Hürtzle´s widow, assisted by her brother, claim and receipt.
1637-03-12Jeggle Jew, claims to Jacob Pantenrausch and Jacob Aichkern.
- Simon Baßler proposes to convey Jacoff Jew the house which he has set as a pawn. Jacoff accepts this but says if it is not sufficient, he will also seize other assets of debtor.
1637-04-02Jeggle Jew sues Stophel Schellenbuch.
1637-05-11Seeligmann Jew from Wettelsheim* is allowed to stay here for half a year as long as the citizen do not contradict, and without using a pasture. In the same sense, Elhan is allowed to stay for 3 months and Schwäble Jew 1 month. * This is most probably Wettolsheim near Neuf-Brisach.
1637-05-19The widow of Jew Judle claims 84 florins from the heirs of Sebastian Scheuli and 25 florins from Jacob Seger.
- Jacoff Jew buys a claim of 398 florins for 325 florins.
- Claims to Jacob Aichkern of Wangen by Jeggli (175 florins) and Samel´s widow, assisted by Jeggle (200 florins).
1637-05-28Isaac Jew and Michael Müller are fined for verbal injuries. Leman Jew is ordered to pay 6 florins.32 04.06.1637 Schachman Jew ceded a capital of 300 florins to miller Hans Heinrich Negeli who is to deliver a horse and 175 florins and pay 50 florins extant interest.
1637-06-10Jacoff Jew sues Jacob Aichkern, saying he has broken his (Jacoff´s) brother´s son an arm while wrestling two years ago. Aichkern says the Jew has first offended him and then started the brawl.
- Meierle Jew, horse trade quarrel.
1637-07-30Meierle is sued after a horse trade.
- Eli, Meierli´s son, horse trade matter.
1637-08-06Isaac, decision after a horse trade quarrel.
1637-08-13Marum Jew and Anthoni Ribel are to carry out their matter at court. Meierle Jew, horse trade matter.
1637-08-20Same matter. Jecoff sues Hanns Hotz in Mauchen after a horse trade. They make up a mutual account whereas Hotz owes him 108 florins. Jacoff´s son was involved in this matter.
- Anderes Strohalm, butcher, is fined for giving a cow of Jew Meierle two stitches and taking it out of the stable the next day.
1637-08-27Leman Jew´s son Isaac is fined 10 pounds for offending the sheriff of Untereggingen.
- Hanns Auer, rope-maker of Unterhallau sues Jew Meierle after a horse and cow trade. Decision between Meierle and Hans Hotz.
- Quarrel between mayor Hans Heinrich Scheuerlen and Marum Jew Jecoff´s son.
1637-10-15Jacoff Jew sues Simon Basler for payment of 112 fl. and Hanns Sigi of Schwaningen for payment of 116 f.
- Eli Jew (Maierlin´s?) son sues Hans Hotz of Mauchen.
1637-10-29Isaac, horse trade quarrel.
1637-11-12Daniel Hotz is to submit the mutual account with Jew Jacoff.
- Jeggle claims 15 fl.
- Isaac is to pay 8 fl.
- Jeggle is to prove that a claim is justified.
- Jecoff is to pay 20 fl.
1637-11-19Claim of Marum, representing his mother-in-law.
- Schachman Jew is to prove a claim.
- Claims by Jeggle and Judele.
- Jacob Beckh der Jung claims 300 fl. from Jeggle Jew.
- Jacoff claims 83 fl.
- Meierle claims 9 fl. after a horse deal. Miscellaneous entrie about Jeggle, Jecoff, and Meierle are omitted from here onwards.
- Judele´s widow claims 33 fl.
1638-08-06Schachmann Jew and Andreas Strehel, verbal injuries.
- Schachman Jew offers proof that Hanns Heldt has admitted, two months before his death, to owe him 800 florins.
1640-11-08Claims of Meierle and Jacoff.61/12660: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1646-1647. in the Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe; 30.08.2013
1646-04-26Jeggle Jew claims 367 fl.2 Judele, agreement.
1646-10-11Protection fee of Judele´s widow in Ofteringen.
1646-11-22Jecoff is ordered to make accounts with all his debtors in Stühlingen County.
- Jekhoff claims 65 fl.
1646-12-13Jeckhoff claims 141 fl. and 140 fl.
- More claims by this man (and some more on the following pages).
- Judele reports a claim of 20 fl.
1646-12-17Claims by Jäggel Jew (and some more on the following pages).
1646-12-19More claims by Jegel alias Jeggle Jew.
- Claim by Jecoff Jew.
- Leman, horse trade quarrel (and some more entries of this type).
- Jeggle sells a house which he has acquired as a pawn.
1646-12-20Jeggle claims from Ulrich Mesmer? in Weizen 2 fl. loaned money plus 15 fl. for himself and Leman´s son which claim already considers (includes) a bag of grain worth 8 fl. handed over to the son, plus interest for nine years.
- Claim by the widow of Judele Jew Hoschin´s (?) son.
- Georg Neuenburger of Stühlingen sues Judele Jew of Ofteringen as powerholder Jecoff Jew´s son.
1647-01-17Claim by Judelle as powerholder of Jeckhoff.
- Jeckhoff claims 220 fl.
- Summons upon request of Leheman Jew.
1647-02-07Judelle Jew is fined three pounds because he had some people summoned but did not show up himself.
1647-03-07Claims by Jeckhoff Jew and Jäggle Jew against the same debtor.
1647-04-04Jacob Platner of Wangen owes the heirs of Jecoff Jew, represented by Marum one of the sons, assisted by Judele, 34 fl. upon the proceedings of 30.10.1642 plus interest, and several other amounts of money, which at the end makes 181 florins.
- Debts by Jacob Aichkern to the heirs of Jecoff.

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