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Abstracted from 61/12657: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1622-1624.

1622-03-15David Jew of Eberfingen and Marix Jew the Rabbi of Stühlingen have beaten each others bloody.
1622-03-30Meierle is to pay Phol 50 florins upon a court decision made in Engen.
- Meierle is ordered to make a mutual account with Herz.
1622-08-01Isaac is fined for verbal injuries.
- Schachman Jew sues Oschwaldt Wenzinger for verbal injuries after a horse trade, and for taking the traded horse away.
1623-02-06Abraham Jew of Ofteringen, agreement after a quarrel.
1623-02-13Jäckhoff in Stühlingen has received payment.
- Inserted paper with penalties, including such from Cost Jew, Meyerlin Jew, his son-in-law by the name Schachman, Hirtzlin Jew, Jäcclin Jew the small one (der Klain) and his brother Sandell.
1623-03-13Jecoff Jew, horse and grain trade matter.
1623-03-25Hans Pfeiffer, married but still not of age, has taken credits from the Jews Meyerle, Zacher, and Jäckhli the young (dem Jungen). With a mortgage title about 200 florins taken from Meyer Jew of Stühlingen (with a Hebrew endorsement).
1623-04-03Hürzel and Jeckhoff the Jews sue two man for verbal injuiries (partially antisemitic).
1623-06-26Jägli Jew is fined for verbal injuries.
1623-08-28Sannel, complaint after a horse trade.
1623-10-01Cos Jew, transfer of a claim.
1623-11-06Isaclin Jew, questionable credit.
1623-11-13Andres Buthlin is fined for carrying the wood of Jägle Jew away.
1624-01-15From Jew, agreement.
1624-01-22Jecoff, claim.
1624-02-03Lemann, Jecoff, Sannel and Meierle are fined for throwing in the windows, breaking the drinking glasses, and other wantonness at the circumcisison of (apparently a son of) Jägli Jew.
1624-02-05Cost Jew, after a horse trade.
- Cost Jew will be paid soon.
1624-02-19Jecoff Jew, agreement.
1624-03-04Schachmann the Jew, annulled horse trade.
- Claim of Schachmann Jew, debt of Isac Jew.
- Jecoff claims 250 fl. and will be paid by a cow worth 20 fl. and by annual installments.
- From Jew in Ofteringen, claim.
1624-03-11Sannel Jew, questionable sale of tallow.
- Lemann Jew here, claim.
1624-04-15Isaac Jew Phol´s son is fined for not appearing at court. Michel Prugger is fined for not appearing at court upon request of Hürzel and Jägle Jews.125 The heirs of Georg Widmer are to pay theirs debts to Hürzel 190 fl. Sannel 400 fl. Jecoff 37 fl. Jägle 40 fl.
1624-05-04Jägle Jew, claim. Hürzel Jew, debt.
1624-05-06Jägle, claim after a horse trade.
1624-05-13The council of Stühlingen applies for the banishment of the local Jews and (confiscation of their silver ware?). The count has reflected about this and had some articles compiled to be sent them.
1624-05-21Hürzel Jew, agreement.
1624-06-08The count refuses to banish the Jews. If the town wants to pursue the matter, (they or the count?) may inquire for consultation from a scholar of jurisprudence.
- Hürtzel, claim.
1624-06-10Jäglin must take back a sick horse.
- Leman (will obtain three pounds penalty?).
1624-06-17Isacc Jew is sued for payment of 54 Reichstaler. Jecoff will obtain 300 florins. Cost and Oschwaldt Wentzinger are fined for mutual injuries and attacks.
1624-07-08Isacc Jew is fined for not appearing at court.
1624-07-15Isacc Jew promises payment.
- Cost Jew is fined because of two Bohemian Jews.
- Hanns Pfister and Hürzle Jew have beaten each others bloody.
- The maidservant of Sannel is fined for verbal injuries. Jagli Jew is her warrantor.
1624-12-02Hürtzle Jew is to be paid.
- Michael Pfeiffer has not appeared at court upon request of Samuel Jew.
1624-12-07Hürtzle Jew is fined for unproven accuses.
1624-12-09Cost is sued for verbal injuries, at no avail.
- Leman Jew and Old Hanns Brugger are fined for mutual offenses.
- Leman Jew is sued for the delivery of wine.
- Michael Pfeiffer is ordered to pay a debt to Sannel Jew.
- Hanns Heuß of Lempach is to pay 250 fl. to Sannel.
1625-12-16Jecoff Jew, agreement about payment.

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